November 2014
Volume 10 / Issue 60


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Hi Gang,

FIRST!!! A Holiday Sale Deal!

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This special offer from RKA will be valid to Wednesday November 19th!

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So with all the advances in technology and the better and easier they make Bluetooth connectivity they also create other issues.
A lot of you folks out there want to listen navigation, MP3, Audiobooks and XM radio in stereo on your
Zumo 665 or Nav IV or V.

Then you also want to listen to XM or iHeart Radio or Pandora on your smart phone at the same time AND have their phone directory appear on the Zumo. With the advent of smartphone apps and the introduction of the XM app, iHeart radio and Pandora and such the technology has run right smack dap into themselves.

The one thing to remember that can get you on the path to understanding .... You can only pair to ONE A2DP (stereo) device at a time!!"
The second thing to remember is you can use HFP (Hands free profile, mono) to pair many mono devices
The third thing to remember is the intercom is a separate profile all to itself.

SENA's universal Intercom ... GREAT or NOT ... for the other guy?
It's Bluetooth compatable! .... GREAT or NOT ... what does this mean.
See next months Newsletter for a complete story


OMG! It is apparent that you guys actually had dark hair in the distant past. Come to think of it, so did I. But at least we still have all or most of it, albeit in a more Winter Wonderland color scheme.

Best regards,

Gary P
Editors note .... Gary is refering to our 30 year photo op ;-)

Hello Richard,

It would be a pleasure if you choose to use my photos or note.  The photo of the ’81 BMW R100RS was taken in Rocky Canyon, Nevada and the ’83 R80ST was near the base of Mt. Haku, Ishikawa, Japan.

Best regards,

(Editors note: See Media/Photo Gallery below)


Congratulations on the 30 years you and Kathy have been doing this.

I first meant you at the 49er Rally in Auburn, CA in 2001 and bought my first tank bag which I still have.  It shows up in some of your photos on your web page on a Red R1200RT along with the Red bag liners in the side bags.

Keep up the good work and I hope our paths cross again soon.


Bill S

Thought I would send you a link to my post.

jr .....

"Make everything louder than everything else"
Ian Gillan

Highway Star (A Journey In Rock)



To catch a comet To catch a comet

Rocky Canyon, Nevada
19.5 Liter
SuperSport Tankbag
Mt. Haku, Ishikawa, Japan.
19.5 Liter
SuperSport Tankbag

Beautiful Older ZX11
NEW 24 liter Seat bag
50 liter Saddlebags

Beautiful Older ZX11
NEW 24 liter Seat bag
50 liter Saddlebags

Older 900M
33 liter Saddlebags

Older 900M
33 liter Saddlebags
Older 900M
33 liter Saddlebags
Triumph Tiger
36 liter Rackbag

Triumph Tiger
36 liter Rackbag
Triumph Tiger
36 liter Rackbag
Triumph Tiger
36 liter Rackbag

Got RnineT?
50 liter Saddlebags 50 liter Saddlebags 50 liter Saddlebags 19.5 liter Tankbag

  19.5 liter Tankbag 19.5 liter Tankbag  

So who's Bob?.

Bob Dragich is a veteran writer, photographer and advertising salesperson in the motorcycle industry.
He has written and done photography for a wide variety of publications and websites.
Currently at the forum network, Bob is an online vendor manager for more than 150 motorcycle enthusiast forums.
Putting more than 20,000 miles a year on two wheels, his idea of a good touring bike is an Aprilia Mille Factory R or
a Triumph Daytona 675R.
He credits his RKA luggage with allowing him to get away with notions like this.
"Without Richard and Kathy, I would have been forced to ride touring bikes just because of all the stuff I think I need to take along
for a successful weekend away. I mean, everyone needs an onboard cappuccino machine, right?"

Hi Richard,

The 675R made it to Yosemite National Park this weekend.

Because admission was free.

The word "majestic" somehow falls short in describing Yosemite:

Hwy. 140 along the Merced River Gorge:



Saw my friends Nicole and Paul at the Horizons Unlimited Rally in Mariposa:

Some well-known people with an interest in adventure-touring showed up:

Decided to go over Tioga Pass:


The Tioga Pass is just under 10,000 feet above sea level:

So, in the middle of a three-year long drought, in a month that is characteristically dry and the temperature back
in San Francisco is in the mid-70s, what happens?
Right, it starts snowing.

Then, further down the mountain, it was raining.
There I am in nothing but my regular riding gear with a light base layer underneath.
Turns out, that was enough.

The Cortech GX Sport 3 jacket and GX Sport pants didn't let a drop of water in.
My brand new Helimot Buffalo Pro gloves got damp, but still provided decent insulation.
And the Helimot Daytona boots? Feet totally dry and warm.
Also, the Kindle HDX in the top compartment of the RKA tank bag was completely dry, as was
everything else in the bag.

When I stopped at the booth exiting the park, my foot slipped sideways on the pavement.
It wasn't ice on the road, but it was the closest thing to it.
Although I wasn't pushing the limits of traction in any of the corners, with the Pirelli Angel GT tires,
I didn't have a single interesting moment.
Tuning by Wheelsmith Racing had the 675R running perfectly in a snow storm at 10,000 feet.

Also . . .

A few weeks ago, the 675R brought me to see legendary slide guitarist Sonny Landreth at the City Winery of Napa

in the old Opera House the very night before the big earthquake.
And just for unbelievable cuteness:

World Superbike rider Chaz Davies meets his biggest littlest fan at Laguna Seca.
She could not stop giggling.

Get out and Ride!!

Bob D.


RKA is proud to now offer MotoChello audio systems.

If you are not into Bluetooth this is the very best audio system there is!

Click on this link to visit the new
MotoChello Page


The Sena Bluetooth Action Camera Prism is the first camera on the market that provides authentic Bluetooth technology.

The Sena Prism is an ideal solution for the users who want to record their adventures while capturing their video and voice on-the-fly.

The all new Prism is Bluetooth 4.0 capable with
1080 HD video recording featuring Bluetooth-based remote control and voice prompt.

SENA GoPro Bluetooh Pac

The Sena Bluetooth Pack for GoPro® is a
specially designed adapter for the
GoPro® Hero3 allowing for Bluetooth

With the use of
Bluetooth headsets, the Sena
Bluetooth Pack for GoPro® allows users
to add their voice to the video on-the-fly
using Bluetooth Audio Recording™ feature.

Being able to narrate the video during
recording not only provides users a whole
new experience but also reduces the
need for follow-up audio editing allowing
for in the momentaudio experiences.

Waist Paks
Small, Medium, Large

The ID
Small, Card, money, ID carrier


SENA's universal Intercom ... GREAT or NOT ... for the other guy?
It's Bluetooth compatable! .... GREAT or NOT ... what does this mean.
Configuration diagrams for SENA
Explaining A2DP and HFP.
Speed Dial 1-2-3 / Music / Stereo /FM RAdio / Next / Previous / Stop / Check Battery / Check Connected Devices / Configuration
What can I say? / NFC (Near field Communications) / What does all this mean?


Power leads 101 ... just like your house extension cords
Basic Wired system setup Motochello
Control box ... Where to put your stuff.
NO tankbag ... I don’t need no stink’n tankbag  : -(

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Ride Safe / Have Fun
See you next month
Richard & Kathy

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