March 2014
Volume 4 / Issue 52


From the desk of the Editor

The BLOG thing is coming together but STILL reluctance to start a new gig so I continue on with the newsletter for now.


If you are interested in purchasing RKA products you need to do your summer planning and order NOW.

RKA is a small, high quality manufacturer with limited production capabilities.

This year RKA has committed to going on the road and bringing RKA TO its audience. The summer schedule is full.

With that said we are sure you can understand that the RKA touring rig being committed to this 2.5 month trip and will have priority over everyone else for stocking product so we are sure to have product at each event.

Retail consumers will be second in line for product and dealers and accessory shops will be third in line for product shipped from the shop loaction.

Everyone that purchases RKA products are special,.
The past years records shows we can project a 4 to 6 week lead in time on all product and this year it may be even longer.

A Skype Seminar from California to TX!

So we did something new this last month. The Lone Star BMW Club of Dallas set up a screen, projector, and a laptop and RKA hooked up with them on Skype.
Richard did a live seminar from Windsor California to Dallas Texas! The event went off very well. There was a few clitches but over all great.
If your club would like to do a live seminar with Richard give us a call.

Here is how we set up the very first broadcast. We had two monitors. Kathy became the camera man with a camera on a tripod. I setup the pans ahead, of time which Kathy and I practiced. Then we put props on white plastic sheets to slide in and out of the camera frame when needed. For the first broadcast we seemed to do much better than we thought as we got a lot of good compliments from Texas. So Kathy and I are ready to do this format again. Looking forward to hearing from your club or group.
More Electrics
Than I ever thought
Laptop on the
camera side
Large monitor
on my side to see
View from Kathy's
Different cardles
Radios, CB, FRS
SENA SR10, mounts
Helmets with three
kinds of cradles
More accessories
Adaptiv, Rammont,
Powerlet, RKA parts
Wide view of
our make shift stage
using our cut table.
Best kept secert
VEGA anti-Fog
Screen! Not an insert.


If you want to purchase or have a install done at one of the venues make an appiontment with us and we will have the product and be ready for you when you arrive.

The “RKA 2014 USA Tour” schedule is listed below but here is the link “RKA Schedule Page” stay tuned (Bookmark) as we should be adding things later in the year. Richard will be doing his “Evolution of Evolution” seminar on communications at all of the events that are having seminar opportunities. Be sure and plan on attending one of them, and Look for our ads in Rider, Backroads, & BMWMOA magazines.

You can't miss us as our display will be an outside 20x40 foot print except the WingDing in Madison Wisconsin, which will be indoors and a 20x20 booth.

TRAILER! YES! We hooked up a new trailer. In the photo at the right you can see the nose of the old trailer that we rode hard and put away wet. Just as well since the mighty Terminator III Sprinter is 23 feet long we had to get a shorter trailer to stay with in the booth perimeters.

May 3-4 we will start the ball rolling with “BAM, Bay Area Motorcycle SuperFest” in Pleasanton at the Fairgrounds. This will be a good test run to see if we can get everything in the van and trailer.

On or about the 24th of May Kathy will ride with me to Birmingham Alabama for the BMW RA rally. Finally after 29 years we will go to the RA rally. Looking forward to this. (Seminar here)

Then on to Lake George, New York for Americade where our display is RIGHT in front of the DEC Beach House!!! Here is a link to my Seminar schedule at Americade.

From there we will drive to Limerick, Maine. Kathy will fly home from Portland Maine and I will pick up my MAIN MAN Kurt. Kurt and I will be on the road for all of June and July. We will do an Antique motorcycle show in Rhinebeck, New York. This time right in front of the "WALL OF DEATH"!.
Then back to Birmingham for the AMA SuperBikes at Barber. Stop off in Mitchell, Indiana for a Vintage Japanese rally then on to Madison, Wisconsin for the “HONDA WINGDING”!
(Seminar here). Kathy will fly in and out for this one.

Kurt and I will spend two weeks at Mid-Ohio for Vintage weekend the AMA Superbikes the next weekend.

The last stop of the “RKA 2014 USA Tour” before coming back to California will be the BMW MOA National rally in St Paul. Kathy will come to this one and then ride home with me in the rig.

After we get home we have a few more local events like Horizons Unlimited this year located in beautiful Mariposa! Check the Schedules Page for more information and updates.

There are some special offers, preorder ops and event appointment opportunities below so read on and enjoy.

Kathy and I want to make sure you all understand how much we appreciate your business and the many friendships we have made over the last 29 years. So stop by one of the venues this year and say hi!!

The RKA Philosophy;

All of us at RKA appreciate your loyalty and support over the years. We have worked hard and long to provide the best motorcycle components and aid to their use and understand for our customers.

As we all know, there are “Pirates” that are selling some of these items at unauthorized discounted prices, and surprisingly enough, sometimes below the cost to us at RKA, as an authorized reseller.

As stated above, we at RKA have worked long and hard in researching the many different motorcycle components we sell and service and further in perfecting and providing the training and understanding of the products we sell.

This is reflected in our personal attention during order and our web support via YouTube instruction. All of this involves a lot of time, and as we know “time waits on no one”.
In fact, time is our most valuable commodity on this earth.

Our prices reflect a fair profit and stay within the manufacturers’ recommendations on discounting.

The result is a fantastic “VALUE” which is especially true as we provide you the customer the time savings of deep research, trial and error tests, returns and frustration of missing the concept in total.

In summary, we provide our customers the VALUE they want and we are building a lifetime of loyalty. Those searching for the best “Price” will discover this is a fleeting target that is of little value without the deeper investment of time and research.
Our goal is to provide our customers the best time on their motorcycles and more time at a higher level of fulfillment!

Just ask a happy RKA customer. Thank you friends of RKA.


Editor’s note:

Bob Dragich has been a personal friend and business associate for over 25 years.
He is a professional photographer, writer and a rider. He has included maps and links to the actual Google location for your pleasure.
Kathy and I are pleased to be able to share a short story of Bob’s with you. Enjoy.

By Bob Dragich

The 675R and I checked out Death Valley this weekend.
It has been nine years since I've been there. Last time was on a Suzuki SV650.

Here's the story from that ride:

There's a castle right in Death Valley.

It was built in the 1920s by an insurance executive from Chicago who was injured in a train accident in Colorado.
The warm, dry climate made his damaged back feel better.
The place is unbelievable, with leather and carved wood everywhere.

The main house is built in two parallel wings with a courtyard between.

There's also a bell tower, an unfinished swimming pool, and a working refrigerator from the 1930s.

The place is totally sell sufficient with electricity generated from a water spring and stored in old car batteries in the basement.
When you consider that the only way to get the materials there at the time was basically by mule team over many miles in 100+ degrees F, it's even more incredible.
It was named not after its owner and builder, but for a scam artist known as Death Valley Scotty who had been bilking the owner for years with claims of a gold mine.
And the owner new it. The owner liked Scotty's tall tales. The owner's wife wasn't as impressed and sent Scotty away on errands and "vacations" as often as possible.
More about the castle here:


On the way back I discovered four great roads.
The first is Hwy. 178 from the intersection with Hwy. 14 all the way to Lake Isabella (50 miles).

High speed sweepers between craggy cliffs. A lunar landscape with high desert trees and cacti.
Try to stay on the road.
The second is Hwy. 155/Evans Road from Wofford Heights on Lake Isabella to Glennville (20 miles).


Massive elevation changes, hairpins, rustic cottages and thousands of redwoods.
The views over the cliffs are incredible.The road was covered with sand and fine silt that made cornering a little iffy.
Should be OK later in the year when the sand washes away.
Road number three is Old Stage Coach Road/White River Road from Glennville to
the intersection of Old Stage Coach Road and Ave. 56 near Ducor (23 miles).

Mostly flat with a lot of roller coaster-type rises, many of the corners are calculated for the top speed of a
horse-drawn coach. Shaded with lots of trees, the only car I saw was a Sheriff's SUV.
I almost rammed him coming over a rise, then followed him for about a mile certain that I if I passed him he'd
hit the red lights.
After less than a mile he pulled as far to the right as he could, slowed almost to a stop and waved me by.
I was thinking, this has got to be a setup.
As I went by slowly I looked to my right expecting to see an "I've got you now" sort of grin on his face.
He just waved and smiled pleasantly and I was on my way.
All I can say about the fourth road is, I can't believe I haven't been here before.
It's Hwy 198 from Coalinga to Hwy 101 just south of King City

A very short ride from Laguna Seca and just two hours from my front door, Hwy 198 has a little bit of everything; sweepers, hairpins, long straights.
Overall, it's a lot greener than the other roads I've mentioned, with lots of small farms, rivers, creeks and verdant valleys.
It also has more traffic than the other three roads, but it is apparently mostly locals who know the road and can really move on it.
I passed two tanker trucks that weren't doing too badly. Both slowed at the beginning of a straightaway to let me by.
Friends of mine who come and ride from other states and SoCal can't believe it when people pull over to let them by.
In this part of the world, it's hard to get beyond a first cousin at the very furthest before you find someone with a motorcycle,
so there is an awareness and appreciation of motorcycles.

The other thing is we're NorCal.

We want EVERYONE to have a good time!

2014 R1200RT water pumper

It's hereeeeee. ;-)
Here are a few shots of the new R1200RT, this is a GREAT new moto bike!
Click on this link for the RKA BMW R1200RT page.

The saddlebags have changed after being the same since 2005.
They are now using the larger K1600GTL saddlebags.
So when ordering liners be sure and note the special location for the 2014 1200RT model liner page.
Everything except the liners are the same. Our tankbags, Seatbags, Rackbags will fit fine.

Tell us you saw this in the March newsletter and get 10% off!

These liners have been manufactured since 2011 when the GTL was introduced.
They have zippers on BOTH sides, a inside pocket to fill the indentation there and a bigger pocket on the outside to fill the large “curve” of the lid.
There is also an organizer that tops of this premium quality product. Perfect fit!

Click on an image for a bigger photo.

Sena Releases Software Version 5.0

Sena Technologies keeps on keeping on with the innovations. Version 5.0 software adds a lot of features highlighted here. The update can be downloaded here and more information is available here.

• Universal Intercom - This feature allows a Sena headset to pair to another brand's Bluetooth. The caveat is the other headset thinks that the Sena is a phone not an intercom. So you cannot daisy chain a SMH10 into another brand's intercom conference, but you can daisy chain another brand into a SMH10 conference. (See image below)

• Advanced Noise Control - Improved wind and engine noise reduction.

• Sidetone - Now you can hear yourself talk similar to a Goldwing or Harley Davidson intercom (or one of the old school phones that plugs into the wall) This can be disabled in the configuration menu for those who do not want it.

• Ultra HD Voice Recording - This is the software patch so the SMH10 will work with the soon to be released GoPro backpack and Sena Prism helmet cam.

Currently the update is available for the SMH10 only, however other products will receive a similar update very soon. So stay tuned!

Jerry & Kathy Wells / Xpedition TV
This is a couple I consider to be friends and very interesting to say the least even though we have never meet.

Are you a democrat? Republican? Atheist? Christian? Believe in aliens? Kathy and I don’t really care.

We have all kinds of friends with different beliefs. With those friends if we differ in our opinion we just do not talk about that subject, or get into a hot argument about it.
If we are believers of the same things we have interesting conversations. One way or the other we are friends with everyone.

Jerry is an RKA customer and I have been on his mailing list for many many years so I just decided it was time to introduce him to you all.

Here is the link to his website. Enjoy.


So this month the app of the month is not an app but where you go to find apps.
If you own a Smart phone go to Google play Store

If you own an iPhone go to the iTunes app Store.

I am going to update you on a couple of apps I have reported on in the past.
Garmin USA for iPhones and Co-Pilot for Smartphones. With these apps you download the maps to your phone and use satellites and not cell towers.
So when you lose your phone service you still have your navigation

I no longer own a GPS and this is now the ONLY app I personally use for navigation

When I had my Samsung Galaxy this was the app of choice (this app also works on the iPhone)

I hope this information is helpful, if you have any questions enmail me or call the shop.

What we are thinking

MSRP $349.99
Call this week and order ANY Stealth F117 helmet
(All others MSRP $169.99 solid / $189.99 graphics)
and get 10% off and free ground shipping, 48 states

Offer ends Monday 5:00 PM March 10th

• All the features you want in an Ultra-Light package - 1450 +/- 50 grams.

•Simply operated replaceable Drop-Down Sunshield with Smoke,
Dark Smoke or Amber color options.

• CAD designed aerodynamic shape that ensures a quiet ride by
minimizing wind buffeting.

• 3-stage adjustable air-flo venting.

• Anti-fog, anti-scratch, effortless, quick change C Series exterior shield.

• Coolmax™ wicking, anti-microbial fabric comfort fit liner is fully removable,
washable and is changeable between shell sizes for a custom fit.

• Communication-ready Easy-Com cheek pads.


this is Richard’s helmet of choice.
My carbon fiber should arrive Monday the 3rd of March.
But I have been using the Stealth F117 for some time now and I like it over my SHOEI Multitech,
SHOEI F1000, Schuberth C3, Schuberth S2, Nolan 102,
Vega Summit III (which is my second choice for moto marshaling)

Watch the demo video and be sure and click on the "Full Screen" icon.


Things we already manufacture or sell that you may not know about.

Waist packs Small, Medium, and Large, map organizer, Small ID folder, Belt wallet, Belt pack holders for id, phone, keys, etc

ZoothFresh SAE to USB, Liquid Image Cameras. Liquid Image camera googles, iPhone, Smartphone handlebar waterproof case,
Portable battery solutions for your phone, sport cameras, note pads, iPad etc.

New products RKA will be introducing or considering. Let us know what YOU think. What new products would you like to see?

Coming Soon.

Photos shown as the protypes are finished!
Honda Gold Wing Liners and tankbags, Harley liners rackbags, Seatbags and tankbags.

Things we are considering.

Touratech hard case liners
Jessie hard case liners

Here is a great offer.
REMEMBER RKA is taking Pre-Orders and Appointments for installation at out events

for all the 2014 SENA products!!!
Make an appointment for your RKA luggage purchase and installation, or order your VEGA Stealth F117 or Summit III Modular in the size and color you want,
Order your Adaptiv TPX radar or SENA headsets and accessories and you will KNOW they will be there for you at the event!
Just call Richard and Kathy, tell them what you want where you want to pick them up, a small non-refundable deposit and you are done!

Date Event Location
Name / Link

May 3-4
Bay Area
Motorcycle SuperFest
Alameda County Fairgrounds

May 29-31
National Rally
Barber Motorsports Park
Birmingham, AL

June 2-7
Lake George, NY

June 13-14
Rhinebeck Grand National
Antique Motorcycle Club
Dutchess County Fairgrounds
Rhinebeck, NY

June 21-22
AMA SuperBikes
Birmingham, AL
Barber Motorsports Park
Birmingham, AL

June 26-28
National Rally
Spring Mill State Park
Mitchell, IN

July 2-5
GWRRA Wing Ding
Alliant Energy Center
Madison, WI

July 11-13
AMA Vintage Racing
Mid-Ohio MotoSports Raceway, OH

July 19-20
AMA SuperBikes
Lexington, OH
Mid-Ohio MotoSports Raceway, OH

July 24-27
National Rally
Minnesota State Fairgrounds
St Paul, MN

September 12-14
Beemer Bash
Qunicy, CA

September 25-28
Horizons Unlimited
Mariposa, CA

Click here to see our websites schedules page, then bookmark it as it will be updated often.

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Hope you all enjoyed this month's newsletter has much as I did putting it together.

Ride Safe / Have Fun
See you next month

Richard & Kathy

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This is a must read.
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