February 2014
Volume 4 / Issue 51


From the desk of the Editor

Hi Faithful followers,

February 2014 Newsletter brings a little procrastination or maybe just reluctance to start a new gig so THIS February issue of the Newsletter may be our last as we are thinking of doing a “Blog” instead. So once again I say when I figure out exactly what a “blog” is we’ll get back to you.

SUMMER FUN! So we are closing in on confirming all the stops this summer and we are excited!. Look for our ads in Rider, Backroads, & BMWMOA magazines.

Americade is the first stop and we have a 20x40 outside display RIGHT in front of the DEC Beach House!!! Here is a link to my Seminar schedule at Americade.

We will be at Mid-Ohio for Vintage and AMA SuperBikes again with a 20x40 display, then onto St Paul for the BMW National, yup 20x40 display, I will be doing Seminars at the MOA NAtional also, and finally the Last “summer” stop on the 2014 RKA USA Tour before coming home to California will be STURGIS!!
RKA will be located at the corner of 6th and Lazelle on the “Mike Corbin” lot! Could not be a better location! This time we will make do with a 20x20 display.

After we get home we have a few more local events like Horizons Unlimited this year located in beautiful Mariposa! Check the schedules Page for more information and updates.

I have been riding motorcycles for over 50 years now and in the last couple of rides home in the dark I discovered I HAD to wear my glasses. I HATE my glasses! Since we already sell the very best anti-fog screen in the business via the Summit III and Stealth F117 helmets I now realized I needed something to keep my glasses from fogging.

So as this dilemma is floating on the top of my head I see an article in “City Bike” magazine for this very issue! So this month RKA introduces two new productsMotoSolutions”.
“FogTech” anti-fog solution and “Raincoat” which keeps water from beading up on your screen.

Once again we have included some you-tube videos for your enjoyment “BatKid” is a must see along with the 2014 FIM X-Trial World Championship, and a couple of enlightenment videos on the Nav IV and V.

There are some special offers, preorder ops and event appointment opportunities below so read on and enjoy.

Kathy and I want to make sure you all understand how much we appreciate your business and the many friendships we have made over the last 29 years. So stop by one of the venues this year and say hi!!


Editor’s note: If you are planning a trip here is some food for thought ;-)


Greetings from Queenstown. We'll soon be off to do a little NZ wine tasting. I'm CCing Maynard on this because we are at Peter and Heather's house overlooking Lake Wakatipu. Peter and I will be on a bicycle ride tomorrow morning.

More GPS.

I can't remember if I told you about our travails with renting a car. We arrived in Auckland to find that ALL cars were already taken. There was not one to be found. We spent nearly four hours in the airport trying to figure out what to do. We finally phoned a motorcycle rental company, and they had ONE bike available. The other 27 that they have were all out. The bike was a F800GS, which actually served us perfectly. We had originally planned to rent a bike on the South Island, but made a quick change in plans!

The bike had a handlebar mount for a Garmin Zumo which they provided. It worked extremely well, given one silly glitch. When you want to input the destination, a street address is required in addition to the town. You can't simply input the town, no matter how small. Maybe a more recent firmware upgrade has fixed this, but jeez, it was absurd.

The bike did not come with a mount for my iPhone, so the phone remained unused in my pocket. Many times I wished for an RKA map case for the gas tank!

After a week, we turned in the bike and flew to Christchurch where we were able to rent a POS car. No GPS of course. We are traveling with two iPads and one iPhone. Regrettably, did not pre-purchase cell phone data while still in the US. Each motel has had wifi available but there is always some limitation. Here is what we have found.

The wifi at the motel in Christchurch was unlimited, but only one device could be used at a time. Other motels are limited by either time on line or by the number of MB that are downloaded. I have yet to find a free, unsecured wifi station. The convenience of the iPads has pushed the iPhone back into the pocket.

At a motel, if I log into the wifi with the iPhone, I can use the NavFree GPS program that has the open source maps of Australia and New Zealand. It works ok, but I have to start tracking while still connected to wifi. Even if I have previously DLed the maps and route, I cannot walk to the car (outside the wifi range) and start the tracking. Of course I forget to do that, so the GPS is rendered useless.

I have not purchased the Garmin GPS app for the iPhone. I suspect that it would be useless here without a cell phone data plan. For all this cool technology,

you still can't beat a map.


Kathy and I, are posting videos every month. Fun ones, educational ones, and instructional ones.
So we hope you enjoy them, we sure do.
NOTE: Be sure and click on the "full screen" icon to enlarge the video, and if the quality looks low click on the "gear" at the bottom right of the screen to increase the resolution.

The videos this month are educational and fun
We have a "YOU_TUBE" page with over 78 videos! So go check it out.
This is my latest IN-Charge Video
This should be your next tankbag.
Check it out and learn how things connect and work

FogTech Anti-Fog

BMW Motorrad Navigator fun and games 1
You only need to look not understand what he is saying ;-)
BMW Motorrad Navigator fun and games 2
Short and to the point
A GOTTA watch it video! Make your heart soar
Good by Pete
Can't Help Falling In Love With You.

Click on the "watch on YouTube" icon as this old video's resolution is pretty low


Editors note: once again this is a app we are using and have tested . On the iTunes app store it has 4.5 STARS!

MyRadar Description

== Now with optional Hurricane Tracking upgrade ==

Thanks to everyone for making MyRadar so successful, with over 6 million downloads!

MyRadar a fast, easy-to-use, weather application that displays animated weather radar around your current location, allowing you to quickly see what weather is coming your way. Just start the app, and your location pops up with animated weather, allowing you to easily see if rain is headed your way. Our high-res animated radar helps you see weather details even at the closest level!

What's great about MyRadar is that the map is easily zoomed and scrolled around with the flick of a finger, allowing you to quickly check the weather in other parts of the country, including Hawaii & Puerto Rico!

On top of the basic weather, users can get a quick glance of temperatures around the country, as well as overlay a current satellite image of cloud cover. For you aviation buffs, there's a layer that provides Airmets & Sigmets, and even the ability to overlay the flight plan of a particular aircraft onto the map. You can also share interesting weather photos from your area, and see photos other users have contributed neatly displayed on the map.

Additional options include weather warnings and alerts, complete with push notifications, to warn you of severe weather in your area. Great for the start of thunderstorm and tornado season! There's also an optional hurricane tracker, providing excellent details and projections for the path of storms as the season looms near.

MyRadar currently only shows weather in the United States, and only in the 48 contiguous states - not Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

Download MyRadar today and try it out...!

Here is a great offer.
REMEMBER RKA is taking PRE-Orders for all the 2014 SENA products!!!
Make an appointment for your RKA luggage purchase and installation, or order your VEGA Stealth F117 or Summit III Modular in the size and color you want,
Order your Adaptiv TPX radar or SENA headsets and accessories and you will KNOW they will be there for you at the event!
Just call Richard and Kathy, tell them what you want where you want to pick them up, a small non-refundable deposit and you are done!

Date Event Location Name / Link

June 2-7
Lake George, NY
July 11-13
AMA Vintage Racing
Mid-Ohio MotoSports Raceway, OH
July 19-20
SportBike Night
Mid-Ohio MotoSports Raceway, OH
July 19-20
BMW National
Minnesota State Fairgrounds
St Paul, MN
August 4-10
6th and Lazzelle
September 12-14
Beemer Bash
Qunicy, CA
September 25-28
Horizons Unlimited
Mariposa, CA

More to come so
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Hope you all enjoyed this month's newsletter has much as I did putting it together.

Ride Safe / Have Fun
See you next month

Richard & Kathy

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