December 2014
Volume 11 / Issue 61


From the desk of the Editor



Hi Gang,

What's MotoChello?

RKA is very proud to now offer MotoChello, a wired communications system.
We wanted to give you a choice between Bluetooth and wired.
RKA has sold many types of systems in the past and now we have narrowed it down to just two.

If you are not ready for the SENA Bluetooth line up then you are the customer MotoChello is looking for.
RKA feels the MotoChello system is by far, way ahead of any other wired system you could possibly purchase. The quality and features of this new MC-200 at $695.00 for a two up system is beyond what you could ever ask for.

We have heard stories of K1600GTL and R1200RT owners opting to replace the Bluetooth with a wired system. Well now they can install the very best. You have full “system control”. Make a phone call at the press of a button and use voice controls! If you what to use radio communications you have choices between what radio you want to use, FRS, CB or even a ham radio, and you can switch between them with just a cable change! You can adjust BASE and TREBLE for the most fantastic sound ever! You can adjust VOX sensitivity, you have an onboard 6 preset FM radio, you have the BEST audio sound you will ever hear in a wired system, and lastly you have CONTROL!

RKA has just uploaded the longest video we have done! It is 12 minutes and 4 seconds long, that’s long, but there is a lot of content.
Click here to view this informative video ... MotoChello MC-200 Install Video

This video not only explains how to install the MotoChello but it also addresses the RKA IN-Charge tankbag, what it is, why it does what it does and all the cool features. This video also shows you Powerlet electrical cable usage and the how’s and whys of wire and cable management. RKA will be following up this video with a few short, under two minute, videos of how to add a FRS or CB radio, using Rammounts and how to position the PTT button, also how to install the Adaptiv TPX radar detector into the system along with its visual and audio alerts which are included in this water proof detector.

Before you purchase other products remember the RKA mantra, “RKA is going to take you on a R.I.D.E. …. Research, Integration, Decision making, Expansion. Does it do what you want? Will it do what you want down the line? This is what we DO! Offer you what you WANT not what we HAVE. Because we HAVE what you WANT!

IT IS CHRISTMAS so this does bare repeating PLUS an added insentive....

A Holiday Sale Deal!

20% off all RKA manufactured products, and FREE shipping in the 48!
This special offer from RKA will be valid to Wednesday November 19th!

the additional incentive.......

Order at least two pieces of RKA luggage (not accessories) at the 20% off price and you can add any of the following overstock produces to your order until the 10th of December or until we run out whichever comes first.

Liquid Image (Learn more. Click on link to access the RKA Liquid Image Page)

EGO camera (Blue or Black) MSRP $199.99 12 days sale price $125.00

RAMMOUNT (Learn more. Click on link to access the RKA Rammount Page)

RAM-HOL-UN8BU         MSRP  $ 26.50     12 days sale price      $ 15.00
RAM-HOL-UN7U           MSRP  $ 21.50     12 days sale price      $  12.50
RAM-HOL-UN7-BALLU MSRP  $ 6.50       12 days sale price       $  4.00

POWERLET (Learn more. Click on link to access the RKA Powerlet Page)

AAC-001      MSRP       $ 20.00      12 days sale price      $ 10.00
AAC-006      MSRP       $ 20.00      12 days sale price      $ 10.00
PPL-005       MSRP       $ 16.95      12 days sale price      $   8.00
PSO-008      MSRP       $ 24.95      12 days sale price      $ 12.50
PAC-009-18 MSRP       $ 25.95      12 days sale price      $ 13.00
PAC-011-18 MSRP       $ 25.95      12 days sale price      $ 13.00
PAC-002      MSRP       $ 23.95      12 days sale price      $ 13.00
PAC-026      MSRP       $ 24.95      12 days sale price      $ 13.00
PAC-030      MSRP       $ 25.95      12 days sale price      $ 13.00
PAC-038      MSRP       $ 13.95      12 days sale price      $   6.50
PAC-039      MSRP       $ 11.95      12 days sale price      $   6.50
PAC-069      MSRP       $ 49.95      12 days sale price      $ 30.00 

Ship it all out in one box! 

SENA products are at the lowest legal MAP pricing. And we know how to use them!

Check it out RKA SENA Page /  SENA PRISM SENA GoPro Bluetooth adapter / SMH20S / 

SEEING is believing ..... Feather River / Bucks Lake Road

RKA has over 80 videos on our RKA You tube page most instructional, but a lot of just for fun ones.

Call us at the above phone numbers or send me a message at
and more ... Visit the RKA products page.

This offer is NOT VALID on line. 
You must call the shop and place your order over the phone.

SO as the pitch man says "Act Now! Pick up that phone and call...
1-800-349-1752 that's 1-800-349-1752". And say "GIVE ME THE DEAL!"

RKA also offers Gift Certificates!



Just wanted to send you an email that I received my bags yesterday!!! That was AMAZING turnaround. I placed them in my GSW today, Look and fit great.  Thanks again for all your service and great product.  

On Nov 19, 2014


USPS is pretty good!  We get mail 3 times a week!   But SOMEBODY on YOUR END had to put the order together & MAKE AN EFFORT TO MAIL IT!    Now THAT impresses me!!

Thanks again!!

On Nov 24, 2014, at 3:38 PM, Richard Battles <> wrote:

> How about that USPS !!! ;-)
> Happy your happy.
> R&K
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Bill
> Sent: Monday, November 24, 2014 2:23 PM
> To:
> Subject: order
> HOLY COW!!!   
> Ordered some stuff on Friday & it was at my house on Monday in New Mexico!!
> Thanks a bunch!  Great to do business w/ folks like you!  You don't
> know how much I appreciate that!!
> Bill

Richard - What do you think of the black on black RKA tankbag on the Ostra Grey F700GS?  I like it!


Thanks for your terrific service and fast delivery even though I don't expect to be able to go for a serious ride for a few months.  As I said, I'll occasionally sit on my new bike with tankbag in the garage making vroom vroom sounds.

The ordering process was down right enjoyable.  I enjoyed the bicycling conversation and the fact that you saved me a few extra bucks on tankbag strap stowing methods.  This is my third purchase from you and all have exceeded expectations.

Thanks a lot,
Dave William

So who's Bob?
Bob Dragich is a veteran writer, photographer and advertising salesperson in the motorcycle industry.
He has written and done photography for a wide variety of publications and websites.

Currently at the forum network, Bob is an online vendor manager for more than 150 motorcycle enthusiast forums.
Putting more than 20,000 miles a year on two wheels, his idea of a good touring bike is an Aprilia Mille Factory R or
a Triumph Daytona 675R.

He credits his RKA luggage with allowing him to get away with notions like this.
"Without Richard and Kathy, I would have been forced to ride touring bikes just because of all the stuff I think I need to take along
for a successful weekend away. I mean, everyone needs an onboard cappuccino machine, right?" .

Editors note: So this months story is a little more personal than usual but to funny not to tell. Bob told me he can get a new (used) scooter for around 600.00 read on ...

Hi Richard and Kathy,

Yesterday afternoon at Ocean Beach, this member of the SFPD:

and this officer:


Sat in their squad car for 20 minutes behind my scooter parked at Ocean Beach while I ate my lunch nearby.
I then went for a walk on the beach which lasted almost an hour.
When I got back my scooter was being loaded onto a tow truck.
It had been parked on pile of sand next to a red zone.
So the two of them had staked out a scooter for more than an hour and a half each.
They most likely make more than $100k a year each.
Is this the best use of police resources?
I was right there when they first pulled up.
What's wrong with saying, "Hey, buddy, you're in a red zone. Move it."
Or, "Here's your ticket. Now move it."

Ticket: $220
Towing fee: $483



RKA is proud to now offer MotoChello audio systems.

If you are not into Bluetooth this is the very best audio system there is!

Click on this link to visit the new
MotoChello Page


The Sena Bluetooth Action Camera Prism is the first camera on the market that provides authentic Bluetooth technology.

The Sena Prism is an ideal solution for the users who want to record their adventures while capturing their video and voice on-the-fly.

The all new Prism is Bluetooth 4.0 capable with
1080 HD video recording featuring Bluetooth-based remote control and voice prompt.

SENA GoPro Bluetooh Pac

The Sena Bluetooth Pack for GoPro® is a
specially designed adapter for the
GoPro® Hero3 allowing for Bluetooth

With the use of
Bluetooth headsets, the Sena
Bluetooth Pack for GoPro® allows users
to add their voice to the video on-the-fly
using Bluetooth Audio Recording™ feature.

Being able to narrate the video during
recording not only provides users a whole
new experience but also reduces the
need for follow-up audio editing allowing
for in the momentaudio experiences.

Waist Paks
Small, Medium, Large

The ID
Small, Card, money, ID carrier

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Hope you all enjoyed this month's newsletter has much as I did putting it together.

Ride Safe / Have Fun
See you next month
Richard & Kathy

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