April 2014
Volume 4 / Issue 53


From the desk of the Editor

Sad Start to Spring

First time I layed
an eye on her
First day at home.
Look closely
at her claws!
Survival mode.
Waiting for the
humming bird to fall
in her mouth
Helping Kathy
on the cut table
Kathy and I lost our beloved Kitty Allez on the 21st of March. Ten years ago she was alone, hungry and barely 4 weeks old and hiding in a blackberry bush, some evil person had thrown her away! Some wonderful person saved her and Kathy and I were so lucky we got to bring her into our lives

She was just going to turn ten in June and passed way to soon. She was like a child to us and brought so much joy into our world.

You can see her in my lead photo above. She always enjoyed helping me edit the newsletter. We will miss her.

Next time I see my Mom, Sister, Brother and other family and friends I am going to give them all an extended HUG, and tell them how much we love them all!

Life goes on…..

Letters to the editor

Hi Richard,

Did a 4-day trip to Big Bend National Park (two days coming and going and two days in Big Bend area) and totaled about 2,200 miles. First time using the SENA for music and it worked flawlessly. Really made a difference having music (Sirus and music stix) where I could hear what was playing. Did not link up to other helmets on this trip but probably will next month as will be doing a trip with BMW Club of Dallas (Mark Bond and Allen Udisky and about 10 others) and imagine will sync then.

Happy Spring,

Buongiorno, ho ricevuto oggi 17/3/2014 le borse che avevo ordinato, sono veramente belle e sono arrivate molto velocemente, grazie siete veramente bravi.
cordiali saluti Giovanni Mazierli.

“Good morning, I received today 17/03/2014 the bags that I had ordered, they are really beautiful and arrived very quickly, thanks you are really good.
Yours sincerely John Mazierli”

Long Time Friends ... Our longtime friend Alan Gold from Little Rock checks in from Daytona…..

Hi Richard & Kathy,

Here is the Flickr photo link and trip report for our 2014 Daytona Bike Week Adventure.
and, here are links to a couple of short videos:
Flat Track Race 2 laps
Daytona Speedway Supersport racing:


Jason and I trailered our motorcycles a thousand miles to Daytona for Bike Week. We met Jerry Kriger and John Oppy at Hammock Beach Yacht resort in Palm Coast where we had a lovely condo for the week about 30 miles North of Daytona.

During the week we had superb dining experiences in Palm Coast and Daytona. Wonderful Italian, delicious fresh oysters, lovely fresh seafood and breakfast every day at our favorite place in Flagler Beach, the Java Joint.

We went to Flat Track races on night and to the Daytona Speedway for the superbike races another day. Every day we rode up and back the coast road to Daytona with many thousands of other motorcyclists. The weather was lovely with the exception of one nasty day.

We visited Main Street and the Iron Horse Saloon - necessary places to check off during Bike Week.

It was a terrific week near the ocean with good friends. It's tough to pass up the opportunity to go to Daytona.--
Dr. Allan Gold

Hi Richard & Kathy

Just saw Arlo's video tribute to Pete Seeger that's on your website. I bought Pete's book more than 40 years ago, and haven't looked back. Well, not much, anyway. I also bought that banjo at about the same time. It's on my wall but it's not a wall-hanger at all.

Pete was a hero in so many ways.

Gotta come up for a bike ride... John

Bill (BilltheJudge) Schoettler and Erik Munck will be touring on the great adventure of a lifetime……


I have now received your wonderful bag liners for my BMW K1600 GTL. Erik Munck told you the two of us will be riding around the USA (Four Corners Ride) beginning this April (just a week away). I have a tank bag from RKA and when I had my K1200LT you sold me a tank bag for that at the Oregon rally a few years ago. As far as I am concerned RKA makes the best tank bags and accessory bags on the market. I've looked at most of what is available and nothing has the features and quality of RKA.

I will use these bags with pleasure and you can be sure we will be mentioning them in dispatches,in articles, our blogging on the Adventure Rider site (look for <Around the USA on BMWs>). As you know, I wrote a book about my trip to Alaska in 2012, a trip I made without the benefit of any tank bag. I wished I had one of your bags on that trip and the first thing i did after returning was to order one from you. So now I am ready for whatever comes my way. Or whatever.

Thanks again.
Bill Schoettler

SonomaFest & RKA Sonoma Raceway Wine country Charity Ride

There is FIVE additions to the RKA Summer Schedule.

We will be at Sonoma Raceway for SIX DAYS for FIVE great events and happenings!!
Come and join us for ALL of them or some of them or ONE of them but come join us.

Sonoma Raceway's Press release on SonomaFest Click Here
For more schedule information Click Here
For more info on the Wine Country Charity Ride Click Here

RKA will setup our display on Tuesday the 29th and be there through May 4th…
This will be our test run to make sure everything unloads, sets up and reloads easily for our Summer Tour.

CLASS” Reg Pridmore’s trackday Tuesday. One of the best learning experiences you can have on two wheels!

“3J’s” Trackday on Wednesday this is the 18th year for this great event, Lunch, T-Shirts, Raffle and more.

“AHRMA” Roadracing Thursday & Friday. You ain’t seen nothing until you see Vintage Bikes NOT in a showroom but out on the track taking NO prisoners!

“RKA / Sonoma Raceway Wine Country Ride” on Saturday. This is a day ride you will never forget. At this point Richard & Kathy are keeping the route a surprise but guarantee it will be STUNNING, EXCITING, and FUN. After a “Dutch Treat” lunch and return to the track we will have a raffle for Hundreds and hundreds of dollars’ worth of BLING!!!

SuperBike Shootout! Professional motorcycle road racing will return to Sonoma Raceway alongside amateur and semi-pro racers at a very special American Federation of Motorcyclists (AFM) event, May 3-4. Hosted and sanctioned by AFM, a full field of Pro Superbike and Pro Sportbike professional riders and teams is expected to compete in the event. The weekend will include Pro Superbike and Pro Sportbike main events, as well as a full schedule of amateur races .....More.

To read the Press release from Sonoma Raceway Click Here.

"AFM" Saturday & Sunday. Pro Superbikes Return To Sonoma Raceway In Superbike Shootout!!
Some of the best riders in the world came from this club that is 60 years old and I personally can tell you it is some of the best roadracing you can see! How do I know? Because I raced for four years with these guys and got to see it from the seat of by motorcycle. During a Friday trackday or an AFM practice day you have no idea who you may run into or …. Get passed by … You have no idea what it like to get passed by the likes of Scott Grey, James Randolph, Eric Bostrom, Doug Polan or Rich Oliver AT SPEED!! It’s a choice I made to road race and I will always remember those times. So come join us and watch some of the best in the west!

RKA 2014 Summer Tour

The last week of May Kathy and I head to Birmingham and the BMWRA rally to start the “RKA 2014 SUMMER TOUR”.
If you are out touring or happen to attend one of the events and can stop and visit with us please do.
Kathy will fly in and out for the bigger events but I will be out on the road until the very end of July.
For more information click here

2014 events ... Plan ahead

We are sure you are planning for your own tour this summer.
So please order your luggage as soon as possible.
We are stocking and loading the Sprinter and trailer and since it will be like a self-contained freighter out on the sea,
the rig will need to be restocked between events.
So the shop will be in short supply as we try to keep up production.
So order NOW!

Here is a great offer.
RKA is taking Pre-Orders and Appointments for installation at our summer events

for all the 2014 SENA products!!! Make an appointment for your RKA luggage purchase and installation, or order your VEGA Stealth F117 or Summit III Modular in the size and color you want,

Order your Adaptiv TPX radar or SENA headsets and accessories and you will KNOW they will be there for you at the event!

Just call Richard and Kathy, tell them what you want where you want to pick them up, a small non-refundable deposit and you are done!

Click here to see our websites schedules page, then bookmark it as it will be updated often.

APP of the month report

NOTE: Be sure and check back on previous Newsletters for many many usefull APP reports.

This month we present "GasBuddy" I will be using this app for our Summer Tour to try and save a few bucks on fuel.
This app looks pretty cool and I see no issues and we will make a compete report at the end of the tour.

NEW Products.
NEW Phoneshield

We gotta tell you! We have tried and sold a couple of other brands of phone cases but the Phoneshield is the best overall for what the active cyclist wants! And we mean bicycle OR motorcycle!
Water proof
Shock Proof
Easy to use
Adjust to many
Landscape or
With minor modes
I fit it on my Dash
With minor modes
I fit it on my Dash

I test and sacrificed TWO iPhone screens testing other brands.

The Phoneshield is all I use now on my Motorcycle, Bicycle and in my pocket. We only sell what we use or at least know works and we can tell you THIS PUPPY WORKS!

Secure Lock, Shockproof, Weatherproof, Functional, Screen Protection, Touch Sensitive, Camera Ready, Swivel 360, Audible Speakers & Microphone.

Just to much to say visit our webpage ..... ! Phoneshield!

New Vega Products Coming Soon, On going sale,

There is new products coming so the 2013 line of modular helmets is on sale.
New and demos.

Anti-Fog MSRP $ 27.99 RKA SALE $ 20.00 IN STOCK ONLY with helmet purchase
Smoke MSRP $ 19.99 RKA SALE $ 12.50 IN STOCK ONLY

Call for colors and sizes, these are the NEW in the box colors in stock...
Black, Pearl White, Silver and Titanium

VEGA 3.0 MSRP $179.99 RKA SALE $100.00
Candy Red, Hi-Vis Yellow


We have updated our ongoing sale page so check it out.
Some time ago RKA has decided to offer ONE communications system SENA Bluetooth/
We still have a few Starcom and J&M products on sale, and as listed above
the 2013 Summit 3.0 Modular helmets are on super sale as the 2014 models start arriving. And there’s MORE.


Our GlowRider Vest was recently named to "Nifty Fifty" by Powersports Business Magazine. Click Here.

Story of the Month

Pete ... What can we say about pete.... Kathy and I meet Pete in 1994 at a Rider Magazine Rally in Steam boat springs.
Pete is a editor, writer, rider, instructor and a very funny man as you will see as he makes fun of a very bad situation…..

RKA …. Hi Pete I would very much like to use this or a version of this story in our next newsletter … Photos would help…..
PETE ….Here's you some photos. Didn't realize your Newsletter had a comics section.
if you want the rights to run the story, you owe me a SAE to USB converter. That's a piece of fookin' genius! You are on top of this tech-geek stuff. (Oh, BTW, the guy I was training was the IT alpha geek for some Cambridge tech firm)

Glad I made you smile.

Hi Richard and Kathy--

Just keeping you in the loop with events in my life.

To wit:
I sorta screwed up today. This was my second day of three, working with Ed L who had flown down from Cambridge, MA, for some winter training. Ed's reason for coming all the way from Cambridge was to train for a Motodiscovery tour of Mexico's Copper Canyon region next month. Since he re-entered motorcycling 5 years ago, he’s accumulated an impressive US/Canada/Alaska travel history, but had an undue respect for gravel surfaces and admitted to multiple falls on the loose stuff.

About mid-morning, I was guiding Ed from the pavement into a gravel road which I knew deteriorated beyond the "passable" shortly ahead. I was intent on showing how the GPS can play tricks on us and take us farther off a usable road then preferable, and to always look for signs that the road ahead may lead you to say the famous words, "Wish I had turned around earlier."

My plan was to arrive at the bad section I knew was coming up, where I wanted to say, "See, there's where we don't want to continue." Already signs of disuse began to appear. First it narrowed, then the gravel thinned to bare earth, then mud puddles appeared, then -- still a long way before we would come to the impassable spot -- the road suddenly turned to mildly awful. My mind refused to register that this spot was also impassable, and I charged ahead determined to get beyond this brief bit of static, seeking the spot I had set as my goal.

My front tire hit an angled bit of rutted road, thawed mud on the surface of frozen sub-layer, and I went down instantly. Didn't even have time to take the Lord's name in vain. I hit hard on my right shoulder as I came off the bike on the downhill side, and rolled to my feet. Doing my best to deny the pain in my shoulder, I helped Ed roll his bike back to a level spot where it would be steady on the sidestand, and then showed him how to pick up a bike that was fully on the ground. We wallered it down the hill to a level spot where I could remount, and back-tracked to more reasonable roads.

After about another 45 minutes of exposing him to more gravel roads, and having him practice all the drills and skills from the previous day and that morning, I finally threw in the towel and led us back home.

The pain in my shoulder pronounced, “Ride over.”

Dressed in street clothing, sandwich under arm, we hopped in his rental car and drove to Athens Orthopedics Urgent Care Center. There they X-rayed and probed me and pronounced a broken clavicle. Fitting me into a sling, I was put on the schedule for outpatient surgery mid-week (March 3-4?) and dismissed.

On the drive back to Alto from Athens, I realized more training for Ed was possible; I just wouldn't be riding and demonstrating, but sitting in the car instead, radio in hand. Jackie wanted to be a part of it, so she drove her Highlander while I route-planned and offered rider commentary to Ed from the right seat. This allowed another 2 1/2 hours of saddle time for him, and by this point he was doing surprisingly well.

For the third and final day, we agreed to repeat this afternoon’s tactic, using Jackie's car for a vehicle from which to instruct, and work in a creek crossing before we head to Two Wheels of Suches, where we're meeting Jackie's son Ryan. He's given up his afternoon of child care for their 3-week old daughter to come assure that Ed gets his money's worth before heading north the following day. Ryan's that kind of guy. Hard to pin down sometimes, but definitely there when you really need him.

Ed and Jackie and I enjoyed a Thai dinner in Cornelia this evening in spite of my having to eat left-handed. I've already warned my left hand there's worse chores ahead!

Getting the bone plated next week will alleviate the pain, and give me much more mobility and use of the arm during the 3-4 week healing time. Meanwhile, Jackie's going to have to get used to dancing with a one-arm man once again.


I’m already feeling like mold is growing in my arm pit. I don't do swaddling arm sling really well. However, the sling lets me instruct from a car pretty well, and this is Ed’s final day of training. I want to give him his money’s worth.

First, Jackie and I led him in the car to a perfect beginner creek crossing. After the second traversing he saw it was a piece of cake. After the eighth traversing (!) he looked like a soaked water spaniel, and had a wonderful, silly grin plastered all over his face.

Then we led him across a route of great dirt and asphalt to TWO where Jackie’s son Ryan took over for three hours. They rode nothing but gravel FS roads, much to Ed's delight. Though we had the trailer to load him up if he was too tired or cold to ride the NX650 home, he was having way too good a time to give it up, and insisted on getting every last mile of saddle time he could.

He parted with a wonderful handshake. I've not seen the last of him.

LATER, still

All that took place Thursday – Saturday. Late Sunday evening I got a call from the Orthopedic Center, saying they could take me for surgery the following morning. By that time, I was quite tired of having to baby my arm, and aware that every change of angle made the area of my collar bone ache. I was more than ready to get the fracture plated and stabilized.

Surgery itself was uneventful, and it’s now two days past. The anesthesia still remains, making me groggy and listless, but I can function for reasonable periods before giving in to the need to flop.

Regarding recovery, the doc said “six weeks.” I suppose at the two week follow-up I’ll learn a little more, and know if I can hope to be ready to teach the StayinSafe “Introduction to Adventure Riding” class in, um, about six weeks.

Until then, I guess I have no option other than to surrender to Nurse Jackie and let her spoil me.

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Ride Safe / Have Fun
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Richard & Kathy

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