September 2013
Volume 3 / Issue 46


From the desk of the Editor

Hi All,

We JUST got back from the “Curve Cowboy Reunion”

What a great time Kathy and I had! I had a full house for my “Communications Seminar” and it went over an hour since no one was scheduled to come in after me.

The Luggage Seminar only had five people show up but it was a quality group and we went into a lot of great discussions about luggage applications, how to load and how to get ready. The conversation rolled over to Radar Detectors, GPS’s and how they apply to our IN-Charge Tankbag applications.

I found the small but attentive group knew some information I did not and they got some important information from me so after an hour and 25 minutes we decided we better get back to the business of rallying at the rally.

So what’s up and comin

First is a reminder click on the logos to LIKE us on Facebook. There is a lot of information posted there all the time. Don't want to miss anything! AND RKA finally has a TWITTER account! Join us there also .... Kathy and I are trying real hard to be socially and media correct.

This month we will have an open house EVERY Saturday of September! Special deals on products and chances for attendees to win many prizes from RKA and our generous vendors. Totally over $2,000.00.

Everyone attending will have a chance since we will have the drawing for ALL the gifts and prizes after the last open house. Food, Drink, Prizes, Talks from vendors, Go to the “Schedules Page” or directly to the “Daily Schedule” to get all the info.

The most important event of the year is October 16-20, the AIMEXpo in Orlando, FL. So all you DEALERS and ALL the friends of RKA come and say HI!
When and Where Dealers and consumers are invited.
Both number is 875 here is the Floor plan ..... Show Info

This month’s newsletter should make you pay attention as we would like to you interact with us. We will be posting some of the videos in this newsletter onto FACEBOOK where you can comment on them. And that’s just what we want you to do, comment and tell your friends to join in also. See the video section for more info on this fun and interesting interaction.

Ride Safe
Enjoy the Newsletter
Richard & Kathy.....


Hey Richard,

We just returned from a month long trip to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

I am including two photos:

The one is my wife and I in front of the Cabot Trail sign and the other is our k1600gtl(which performed flawlessly) with RKA tankbag and RKA topbox bag visible, and inside the saddlebags and topbox are RKA liners.

They all performed flawlessly as well. My wife loved the saddlebag liners with the zippers on both sides as well as the two small outer pouches.

Dale Brandt
Garnavillo, Iowa

And a follow up to last month’s letter to the editor

Wow! A picture of me in the RKA newsletter! I had no idea.

If I had, I’d have written
something, so I will now.

I like m
y RKA tank bag because

1. It’s connected at three points, not two points masquerading as three, and its material keeps it stable on the tank. If after a gas stop, I forget to attach a clip, I probably won’t notice until the next gas stop. Everything will be fine.
2. It doesn’t scratch my tank.
3. The zippers work smoothly, even after two years of hard use.
4. It’s durable and substantially made of good material, so that even if something wears out eventually (nothing lasts forever), I’ll probably be able to repair it instead of throwing the bag away. I’ve yet to develop an appreciation for cheap stuff that can’t be fixed and that quickly winds up in the landfill. I prefer having less stuff that’s good to more stuff that’s crap.
5. The detachable map cover is very handy, especially for those of us who carry a paper map, a technology that has yet to fail me.
6. It looks good on an ST100
7. If I need to bring more stuff home from a trip, I can expand it. Even at its fullest volume, riding is still manageable, tho’ I prefer it unexpanded.
8. The raincover doesn’t blow off.
9. The side pockets are actually big enough to put stuff in and their zippers aren’t cheap.
10. Richard helped me install it over the phone, and he was patient with my ineptness.
11. It’s made in the U.S.A.

I guess that covers it.
Yours, --David

Kathy and I, RKA are posting videos every month. Fun ones, educational ones, and instructional ones.
So we hope you enjoy them, we sure do.
NOTE: Be sure and click on the "full screen" icon to enlarge the video, and if the quality looks low click on the "gear"
at the bottom right of the screen to increase the resolution to 1080.

So this is for everybody, every age, every gender. Have an OPEN MIND 
Kathy and I found a couple of new music video sites and decided to check out what is new. Some blow us away some sounded like bad garage bands.
Kathy and I already have our opinions but are holding them close to our chest. ;-) What do YOU think?

We will post these on our RKA Facebook page where you can comment and tell everyone what you think of them.
DO IT! Have some fun lets all talk about it. Next month we will have more to discuss and interact on.
The Jezabels: A Little Piece - Live At The Show - AltarTV
Christina Perri: Black and Blue - Live At The Show - AltarTV
Imagine Dragons: Radioactive, Live At The Joint
Lights: "Banner" - Live At The Show - AltarTV

FUN & MOVIES! We all love movies and here are our picks this month. Check out the trailers, some are free, some were from Amazon, Some are still in the theaters.
PLUS two bonus FUN VIDEOS.
We'll post these on out Facebook page also. So be ready to give everyone your opinion.
The Intouchables (2012) Official Trailer [HD]
Sound City Trailer
Rockwelll transmission incabulator

The State that Almost Seceded

Once upon a time, in the remote stretches of Northern California and southern Oregon, a few rebels got together and compared notes.

By Christopher Hall | September/October 2003

Barreling north on Interstate 5 in the late afternoon, with the Siskiyou Mountains before me slipping into shadow and lofty Mount Shasta glowing orange in my rearview mirror, I suddenly find I'm no longer in California. Not so strange, perhaps, except for one thing: Oregon still lies a good 20 miles ahead.

In a pasture just off the highway, the words STATE OF JEFFERSON appear, painted in eight-foot letters on a barn roof. A few minutes later, I pass a sign confirming that this stretch of road, traversing a 2,500-foot-high valley of hay farms and cattle ranches, is litter free thanks to the State of Jefferson Chamber. On the car radio, an announcer reminds me in his soothing baritone that I am listening to Jefferson Public Radio. Clearly, I have entered some real-life Twilight Zone called Jefferson.



RKA’s Open House is “Supported by Sonoma Raceway”.
Visit our Products Page to see all the products we sell and manufacture.
Come on up and visit RKA on any Saturday of September, 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

We will have food and drink, demos on all products, discussions about products, applications, apps for your phones
and a GREAT drawing to sign up for!

DEAL of the month: Vega Summit III modular helmet, SENA SMH10 Bluetooth headset, FOG screen all installed and your phone paired for $390.00 for the solo rider and $780.00 for two. CAN’T beat that!!!! More info below.

Fill out a ticket, drop it in the “pot” and on the afternoon of the 28th we will have a drawing for the following:

1: SENA Bluetooth SMH10 Headset MSRP $210.00
2: Liquid Image EGO camera MSRP $200.00
3: Vega Summit III Modular helmet MSRP $180.00
4: Adaptiv TPX radar detector OR Adaptiv Glowrider jacket or vest MSRP $180.00 to $300.00
5: STARCOM communications set MSRP $285.00
6: Sonoma Raceway tickets The value of each of the two certificates could be up to $280 each if the winner chooses NASCAR.
7: RKA luggage product of your choice MSRP up to $340.00

Including all the fun stuff happening the following is also scheduled:

September 7th 2013 9 am to 5 pm
Liquid Image demo on their EGO smart cameras

September 14th 2013 9 am to 5 pm
John Martinelli from MotoChello will be here to talk to you about MotoChellos exciting NEW wired communications system.

September 21st 2013 9 am to 5 pm
Wayne Chen from Adaptiv will be here to tell you all about the Adaptiv TPX radar detector and their new line of GlowRider Jackets and vests.

September 28th 2013 9 am to 5 pm
“Supported by Sonoma Raceway” with tickets coupons, and bling!

RKA NEW hours starting September 7th
Monday – Friday 9-5
Saturday 9-3

Go to the “Schedules Page” or directly to the “Daily Schedule” to get all the info.


Vega Summit 3.0 Modular helmet, Fog Screen, SENA Bluetooth headset,
The BEST pricing you can get, ALL right here at RKA!

The package for TWO riders is $750.00, for ONE solo rider $390.00

The package includes Summit 3.0 Module with drop down screen, Fog Screen, SENA headset, Installed, Your phone paired and your old helmet sent back home. You cannot beat this value!

("Package" Based on the SENA SMH10 Models, solo and dual, with lowest MAP pricing. Price may vary depending on model)

RKA carries many other products for your delight.......

SENA BLUETOOTH is the leader in innovation and functionality for the Bluetooth motorcycle industry.
RKA will have Vega Summit 3.0 Modular helmets, with SENA Bluetooth headsets installed for Driver Passenger and Bike to Bike for you to take out on a test ride. FREE Headset installs!! & the BEST pricing you can get ALL right here!
VEGA Helmets the Summit 3.0 Modular with drop down screens, ¾ and FF models also; The best kept secret in the industry. At a very reasonable price they manufacture a really nice product certified to stringent European ECE 22.05 standard which meets or exceeds DOT standards. Great features are a drop down sun screen, Cool Maxx easily removable washable liner. The VEGA fog screen is the best one I have ever used, ever! It is NOT a pin insert but the screen itself AWESOME!
ADAPTIV TPX RADAR has been personally tested and stands proudly with the best of them.
ADAPTIV GLOWRIDER Jackets and vests, their new line of apparel is great. It is battery powered system lights you up at night!! See this months review!
POWERLET the standard in motorcycle electrical parts for your motorcycle
RAMMOUNT the standard in motorcycle mounting systems
MIDLAND CB radios that can be adapted to the SENA SR10 Bluetooth adapter to make it virtually a Bluetooth device!!
MOTOROLA FRS radios that can be adapted to the SENA SR10 Bluetooth adapter to make it virtually a Bluetooth device!
LIQUID IMAGE Sport Cameras. NOT competition to the more expensive cameras but has the features you would want like WiFi, 720, 1080, send clips over your phone and more for a low price.
GARMIN the leader in GPS devices and the motorcycle designed 660LM & 665LM GPS’s
MOTOCHELLO If you want the best in wired communications this is it!
Adaptiv GlowRider Vest
We've got a video up on our GlowRider Vest! With the days starting to get shorter, this is a great item for anyone who in concerned about their safety, especially getting caught riding in the dark! This vest can also be used for non-motorcycle application, making it a great, vestal vest that you can pitch to the rider and the non-riders alike! Check out the video here:

For more information Click Here



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Date Event Location Name / Link

September 7th
RKA Open House
9 AM to 5 PM
7698 Bell Road, Windsor, CA.
September 14th
RKA Open House
9 AM to 5 PM
7698 Bell Road, Windsor, CA.
September 21st
RKA Open House
9 AM to 5 PM
7698 Bell Road, Windsor, CA.
September 28th
RKA Open House
9 AM to 5 PM
7698 Bell Road, Windsor, CA.
October 16- 20
Orlando, FL,

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Ride Safe / Have Fun
See you next month

Richard & Kathy

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