March 2013
Volume 3 / Issue 40


Hi Gang!!!

Will look at this …. It’s March and you folks on the east coast have been getting hammered with the worst of the worst lately and Kathy and I hope you are all well and recovering from any issues you have incurred this winter.

If cabin fever is getting to you we can understand. One of the sections in this Newsletter is “Story’s” and there is a couple of special ones this month but there is one story that’s here every month that’s hiding in plain sight. (Side bar of most pages) This is a great little ditty to read before you wipe the dust of your motorcycles and call your buddies for that first ride of 2013, or even if you are out there riding right now …. read “The Pace”. This story was written in 1993 by Nick Ienatsch. I try to read it every so often to remind me of when I used to be fast ;- ). Seriously this story will make you think. I guarantee you will have lots more fun in your group riding this year if you take Nick seriously. When I was roadracing the race group would get together sometimes for a little Sunday street ride. No one ever rode over their heads because we already knew the pecking order. It was great fun, The fast guys would lead no faster than the slow guys could be pulled alone and we would learn learn learn …. Then they would peel off the front and let us slower riders lead. It was great great fun and no one got a headache or uptight.

In this issue are some new photos and there are more to come as soon as I can get them editied. On my lastest trip to the dealer I took 141 shots!! Triumphs, & BMW’s. Some are here in the newsletter.

NEW PRODUCT! The new F800GT has been “DONE” we have liner bags, Tankbags Rackbags and seatbags that work great on this moto. Be sure and read about the liner design.

VIDEO FUN: three pretty fun and cool videos hope you enjoy them.

STORY OF THE MONTH: This time it’s a family affair.

FUN STUFF: More family introductions, you will love this one if you have a little twisted funny bone!

A WORTHY CAUSE: We got a request for a donation of a tankbag for Kevin Nichols and his cause. We do not donate a lot of product but this seemed like a no brainier for Kathy and I.

EVENT UPDATE: We are excited!!! Lots of cool stuff this year!

Lastly I have done a lot of work on the “Ongoing Sale Page” and I have updated it again.
Almost everyone asks if there are any deals or discounts so check it out, there may be something you cannot do without.


The letter to the editor this month is short and sweet.....

"Heading to Panama and just lovin' my new RKA tankbag



New Additions to our endless photo gallery of applications and new prodcuts
The new triumph Exploer showing off the RKA 13 & 24.5 liter tankbags and 21 liter Rackbag more photos here:
RKA Triumph Photo Gallery
The Triump Speed triples Premium color 10 liter and a standard Black with Silver piping more photos here:
RKA Triumph Photo Gallery
New BMW Models F650 2013 13 liter Shiloh Road & 36 liter Rackbag
F700GS 2013 13 liter 4 point Pine Flat
F800GT 2013 19.5 liter SuperSport & 36 liter Rackbag, Saddlebag liners
RKA BMW Specific Photo Gallery Pages
Retro, retro .... 1989 GB500 19.5 Magnetic Tankbag
Find ALL the brands and models here:
RKA Photo Gallery Main Page


Like Ducatis?
David Byrne,
WAY Cool stuff
Eric Whitacre,


Kathy and I use and sell these products or at least test them an know they work. So here is a review on the products we sell and used on my "January Dealer Trip".

It was a cold and stormy night ………. The trip started great, we left Monday afternoon and stayed at my sister’s house in Roseville so Tuesday Morning was a three mile ride to A&S BMW of Roseville. From there we went to Modesto and Cycle Specialties, Then on to see Al at BMW of Fresno. After that we finished the day by riding to Bakersfield, fueling up and then settling down for a nice dinner and some 15 year old scotch.

Wednesday morning we set off to Ventura the long way over Hwy 33 with snow patches on the side of the road. Had a nice lunch In Ojai, and then headed off to BMW of Ventura County for a visit. Then on to Thousand Oaks for the evening. YES this was kinda of short business day and more of a fun riding day, but this was to be a long boring serious trip for the most part.

Thursday we visited BMW of Long Beach and Dewey, then on to Irv Seaver BMW and Jim. After a nice visit there we were off to Pomona and Brown Motorworks and saw David.

We had been lucky so far with just dark cloudy sky’s but NOW IT’S STARTING TO RAIN pretty darn good! So I call Riverside BMW and Tom allows us to roll our appointment up a couple of hours. We arrive at BMW of Riverside in a POURING rain! Then it calms down and stops but after a couple of hours at Riverside it starts sprinkling again and we head off to Palm Springs for the night and from Hwy 60 to I10 all the way to Palm Springs it’s POURING again!

I stayed in Palm Springs for the weekend and then Monday morning headed to Escondido to spend the evening before my Tuesday visit. Well the trip was to be a fun day going over Hwy74, 371, 79, 76 and on into Escondido, NOT! I left Palm Springs and it was 30 degrees but clear blue sky, but as I ascended up Hwy 74 it got colder and snow started to appear on the sides of the road and the road itself started accumulating black ice!!! I had JUST started and h
ad a long way to go so when I saw the “Chains Required” Sign had been turned out at the 4,000 foot level I opted to turn around and go the long way back out to the Interstate. I tippy toed my way back down to dry road with my tail between my legs but still up on two wheels.

Spent Monday night in Escondido and visited BMW of Escondido Tuesday morning and then down to BMW of San Diego and a nice visit with Antoinette.

My continued trip to Phoenix and Las Vegas had to be canceled for some personal issues so I set out for home at 12:00 PM and arrived in Windsor at 8:45 PM, 570 miles with only fuel in San Fernando, Lost Hills, and Patterson. Wham Bam Thank you Mam!

So what products did I use and how did they work?

Ready to go
Above Palm Springs
RKA luggage. Since my trip was focused on BMW dealers rather than our 50 liter saddlebags that I use on a regular basis I ran with my hard saddlebags so I could not only show the dealers the liners but I also installed my “TOPPER BAGS” on top of my hardbags so I could carry more sample luggage. On the rear rack was my “Office”, my 36 liter Rackbag and on the seat was my 33 liter seatbag with MORE sample luggage inside.

iPhone5, FRS,
Adaptiv Radar,
ALL running through SENA Bluetooth products
So for the front was my 10.5 liter IN-Charge Tankbag set up with my iPhone5 in the OTTER case using it for EVERYTHING, Phone, Iheart radio, XM, Pandora, MP3 Music, Garmin USA GPS app, weather maps. Remember I have sold my Zumo 665, (Also LifeProof cases are sold by RKA)

For your information I used the
raincovers when it was raining for everything but only used the IN-Charge Tankbag raincover when stopped, it was never on during travel time. ….. NOTHING got wet, watch the video again

Farkle Fingers
Farkle Fingers
, what the hell are Farkle Fingers? These will make any pair of gloves touch-screen friendly. Just pull the Farkle
Finger over the tips of your gloves and you'll be able to use any touch-screen device. Make calls with a smartphone, navigate a GPS, or change your mp3 player settings, all without having to take your gloves off.

We started using and selling these a few months ago from Adaptiv, they work pretty well but Kathy has sewn/tacked them onto the gloves so they will not accidently come off and the SWEET spot is not small enough for them to really work well with small screens that smartphones have. BUT they do work and I used them on the trip with fine results.

Installed on
RKA IN-Charge tankbag
My guest for this trip, Communications Company’s MOTOCELLO CEO John Martinelli was using his own company’s wired MOTOCELLO communications system and using a FRS radio.

Two of us used the SENA SR10 and Motorola FRS radios that both charge on the fly from the RKA IN-Charge tankbag system. All of which RKA sells and supports.

With the SENA the two of us could talk via the Bluetooth. The FRS rider did not even hear us when we used the SENA Bluetooth so we could say bad things if we wanted to. In other words with the RKA system we could us the SENA Bluetooth AND/OR the FRS radio using again, the SENA SR10 unit. ;-)

The Application
My “Goal Zero” LED interior light came in handy many times during the trip when it was night time or raining and dark out. Check out the other cool products from Goal Zero

TPX Radar
I also ran my Adaptiv TPX radar detector attached to the SENA SR10 so I had Audio coming into my helmet via Bluetooth while I could also SEE the visual alert. We have personally tested the TPX waterproof audio, visual alert system against an 8500 Escort and a Valentine system and it went hit for hit with them!! Understand! I did not read a review somewhere; we tested the unit in the field. This unit is $299.99 including the visual alert light! ….. I’M JUST SAYING ;-)

Very unusual but I did
Ground Loop adapter
have a electrical issue with the wiring and had some noise coming into my helmet but John of MOTOCELLO sent me a great Ground loop Adapter. If you are interested in this adapter drop me a line and I will point you to it.

Video, where and how did I do the video? We sell TWO Sports Action Cameras The Drift ($299.99) with many great features for
Liquid Image EGO Action Sports Camera
Liquid Image EGO Action Sports Camera
the money which I left home this time and took THREE of the Liquid Image EGO cameras and at only $179.99 with WiFi they are a GREAT value. They have internal batteries that will run up to 2 hours per charge. The batteries are internal and cannot be removed and changed out. BUT we have tested them with a USB external battery pack and 32 gig micro class 10 SanDisk and recorded from Windsor to Redding a four hour trip with battery life and disk space left over.

YES I slipped in a couple of bicycle photos here. Kathy and I video EVERY bicycle ride we do and erase it when we get home. If we do not get home, ... the cameras will tell the story.

Summit 3.1
Now here is the sleeper product of the ride. I had to decide between my Shoei Multitech or my less expensive and slightly heavier VEGA SUMMIT from $169.99 to $189.99 I opted for the Summit 3.1 and the very BEST optional FOG SCREEN $28.00 in the world bar none!!!

My decision to use this helmet was made mostly because of the fog screen and the drop down sunscreen features. The fog screen system on the SHOEI is useless in my opinion. This was a good choice for this long, almost two week trip and worked flawlessly

There is only one issue with the VEGA Summit 3.1 helmet, it is priced too low! I would have a lot more sales of these great helmets if I would price them higher. Do you understand what I am saying here? ;-)

If you have any questions about this story and product review please feel free to call or drop me a line.


I am so proud of my sister for writing this book. It has been a dream of hers for a long time and she has worked hard to get it published. She is ten years my junior and has been an athlete all her life, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, coaching kids, AND a Pro Bowler. So take a minute to check it out just click on the photo or the link for more information on this very inspiring book
An Athlete’s Perspective

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Confidence is knowing you are prepared. Knowledge equals no fear. Always enjoy your journey. Believe and live by these statements and you will soar. Sport is used to describe the author’s perspective on how to become successful at what you dream about doing. It takes time and hard work to succeed. Little steps make big things happen. Shared is information about how much time you will need to spend to surpass your competitors. Practice methods and how to feel your body and learn to repeat correct physical movements are discussed. When reading and listening to what athletes say, it becomes obvious that many do not know how to deal with success, failure, expectation, and pressure. The author’s best teacher and mentor first said, “You don’t know the questions, much less the answers.” He was right. Learning how to deal with all these issues and more is shared with you. Knowledge is the key, and tactics are the power. Always enjoy your journey and know it is just a journey, your journey. Every person has a unique purpose, find yours, give your best, and you will never have any regrets while pursuing your individual dreams.

A little more family pride, Kathy’s nephew is a Comedian give him some time ;-) Parental discretion advised for some off color language.
Click on the image or here Chris Storin

After you click on the "PLAY" icon, make these videos full screen
by clicking on the "Full Screen Box" at the lower right of each video.


RKA does not donate a lot of product but this seemed like a no brainier for Kathy and I.

Here is a brief introduction to Kevin and what he is doing. The links below will help you follow a long, contact, or help his cause. Good Luck Kevin and a safe journey

"Good morning, Richard;

I feel honored to have been “chosen” to try and help bring this cause to more people. Joshua was my friend, and the son of one of my very best friends. The website should be up this week, we’re waiting on the rider to upload his first video to those who are creating the website. In other words, I can’t seem to figure this “uploading video” crap out. I’ll get there.

Thankfully, there are several friends who are helping with this project who are far smarter than I when it comes to all of this technical junk, I’m sure you have good folks who help you out with your site. They seem like the auto mechanics of years gone by, you need to know a good one, and hopefully you won’t need one. Hahaha!

The first video will be one simply explaining my relationship to the project, why I’m riding to Alaska and why I’ve chosen to align myself with the International Testicular Cancer Foundation. The second one will be geared more toward the hundreds of riders who are following my journey along with my preparation for the trip. As you are well aware, motorcyclists are a very different breed, especially those who ride daily, ride long distance, or are simply passionate about riding. I am all three. So they are keenly interested in just what “farkles” I’m putting on my FJR in order to prepare for the ride. In this upcoming video, I’ll detail my preparation of the bike, my riding gear, myself, safety equipment, and communications equipment. This is where I’ll spotlight your tankbag and saddlebag liners.

By the way, my wife thinks your saddlebag liners are the greatest farkle of all…”what a cool idea”! She doesn’t ride with me very much so it’s funny to get her point of view on things. She would ride more, but it messes up her hair. Seriously. I know, it’s crazy, but she’s put up with my passion for 27 years, so…


The 2013 Event Schedule is consistently being updated and you should check it out on a regular basis.

It’s really shaping up.

There is a LOT happening in the Great North West this year, the BMW National, Chief Joseph Rally, Curved Cowboy Reunion, bam bam bam!!!

Then THE RIDE!!! AFM/ARMA event at Sonoma Raceway May 1st to the 5th …….RKA will lead a day ride on Sat the 4th with stops for photos and lunch. This is still in the planning process and info will be forwarded to you all as soon as we get it all together.

Then later on a few rallies in California.

The REALLY BIG NEWS and at the prefect time is that we have signed up for the AIMEXPO show in Orlando, FL from October 16th to the 20th 2013. This is a combination Media event, dealer and consumer show. In other words everyone is invited.

SOOOO get your motors running!! See ya at one of these fun events!!

Date Event Location Name / Link

May 1-5 AFM/ARMA Sonoma Sears Point, CA Sonoma Raceway
May 23-27 49ner Rally Mariposa Fairgrounds, CA BMWNORCAL
June 13-16 Chief Joesph Rally Grant County Fairgrounds, John Day Oregon BMW Riders of OR
BMW Riders of OR
July 18-21 BMWNATIONAL Salem,OR Fairgrounds BMWMOA
August 27-30 Curve Cowboy Reunion Bend, OR. Riverhouse Hotel Curve Cowboy Reunion
October 16- 20 AIMEXPO Orlando, FL, AIMEXPO


SENA SMH10R is HERE!!!!! We will do a complete review on this GREAT new SENA product in April.

There will be a review on a NEW product next month that allows gloves and smartphones to work together better than ever!

Also a short piece on the "Evolution of Technology", "Evolution of expectations" and how it’s grown even more.

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Hope you all enjoyed this month's newsletter has much as I did putting it together.

Ride Safe
Have Fun

See you next month
Richard & Kathy

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