June 2013
Volume 3 / Issue 43


From the desk of the Editor

Hi Gang,


Be sure and visit us at the MOA National in Salem, OR. July 18th to 21st.
We will have a 20x40 outside display. On Saturday we will be giving away a SENA SMH10 Bluetooth headset at our Seminar! Must be present to win, 10:30 AM Saturday the 20th in the outer pavilion circle.

If you happen to wander by John Day OR, this month for the Chief Joseph Rally (June 13th to 16th) Richard will be doing his Seminar and giving away a SENA SMH10 Bluetooth headset at this event also.

For June we'll play catchup. We will report and recap the great time we had last month.
If you are out of the loop, I did not plan ahead for the May newsletter! I should have had it done way before May 1st.
From the 1st to the 5th Kathy and I were totally involved in SonomaFest 2013, Kathy's first trackday with her new baby the F800R, then Vintage and AFM racing ... and finally the RKA/Sonoma Raceway Wine Country Ride.

I have thanked these people before but I want to acknowledge both some folks and businesses.

Jenah Smith and Jere Starks at Sonoma Raceway, for their hard work in putting the SomonaFest weekend together.
Steve Sommer and Gerardo Hermosillo, my best friends for their help on the Wine Country ride.
Marco and Carlos at the “Inn Of The Tides” for the personalized motorcycle parking and the great service & meals.
Andrew Vasquez at Liquid Image for his help with the many EGO cameras used for the trackday and ride
Jere an Jenah for TWO 3J's Trackday certificates!
Wayne Chen for the TEN $100.00 Gift Certificates from ADAPTIV
Rick Grassadonia for the SENA gift of a Bluetooth headset.
John Martinelli of MOTOCHELLO for his gift.
Jeanne and the crew at VEGA HELMETS for a Jacket and Helmet gift.
Including the gifts from RKA we had almost $2,500.00 worth of bling to give away!!!

Somethings we really like but do not sell .. One of those is a Rick Mayer Cycles seat on my moto and I want to tell you that
Rick made it in such a way that I was able to do an "Iron Butt Saddlesore 1000" last year from Windsor to Avon Co. 1132 miles, and still do my trackdays ... All on the same seat! Thanks Rick!

Carlos and Marcos of Inn at the Tides are the greatest. Always give them a shout when passing through Bodega Bay.



Kathy & Richard:

Thank you for sending along my new seatbag ahead of schedule. I received it yesterday and it looks real sharp!

With this addition safe in-hand, I'll have time to figure what I can pack in it for my upcoming jaunt on-board my Street Triple R down to the MSTA Tri-STAR ( http://msta-se.com/tristar/ ) rendezvous over this Memorial Day Weekend. Since my place up the country is 13 miles from the Skyline Drive, and Sparta is 18 miles off the Blue Ridge Parkway, the 300 plus ODO clicks of continuous serpintine pavement is 3/4 the joy.

Thanks Again............ hope y'all have a great Holiday Weekend!

Keith McCrea
.......the Shenandoah Sage


MAY 1st 3J's Trackday!

What a HOOT!! Kathy and I did the 3J’s trackday for their charity.

This first video below was produced in about and hour on the evening after the trackday. I needed something to show off our Liquid Image EGO cameras we sell. There were SIX cameras on board but I only had time to edit three tracks.

Kathy also had front and rear cameras and this was edited with Adobe Premire and we used the EGO cameras

Want to give a special thank you to Liquid Image who helped out with some extra cameras.

In the near future you will see more 3J trackday videos on our YOU TUBE page, so subscribe to get notices!
You may even see us on Liquid Images website as we gave them almost 40 hours of raw video!
A lap with Das Boat....Short setup.... This video was from the front of my 600 lb. plus R1200ST STREET BOAT. Chasing KID'S younger than my daughter on motorcycles that weighed half my weight, and 50% more horse power. So notice that the "Old Man" closes up in the corners and gets flamed on the straights. AND it IS JUST a trackday no cut throat stuff. ;-)
Kathy finally get's her F800R out on the track. Fun fun fun till her daddy takes the T-Bird away ;-)

Kathy has done many track days with me over the last 20 years but this was her first one on her NEW BMW F800R
Ain't she cool?!!
Note white "EGO" camera on front left handlebar
Front tire
Kathy's Rear Tire.
Not bad for a little old lady from Pasadena huh? ;-)
Yup and that's me the OLD MAN into turn 4.
Note red "EGO" camera on front left body using suction cup attachment.
Turn 5 looking at turn 6 the "funnest" part of the track and a great passing area .... See Video above.
Old Man's tire
Kathy after returning for a session.

MAY 2nd & 3rd, 4th & 5th

COOL stuff ...
AHMRA Vintage and Side Car racing. and then AFM ... This is the premier club racing,
Exciting! ... I did not have a lot of time to take photos but I did get some of the sidecars .... WOW .... What a ride for the "Monkeys"!!

Our Display
Our Display
Kathy with Wayne Chen
the main man at Adaptiv
The Rules!
Pit Horse ;-)
Sidecars ROCK!!
Sidecars ROCK!!
Sidecars ROCK!!

MAY 4th

THE RIDE!!! This was the RKA/Sonoma Raceway Wine Country Ride.
Sonoma Raceway and 3J’s charity the “Speedway Children’s Charities”.
We gave away almost $2,500.00 worth of bling!!

Up front disclaimer ... "FEEL LIKE A PRO" did not pay for this article. RKA is doing this story because of the passion for what we have done ourselves.

How would you like to do a trackday or actually RACE a motorcycle without the worry of having to get the bike, the tires, the fuel, a pit crew etc? Long story short go to "FEEL LIKE A PRO" and or call David Seyl at 707 494 1571.

Feel Like A Pro is here to allow both Amateur & Professional racers to develop their track skills or compete in Roadracing competitions. Imagine no loading or unloading bikes, no fuel cost, no tire costs, and a pit and hospitality area all set up and ready to go. We also handle all the set up, bike maintenance, and technical inspections. Just show up and ride.

The Kawasaki 250 Ninja is often refered to as "the most fun I ever had on a track!" Set up correctly, these little bikes will give you the confidence to dramatically improve your riding skills. With coaching avalable at selected events and everything taken care of for the riders, it will definitely make you "Feel Like A Pro"!
They take care
of everything.
Treat you
like a PRO.
Give you
great advice.

Is Richard, the "R" in the RKA qualified to promote and talk about "FEEL LIKE A PRO?" He raced a 250 Ninja for 4 years so we think so.
I am in this photo,
can you find 894?
Me and Jack
To two fat guys
passing a lady
Friends let friends
store their
racebikes ;-)
My yellow
novice plates
of the gang!
note medical devices
My Farewell
What a Ride!
The narration is terrible
and it's to long but this is
My story in a nut shell.
Be sure and
expand the screen

The Fairground
was full of History
Mining Country
This is how it's
Easy up
easy down
Other Vendors
Other Vendors
Other Vendors
Bring your tent
Bring your best Friends
Bring your best Friends
Bring your best Friends
Bring your old
Bring your new
Go ride
Drink a
little beer
a Little music
a Little music
Who says the RKA 26 liter tankbag is to big
for the F800ST?


Not new to SENA but new to the RKA line up.

I have been using the FM model for a few weeks now and I can tell you this is great stuff and has a place in the RKA line up, It's a smaller battery, less range, but great for two up and has a FM radio that works great in town.
Not for the hardcore.

SENA FIRMWARE ... this bares repeating

If you own a K1600GT/GTL or R1200RT with the Bluetooth module and have not updated your firmware we recommend that you do so and make sure you follow these directions.

ADAPTIV Adaptiv has a new chargeable USB Bluetooth Transmitter & USB Charger.

Get your alerts with Bluetooth! The TPX™ Bluetooth Transmitter wirelessly syncs with a Bluetooth system. It is compatible with Cardo Scala Rider, Chatterbox, Interphone, J&M, Schuberth, Sena, Uclear, and most other Bluetooth systems.

The transmitter comes with both USB and AC wall charger. To power transmitter directly from bike pair it with the TPX™ 12V Bluetooth Power Supply.

This transmitter can also be used to wirelessly transmit music and sound from MP3 players, cell phones, and other audio devices with a 3.5mm female audio-out port to your Bluetooth system.

Note: Some Bluetooth systems are only able to pair with one device (e.g. radar detector). If you are using this transmitter to communicate with more than one device (e.g. radar detector and cell phone), contact the manufacturer to confirm that it will work properly for your application.

AnyGlove is here!!
If you are paying attention you will notice there are no photos of GPS devices on MY IN-Charge tankbags.
I have sold my trusty Zumo 665 and am now using my iPhone5 for navigation, weather, music, & phone.
Also if you are up to date on this sort of thing you will be saying "HOW CAN YOU DO THAT? You cannot use gloves with Smartphones or iPhones right?
Well NOW YOU CAN!! Kathy and I have finished testing AnyGlove for the designers and manufactuer and
The NEW formula is available now for $19.99 on our website AnyGlove Page.
Full report in June with photos and video ... Oh by the way ...... IT WORKS!!!!.

NEW 3 liter Allegro
3 point Y for
Sportbike or K1600GTL
NEW 3 liter Allegro
Same plush main compartment with power portals standard
Organizer for your
Maps, Keys, Pens,
Maps, Phone, etc.
"F" front
for motorcycles like the
K1600GT or GTL
Shown with optional
RKA Dashboard.
Just the right size for a
day bag and to hold your
navigation devices
Rather than the
Rammount Xgrip
I have installed the Otter
holder for a mor flush fit and look. RKA sells these Otter products
Back of unit.
This shows my wiring for
my iPhone charger
and electric liner
This tankbag is too low to
accept our small control box
So we have designed a
"WRAP" open
To hide cables and such.
This tankbag is too low to
accept our small control box
So we have designed a
"WRAP" closed
To hide cables and such.
This is the "Otter" belt
clip modified to work
on the RKA Dashboard.
Slick and clean

Date Event Location Name / Link

June 13-16 Chief Joesph Rally Grant County Fairgrounds, John Day Oregon

Drawing for SMH10 Bluetooth headset
at seminar!!
BMW Riders of OR
BMW Riders of OR
July 18-21 BMW NATIONAL Salem,OR Fairgrounds.

Drawing for SMH10 Bluetooth headset
at seminar!!!!
August 27-30 Curve Cowboy Reunion Bend, OR. Riverhouse Hotel Curve Cowboy Reunion
October 16- 20 AIMEXPO Orlando, FL, AIMEXPO

Report on the Chief Joseph Rally, Update on the BMW MOA National, Info on the Curved Cowboy reunion rally, updates on the AIMExpo event in Orlando. And a report on back up batteries
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Hope you all enjoyed this month's newsletter has much as I did putting it together.
Ride Safe / Have Fun
See you next month

Richard & Kathy

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