July 2013
Volume 3 / Issue 44


From the desk of the Editor

Hi Gang,

So Steve and I are fueling at the Shell truck stop in Lakeview Oregon on the way to John Day last month and I am on the island cleaning ten million bugs off my helmet and screen. As I am bent over I look up and six or seven Harleys ride in, NOT A BUG on their ½ helmets, cool sunglasses or face. How do they do that?

As I am putting this newsletter together I always think about the past newsletters and what's in them. For this month you will see and learn about Sister Rosette Tharpe: The Godmother of Rock & Roll. You will also see videos on “how too” this month. This is “Volume3/issue 44”! I cannot believe I have hung in there doing this, this long.

Point is there are many many learning and fun experiences in the past newsletters. So go back and take a look. Main Newsletter Page.

Santa Rosa
BMW & Triumph
RKA would like to thank Santa Rosa BMW / Triumph big time for the videos you will see in this newsletter and the things I learned this last week about bluetooth applications and issues! They just threw the keys at me to a brand new K1600GT and let us have it for the weekend.

July is HERE! Hope you all had a great 4th! Kathy and goofed off a little and rode our bicycles on one of our local loops for 22 miles.

The BMWMOA National July 18th to 21st, in Salem, OR. It's almost here and we are excited about it!

We will have a 20x40 outside display. On Saturday RKA will be giving away a SENA SMH10 Bluetooth headset at our Seminar! Must be present to win. The seminar is at 10:30 AM Saturday the 20th in the outer pavilion circle.

We will have a FULL complement of RKA luggage including our IN-Charge communications Tankbags, Regular Sonoma Series luggage with a 10% rally discount. PLUS we will have a FULL complement of SENA Bluetooth, VEGA SUMMIT HELMETS 3.0 modular helmets (The best kept secret in the industry), ADAPTIV TPX radar detectors and accessories, Garmin 660 and 665 Zumos, Liquid Image EGO cameras, AnyGlove, the magic drops that allows you to use your smartphone with your gloves on, Powerlet and Rammount products.

BUT wait! There's more!

From the SENA main offices, RKA will have the United States marketing manager and sales manager IN THE BOOTH to help out with questions about SENA and installing headsets FOR FREE!

How about this?
Come to our outside display and RKA, SENA and VEGA will fix you and/or your passenger with the deal of a lifetime!

For $780.00 RKA will set you up with…..
Click on the photo
TWO Vega Summit 3.0 Modular helmets with drop down smoke screen
TWO Vega Fog Screens (The very best in the world)
TWO SENA SMH10 Bluetooth headsets
TWO Installations
TWO Pairings to your smartphone (and or pairing to your K1600GT/GTL)
Shipping of your old helmets back home (USA 48 states)
Only need one helmet setup? No problem! Just cut this deal in half! …. $390.00

BUT wait! There's even more!

So you cannot make it to the Rally. NO PROBLEM, all of our RKA Newsletter readers, forums and all our social media friends can get this deal if they act before Saturday July 20th the deal is yours!
(Obvious issues we have no control over with offering this great deal to our customers and friends who are not at the rally.
We will not be able to offer free pairing, or shipping your helmets back ;-).
And the bigger issue is sizing. So when you call us for this deal we will discuss how we will get the sizing issue resolved) 1-800-349-1RKA



My tank bag arrived a couple of days ago and it's exactly what I wanted (not entirely but that's not your fault)! I thought I would send you a couple of pictures:

I bought it for a 2007 Moto Guzzi Norge. The space for it on the tank is pretty minimal so it's small size is perfect.
This bike has aftermarket, swept back, handle bars and they clear the bag nicely.

I had the next size up, expandable RKA bag on my 99 BMW RT and it was just enough larger that the bars would hit it on tight turns. Plus it was dark green, which matched the bike so I just let it go as a package deal.

I'm sure you hear this all the time but your tank bags are just the best engineered and made of any I have ever seen. This will be the third or 4th RKA bag I have had. They are just excellent. And this one is small enough that I can use it on my Nortons as well.

The only problem with this one was my own dumb fault. I was in a hurry the day I ordered it and somehow, looking at your colour chart, I attached the word "Royal" to the red swatch. I had intended to order red piping, not blue. That will learn me! I am the chairman of the International Norton Owners Rally this year here in Buffalo and I may donate this one as a door prize and order another in the original red that I wanted. It's an ill wind, etc....

Anyway, thanks for the prompt service and the nice product. You folks have an excellent reputation and it is well deserved.

Gar Jorgenson
Buffalo, Wyoming

We have been saving up these videos and I decided to lay them out all at once. Hope you enjoy them, we sure did.
NOTE: Be sure and click on the "full screen" icon to enlarge the video

American Masters
Sister Rosetta Tharpe:
The Godmother of Rock & Roll
Sagan Parking
Danny Macaskills imagini
Americas got talent

RKA has produced four new videos this month to coordinate with the theme of the National rally.
BMW has new and exciting things and RKA wants to address them.
All the videos except one are under two minutes and the last one is under three.
Bluetooth Adapter
Headset Pairing
SENA BT Headset Install.

We don't need no stinking caption!

This photo was taken by RKA’s wandering advertising rep Bob Dragich.

Bob has been friends with Kathy and I almost from the start, 28 years ago.

He is a writer, rider, and photographer and one of our very best friends.

The very day he purchased this motorcycle he came up and showed it to us and had dinner.

The motorcycle had less than 100 miles on it, the dealer ship is at least 75 miles away. He’s a friend.

The motorcyle is shown with Bob's RKA 26 liter Sonoman expandable tankbag and RKA 50 liter expandable saddlebags.

Who says you cannot tour on a real sportbike?

Bluetooth your full system motorcycle

SENA has some new cables that turn your motorcycles old wired system almost 100% Bluetooth*.
Pair a set of SENA Bluetooth headsets for driver passenger intercom.

Then pair them to a SENA SM10 and plug in the new SENA cable to the 3.5mm port. The other end of the new SENA cable plugs into your wired headset port.

Now you have everything in the system going to the driver and passenger (*Except CB or FRS transmit)

SENA makes these cables for the BMW K1200LT and most other brands that have wired communications. Harley, CAN-AM, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Victory.

Product report / Deal of the year

Click on the photo and this will link you to the large poster that gives you all the information about this realy great offer from RKA, SENA, and Vega!

VEGA is the best kept secret in the industry. They manufacture a really nice product for the price. Certified to stringent European ECE 22.05 Standard. Meets or exceeds DOT standards. A drop down sun screen, a “Cool Max” easily removable washable liner. The VEGA fog screen is the best one I have ever used, ever! It is NOT a pin insert but the screen itself AWESOME!


SAE to USB almost too simple to describe. One of those: Why didn't I think of that?"

Click on the image for more information.


Want the very BEST wired system?

Check out RKA's webpage on MOTOCHELLO.

This system is designed for the bigger Sporttouring motorcycles

Like the BMW R1200RT shown at left or FJR, C14, St1300,
and of course the GoldWing.

RKA has installed one into our IN-Charge tankbag system and it really works COOL shown bottom right.

Date Event Location Name / Link

July 18-21 BMW NATIONAL Salem,OR Fairgrounds.

Drawing for SMH10 Bluetooth headset
at seminar!!!!
August 27-30 Curve Cowboy Reunion Bend, OR. Riverhouse Hotel
Drawing for SMH10 Bluetooth headset
at seminar!!!!
Curve Cowboy Reunion
October 16- 20 AIMEXPO Orlando, FL, AIMEXPO

Report on the Chief Joseph Rally, Update on the BMW MOA National, Info on the Curved Cowboy reunion rally, updates on the AIMExpo event in Orlando. A report on back up batteries, and lots of customers photos and storys!
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Hope you all enjoyed this month's newsletter has much as I did putting it together.

Ride Safe / Have Fun
See you next month

Richard & Kathy

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