December 2013
Volume 3 / Issue 49


From the desk of the Editor

Hi All you fans of RKA,

Holiday and Christmas time already!!! Hard to believe the year has flown by so fast!
Kathy and I hope that everyone had a good year. There has been a lot of “weather” and other events this year causing many to lose a lot and we wish them all well also.
FIRST UP ... RKA had a little email situation last month...

This should not effect any of our customers getting our newsletter, or messages from Constant Contact.
Our RKA email address of was compromised at or about 9:00 AM 11-16-2013 and was un-compromised / corrected at 8:30 AM 11-17-2013.
We do not know if it is a possible virus or just a way to try and send you spam.
At any rate if you have received a message during that time period please delete it without opening it.
The issue has been fixed as of Sunday morning. Very sorry but we had no control over this issue but did stop it in a timely fashion.

RKA has a couple of new ways to join the Newsletter if you are not already on the email list.
On the far right column you will see two sign up links, one is to scan and the other is to text. Either way it's easy, so sign up now!

NEWS FLASH: It appears, and I say appears as we have not seen them in person. But it looks like the new 2014 BMW R1200RT is using the K1600GTL saddlebags!!

As soon as we find out the facts we will update the website so when you order it will NOT be confusing. But for now stand by or give us a call.

Now on to the important stuff Christmas Holiday time and gifts!

Remember RKA has "Gift Certificates" for those hard to shop for folks. Also RKA will continue our 10% discount on all RKA luggage and some really special packages on Vega helmets, SENA Bluetooth system through the Christmas season. This is just for YOU special folks so order your Christmas gifts NOW, call 800-349-1-RKA (1752)!!!

You can purchase a Vega Summit III modular or Stealth F117 Full Face with the best anti-fog screen and a SENA headset installed for an unbelievable package price! Starting at $340.00 to $375.00. So do the math! If you ride two up you can get TWO helmets with the same features that some of the most expensive helmets have PLUS Bluetooth for under $750.00!!! One of the other brands with a Bluetooth headset will run you over $1,000.00 for ONE!

If you just want a helmet or a SENA product and do not require the installation deal you can order Vega helmets and SENA online if you like as we have the best pricing online.

The “VEGA/SENA Package” is a Click Away.
The 10% off RKA luggage you will need to call 1-800-349-1-RKA (1752) or 707-836 -7659

Kathy and I got back from the AIMExpo in Orlando at the end of October, to late to report in November so that will be a feature this month. The actual event was the 16th to the 20th, but what a ride, 4 days to get there, Tuesday setup and then Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday then a two day drive to Oklahoma for a quick stop at the farm in Oklahoma. Then two and a half more days home.

Feature story number two will be a story on Kathy’s “Farm”. She is an oil, cattle, and wheat baron ;-). She and her brother and sisters own this family “farm” with two wells, 14 cattle we counted while there and 60 acres of wheat.

Product report feature this month SENA. Once again they jump ahead of everyone else on the block. The first quarter of 2014 SENA will release new products and we will tell you what we know so far.

We do have solid pricing but not a locked in release date.
RKA will be taking pre-orders starting right now. Just give us a call and we will put you in line for the first shipment. The more you all order the bigger order RKA can place which will give RKA some clout and be moved up the line for the first shipment.

I am still threating to write my story on “The Evolution of the Evolution of Motorcyclists perception of communications”.

Do you remember were you FIRST got tunes in your ears or was able to speak with your passenger or driver? WOW was that not the coolest!

Well, things have changed and people have expected it and are not surprised by any new advancement in the communications industry. But I think they should be. So I will get on that story soon ;-)

It has amazed me as to how little most folks know about Bluetooth and what it can and cannot do.
It also amazes me as to the amount of people that THINK they know all about Bluetooth,

There is a LOT of mis-information out there and I wish more folks would understand that I do seminars on this subject all year long. I am pretty sure I am going to put a series of seminars/short informational videos together on this subject and get more hands on with the product. Let me know if you would like to see this happen.

While we are on the mis-information subject, let me discuss an issue that I am really opinionated about.
100% Water proof textile products.
There is no such thing as a “Water Proof Textile Product”! “RKA uses 100% Water Proof Material”

Did I just contradict myself?

When you read an advertiser or manufacturers description pay attention to what they are actually saying about ANY product!

Does your bike to bike communications device go 5 miles? Maybe in a perfect world. But in a non-perfect “real” world it may only go 1 mile. This is the way RKA likes talking to our customers, in a little more real world truthful way.

Zippers, seams, needle holes are always going to be weak spots on textile products (even water proof zippers have leak points) We think and advertise that we sell the most water resistant textile product on the market today. Raincovers are an option on almost all our products and we recommend you purchase them, but check out the photos and captions below to see why we think this is a true statement.

What is this?
It's a coffee cup, a rubber band, water, and some of our material.
We made a little lake on the top of the coffee cup with the material and the rubber band
then added the water.
The point here is the water will NEVER leak through. It is 100% water proof.
BUT .....Zippers, seams, needle holes are always going to be weak spots on textile products (even water proof zippers have leak points).
This is our lining we use in the main compartment of most all luggage we manufacture.
The silver 200 denier urethane coated material is actually our raincover material.
We drop ship the 3/8 foam and 200 denier material to LA and a company there “combines” it for us and ships it back in giant rolls. This one is almost gone.
These are photos of luggage in the construction process, which is all done in house at our shop.
You see them inside out. You can see the “binding” and “zipper” installation.
They are waiting for final assembly in our shop in Windsor, CA.
This is a finished tankbag.
Notice the finishing on the inside of the tankbag,
the “binding” sewn on close to the YKK zippers top and bottom,
the “Slip-Not bottom that protects your motorcycle, and the “portal” for
power and cables to enter and exit.
We think this is the highest quality most functional product on the market today.
Here is a close up so you can see how the “Binding” interacts with the “YKK zippers”
forming a nice bonding on closure to help prevent leakage.
I love this photo as it was a "Dark & scary morning" in Frisco CO.
We were leaving a Kawasaki C14/Concours event heading home to California at 4:00 AM in the morning.
It was raining when we left to climb over Vail Pass.
Guess what it was doing on the pass!! You got it, SNOWING!
Once over the pass it did not stop raining until almost “Grand Junction”.
The point is there is no raincover on my (then) $3,000.00 communications tankbag!
Nothing got wet.

Enjoy the newsletter.


Richard and Kathy,

we did not get any bogus emails here..
Real reason to reply is just to say Thanks for being so upstanding. Not many business (especially small ones) would send out a warning to customers..
Glad to have RKA on my k1600..

My wife and I run a small sewing shop in cincinnati ( we also use constant contact (with no issues)..

Pete and Pam


Thanks for the invitation! But I am in North Carolina this weekend.
You did a great job!! I hope it raises awareness for RKA!
I hope to see you folks soon. I still wanna come and make a bag or two. :-)

Greg White

On Nov 12, 2013, at 6:45 PM, richard battles <> wrote:

Hi Greg

TANKS!!!!! I did not do to bad ;-)
YOU are in our November Newsletter in the Cool Videos section.
Saturday is our 13th annual RKA/Sonoma Race Way Food drive.
Will not be as big as usual but you could be the FEATURED Guest rider!!

See ya!
Richard Battles

Kathy and I, are posting videos every month. Fun ones, educational ones, and instructional ones.
So we hope you enjoy them, we sure do.
NOTE: Be sure and click on the "full screen" icon to enlarge the video, and if the quality looks low click on the "gear" at the bottom right of the screen to increase the resolution.

This months videos are "Just for fun".
They not only show you a little bit about us, but also remind you we do have a "YOU_TUBE" page with 75 videos!
So go check it out. Enjoy.
AIMExpo Consumer Video
What does Richard ride?
2005 BMW R1200ST
What does Kathy ride?
2011 BMW F800R

Were we live I
Filmed from Richard's Moto.
Were we live II
Filmed from Richard's Moto.
Yes it's real!
That's my best friend Andy. You can see my shifter
in the top left hand corner of the screen.

We are on Hwy 1
on our bicycles going really fast!

mSecure .... Another great app for us old folks that cannot remember their names,
Or for folks that have to many passwords and usernames!
Go here to purchase ...

Now Support for iPhone 5 and iOS 6!

mSecure for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is a leading password manager and digital wallet in the App Store. Your data is safe in mSecure because it uses ultra-secure 2

56bit Blowfish encryption to protect your most personal information, account numbers, usernames, passwords and more!


• 256 bit Blowfish Encryption, never been cracked.Your password is never saved anywhere in the software.

• Optional self-destruct if hacker attempts to guess your password.

• Auto-lock to protect the app from unintentional disclosure.

• Password Generator to create un-guessable passwords.

• Auto-backup reminders and Email backups to keep data safe.

• Sensitive fields are optionally masked from prying eyes.

• Security Everywhere™ cloud architecture not dependent on security of cloud service.

Made Simple:

• Organize your data into groups, mark favorite records, sort by name, date or by type.

• Integrated search and collapsible section headers.

• New Sort by modified date to locate your most recent records.

• Nineteen standard templates for fast data entry, create custom templates with UNLIMITED fields.

• Support for 3 new type templates; Identity, Social Security and Passport.

• Over 270 icons to personalize your records

• Sharing of records via email, SMS or clipboard.

• Personalize look and feel with Font and Theme options

Security Everywhere:

• New iCloud sync support between iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac (MacApp Store version) platforms.

• Dropbox and iCloud syncs data over standard Internet connection, no firewall setup required.

• Auto-sync for iCloud and Dropbox keeps data synchronized on all devices.

• New mSecure browser to auto-login access to your websites quickly and securely.

• Full-featured mSecure browser supports multiple tabs for productive web browsing.

• Auto-capture web logins and fill web form fields with your mSecure data.

• Import data from competitor products directly or via spreadsheet using free mBackup or a desktop version of mSecure.

• Sync multiple devices with multiple desktops via Wi-Fi.

System Requirements:

• iOS 4.3 or greater

STORY OF THE MONTH: AIMExpo / The Farm / RKA Sonoma Raceway food Drive

AIMExpo Booth
Orlando, FL
AIMExpo Booth
Richard, Kathy
Greg White
AIMExpo Booth
Cocktail Party
The work never
Trusty Sprinter
Trusty Sprinter
Trusty Sprinter
Running the
Data Port

The Farm
The Cottonwood
Creek Bridge
The Farm
Breakfast on
The Farm
Lunch on
The Farm
Dead Cows
Live Cows
Cow Food
Gas not oil

RKA / SonomaRace Way 13th Annual Food Drive November 16th 2013
This years RKA/Sonoma Race Way food drive was great!
We had a great group, a great ride, great laps around the track and GAVE A LOT OF FOOD to the needy!
Below are photos of the event. Enjoy!


SENA releases NEW Firmware 4.3 (Not BETA anymore) NOW this firmware release is also for the SMH10-R model

BMW K1600GT/GTL owners.
NOW SENA can do it ALL for you! Driver passenger intercom, BMW Bluetooth module with ALL your audio for BOTH riders,
FRS or CB radio, GPS, Phone, EVERYTHING!
Click Here for SIMPLE pairing instructions
PLEASE feel free to give us a call 1-800-349-1-RKA (1752)

Music Sharing with a Rider and a Passenger

You can start sharing music with an intercom friend using Bluetooth stereo music during a two-way intercom conversation. You should update SMH10 firmware v4.3rc1 to use music sharing function. Please make sure that your headset is paired with a Bluetooth music device as well as another SMH10 headset for the intercom conversation. If they are not paired, please pair them by following the section “6.1 Mobile Phone Pairing” and the section “8.1 Pairing with Other Headsets for the Intercom Conversation” in the SMH10 User’s Guide.

Speed Dialing

You can assign a desired phone number to a speed dial on the SMH10 or on PC, and quickly make a phone call by using the voice speed dial menu while the phone is paired. You should update SMH10 firmware v4.3rc1 to use speed dial function. Please make sure that your headset is paired with your mobile phone. If it is not paired, please pair it by following the section “6.1 Mobile Phone Pairing” in the SMH10 User’s Guide.

SENA 2014

RKA is accepting Pre-Orders
NOW. Call 1-800-349-1-RKA (1752)

RKA Price
RKA Price

SCA Action Camera
RKA Price

Bluetooth 4.0
World’s first dual Bluetooth module communication system
Advanced audio management of intercom, phone, music and FM radio
Advanced wind noise cancellation
Versatile bike-to-bike conference intercom
Intercom working distance up to 2km (1.5 miles) in open terrain
Universal intercom - intercom with other brand headsets
Built-in FM radio tuner with station scan and save function
All-in-one helmet clamp kit
Crystal clear and natural sound quality
Quick Bluetooth Pairing
Intuitive voice prompts and commands
Water resistant for use in inclement weather
Optional handlebar remote control
Bluetooth protocol support: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, PBAP
Firmware upgradeable
Peace of mind - thanks to the two-year warranty
Bluetooth 4.0
1080P HD video recording with 5MP still shot image capture
Built-in long-range Bluetooth module Bluetooth protocol support: HSP, HFP, AVRCP
Quick and easy camera control using Bluetooth technology: Bluetooth headset or remote control
Voice prompts
Compact and slim form factor
Optional Bluetooth handlebar remote control
Optional color LCD video display
Versatile mount kit options
Water resistant for use in inclement weather
Use while charging
Firmware upgradeable
Peace of mind - thanks to the two-year warranty

GP10 & GPC10 (w/ MIC)
$ 99.00
RKA Price
$ 89.10
RKA Price

BT10 Mic & Intercom
RKA Price

Bluetooth 3.0
Compatible with GoPro® Hero3 cameras
Remote voice/sound capture using built-in Bluetooth microphone receiver Handsfree pairing with Bluetooth headsets in the market
Supports CD-quality audio recording using Sena Bluetooth products Recording intercom conversation using Sena Bluetooth products
Use while charging
Firmware upgradeable
Voice prompt Peace of mind – thanks to the two-year warranty
Bluetooth 3.0
Remote voice transmission using built-in Bluetooth microphone
Stable and secure fit clip mount for active condition
Long range Bluetooth intercom using earbuds (not included in the package) Four-way conference intercom
Supports remote voice recording of intercom conversation
Durable, sweat and water resistant
Sufficient sound level with integrated audio booster
Bluetooth protocol support: HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP
Use while charging
Voice prompt
Firmware upgradeable
Peace of mind – thanks to the two-year warranty

For our loyal Previous customers and current Newsletter readers, RKA has these special deals through the holiday season.....
10% off all RKA luggage

CALL to order;
RKA DOES NOT HAVE "Buy_Me" buttons for the 10% off RKA luggage deals so you will need to call 1-800-349-1-RKA (1752) or 707-836 -7659.
You can also email us about the discount if you are across the pond. One way or another we will get you a nice deal.
That's ... 1-800-349-1-RKA (1752) or 707-836 -7659

The Communications PACKAGE!

You can purchase a Vega Summit III modular or Stealth F117 Full Face with the best anti-fog screen and a SENA headset installed for an unbelievable
package price!

Starting at $340.00 to $375.00.

So do the math! If you ride two up you can get TWO helmets with the same features that some of the most expensive helmets have PLUS Bluetooth for under $715.00!!!

One of the other brands with a Bluetooth headset will run you over $1,000.00 for ONE!

"Package" Based on the SENA SMH10 Models, solo and dual, with lowest MAP pricing. Price will vary depending on model
RKA DOES HAVE "Buy_Me" buttons for the “VEGA/SENA Package” so just Click here

If you just want a helmet or a SENA product and no installation you can order a Vega Summit III modular or Stealth F117 Full Face with the best anti-fog screen and a SENA headset online if you like as we have the best online pricing.

RKA Luggage carries many other products besides SENA Bluetooth and VEGA Helmets
for your delight..Find them all on our "Products Page".....

has been personally tested and stands
proudly with the best of them.
ADAPTIV GLOWRIDER Jackets and vests, their new line of apparel is great.
It is battery powered system lights you up at night!! See this months review!
GSS 660/665
the leader in
GPS devices and the motorcycle designed 660LM & 665LM GPS’s
If you want the best
in wired communications this is it!
MIDLAND CB radios that can be adapted to the SENA
SR10 Bluetooth adapter
to make it virtually a Bluetooth device!!
MOTOROLA FRS radios that can be adapted to the SENA
SR10 Bluetooth adapter
to make it virtually a Bluetooth device!
LIQUID IMAGE Sport Cameras. NOT competition
to the more expensive cameras but has the features you would
want like
WiFi, 720, 1080,
send clips over your phone and more
for a low price.
the standard in
electrical parts for your motorcycle
the standard in
motorcycle mounting systems
Date Event Location Name / Link

December 2nd
SportBike Night
Dick’s Restaurant.
3188 Alvarado Street
San Leandro, Ca. 94577
6:30 pm, the first Monday of each Month.

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Hope you all enjoyed this month's newsletter has much as I did putting it together.

Ride Safe / Have Fun
See you next month

Richard & Kathy

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This is a must read.
The Bible, Holy Grail,
The Zen of motorcycle articles
An article by
"Nick Ienatsch"
Writer, Racer, Announcer,


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