April 2013
Volume 3 / Issue 41


From the desk of the editor .....

SAD NEWS in the wine country.

Sonoma Raceway has lost a great one, John Cardinale their long time media relations manager to Cancer.
Our local columnist Bob Padecky said it best.
“I work in an industry in which ego dots the landscape like so many grapes in a vineyard, from the pros all the way down to the youngest of youth sports. At some level, it’s healthy, necessary. At other levels, ego consumes all in its path and turns admirers into cynics. John didn’t get the memo that it had to be about him.“
He will be missed by many people.

Hard to start another subject but ..

Do the iphones and smartphones use cell towers or GPS satellites for navagation?
What's the best ap for navagation?
What does this look like?
A 660 or 665 Zumo!!
It's my iPhone ... ap is:
What's it say?
Samsung Smartphone
What's it say?
... Nuf said?

Sonoma Raceway is presenting SonomaFest 2013 which is 5 days of fun fun fun from May 1st to May 5th. Read all about it below

NEW NEW NEW!! Kathy and I decided to design a tankbag for SPORTBIKES and we came up with a whopper! The really cool thing is some of the GTL riders have been hounding us for an even smaller tankbag than out 10 liter .... So howabout a 3 liter!!! See below.

FORUMS: RKA is happy to announce that we are now the proud sponsors of SIX forums!!
B.A.R.F. (That’s Bay Area Riders Forum), K1600 Forum, F800 Riders.org, R1200GS.info, TriumphRat.net, Ducati.MS. So drop by and say hi. We even have the lurking unhappy customer on one of them. So beware … RKA is the evil Empire for sure. Sure would be nice if we could make EVERYONE happy ALL the time. Any way stop by and look around. AND don’t forget Facebook and our really fun You_Tube page, these two links are right on the right sidebar on this page.

SEMINARS Seminars ….
Would love to come to your club meeting if we possibly can, west coast of course, but when we are on the road we may be able to connect the dots.

SHIPPING HELP So of our customers are having a hard time ordering so If you have one of the following issues when ordering PLEASE call or email us and we will fix it and or take care of it. There are a number of things here that need to be addressed on our website and I am not sure WHERE to put this next information on the website for potential customers to see..

Our European business is excelling at a phenomenal rate even with the import duties and taxes! This makes RKA very proud of our reputation and quality products. BUT
We cannot get our software to address these issues…

1: If you order two or more pieces of luggage with premium colors we only would want to charge you the $30.00 Premium color option cost ONCE.
2: If you order two or more pieces of luggage the shipping software does not understand about “Nesting”. (i.e. put the tankbag inside the liners) so we can reduce box size AND shipping cost.
3: Black on Black are NOT considered premium colors, yes there is still a wait but no extra charge. Our premium colors software does not know that so black on black is like the slot machine rolling, it just stops there.

So call to order Black on Black or order on line and we will see the Black on Black and refund you the $30.00.

Customers want to know what the shipping cost is BEFORE they commit. The software does this but customers are afraid to proceed. To get shipping cost the software needs to know some information first. So once the information is inputted and the software figures out the type of shipping choice, (USPS, FedX etc.) weight, and destination it will give you the shipping cost. You can back out of this at any time.


1: contact us and …. ASK about costs.
2: Place the order and after we get payment (cannot refund money not deposited) THEN we can refund any difference in premium colors, shipping etc.

So the folks that JUST ORDER get a pleasant surprise with a refund sometimes.

Lastly I want to direct you to the
ON GOING SALE PAGE there are some fantastic product with some fantastic deals

Now on to the fun stuff.....


NOT a letter to the editor but pretty cool comment… This is from an online order in the "message or comment" area

Date: 3/14/2013 10:45:51 PM EST
Order Number: 70431660063150075
Message Or Comments: Please don't change. It's OK to improve. But please stay RKA.
Year, Brand & Model,: 2012 CBR 600rr
How did you find out about RKA?: RKA (previous Customer)


New Additions to our endless photo gallery of applications and new prodcuts
Bob Dragich, a friend of Richard & Kathy for over 20 years and his NEW Daytona 675 with a full load of RKA luggage! He is READY to travel!

50 liter saddlebags, Thank You
Robert Hughes

50 liter saddlebags, Thank You
Robert Hughes

50 liter saddlebags, Thank You
Robert Hughes

13liter Shiloh Road
14 liter STARRI seatbag
Thank you Ron Pippin

14 liter STARRI seatbag
Thank you Ron Pippin

13liter Shiloh Road
Thank you Ron Pippin

Special thanks to Ron Pippin for shipping his saddlebags to us and then riding up for the photo shoot! TANKS!!!!!

Special thanks to Ron Pippin for
shipping his saddlebags to us
and then riding up for the
photo shoot! TANKS!!!!!

Special thanks to Ron Pippin for shipping his saddlebags to us and then riding up for the photo shoot! TANKS!!!!!

Special thanks to Ron Pippin for shipping his saddlebags to us and then riding up for the photo shoot! TANKS!!!!!

We also make liners for the
Kawasaki C14?

We also make liners for the
Yamaha FJR?

Kathy and I ride bicycles
and this is a collage
collected in just a few days of what happens out there.
We also have a cat
and we know a lot of you are engineer's and thought you would also like to see
"An Engineer's Guide to Cats"
Teaser number one
Why we live here,
and why you should come to the SonomaFest 2013 Wine Country Ride with Richard and Kathy
Click here for info on SonomaFest 2013
Teaser number two
Think you may want to join us?
Click here for info on
RKA/Sonoma Raceway
Wine Country Ride
Once you start a video you can click on the FULL SCREEN icon and enlarge the video


Richard & Kathy of RKA would like to invite you to;
SONOMAFEST 2013! Click on the links in this article or the ones on our schedules page to access more information.

Kathy and I would like to highlight the week for you here……

MAY 1st
athy and I will join 3J’s for their charity track day. This will be Kathy’s FIRST trackday on her F800R. here in the left photos she is on the old SV650, and getting ready to demo ride in Las Vegas. Hot lady yes?

I will ride my trusty R1200ST boat shown in the bottom right photo, (top photo is of my old racing days) and there will be a little extra fun,.

One of my inspirational friends that got me into road racing Dave Worthington will be helping RKA do a promotional video.

I will install RKA luggage in the R1200ST, install Liquid Image EGO cameras on his moto and using SENA Bluetooth technology to communicate we will video a session on the track showing off the luggage at track speed.

Come and join Kathy and Richard for this great track day experience. If you have never done a trackday NOW is the time!

MAY 2nd & 3rd

AHMRA Vintage racing. If you have not seen vintage racing you got to come! It’s just not a pretty parade They take no prisoners. I raced with them at Sonoma Raceway years ago. They started our group about 30 seconds ahead of them. There is NOTHING in the world like getting passed by a 1960’s Two stroke GP bike!! WOOOOOW!! I think it was green but it was a blurry green ;-)

MAY 4th & 5th

AFM …This is the premier club racing, on the BEST riders course in the United States has far as I am concerned. There are many many big names that raced in this club and on this race track. SO once again come on down and visit!

MAY 4th
THE RIDE!!! This is the RKA/Sonoma Raceway Wine Country Ride. This is all about the Sonoma Raceway and 3J’s charity the “Speedway Children’s Charities”.

RKA will lead you on a 175 mile ride through three counties, a great lunch in Bodega Bay at the “Inn of the Tides”, Photo ops and then back at the track a drawing for the riders with over
$2,200.00 worth of bling!! (Gifts listed on Wine Country Ride Page link above) All the more reason to come.

So … come to some of it, come to all of it but get off your duff and on that moto and get here!!

I GOOFED! .... I forgot to change the SENA SMH10R page back to normal! The SENA SMH10R is HERE!!!!! AND IN STOCK!!!!

REVOLUTIONARY!! .... AnyGlove coming in May of 2013! If you are paying attention you will notice there are no photos anymore of GPS devices on MY IN-Charge tankbags.

I have sold my trusty Zumo 665 and am now using my iPhone5 for navigation, Weather, Music, & Phone.

Also if you are up to date on this sort of thing you will be saying "HOW CAN YOU DO THAT? You cannot use gloves with Smartphones or iPhones right? Well NOW YOU CAN!! Kathy and I are testing AnyGlove for the designers and manufactuer and the NEW formula will be available next month at $19.95. So stay tuned for it's release. Oh by the way ...... IT WORKS!!!!.

SENA FIRMWARE ... If you own a K1600GT/GTL or R1200RT with the Bluetooth module and have not updated your firmware We recommend that you do so and make sure you follow these directions.

Introducing the NEW 2013 3 liter Non-Expandable
NEW 3 liter Allegro
3 point Y for
Sportbike or K1600GTL
NEW 3 liter Allegro
Same plush main compartment with power portals standard
Organizer for your
Maps, Keys, Pens,
Maps, Phone, etc.
"F" front
for motorcycles like the
K1600GT or GTL
Shown with optional
RKA Dashboard.
Just the right size for a
day bag and to hold your
navigation devices
Rather than the
Rammount Xgrip
I have installed the Otter
holder for a mor flush fit and look. RKA sells these Otter products
Back of unit.
This shows my wiring for
my iPhone charger
and electric liner
This tankbag is to low to
accept our small control box
So we have designed a
To hide cables and such.
This tankbag is to low to
accept our small control box
So we have designed a
To hide cables and such.
This is the "Otter" belt
clip modified to work
on the RKA Dashboard.
Slick and clean


This is a update for our “Events” section.

The 2013 Event Schedule is consistently being updated and you should check it out on a regular basis. It’s really shaping up.

There is a LOT happening in the Great North West this year.
The BMW National, Chief Joseph Rally, Curved Cowboy Reunion, bam bam bam!!! Then THE RIDE!!! & SONOMAFEST 2013!, with
AHRMA Vintage Racing and AFM Racing

Do not forget OCTOBER in FLORIDA. We have signed up for the AIMEXPO show in Orlando, FL from October 16th to the 20th 2013. This is a combination Media event, dealer and consumer show. In other words everyone is invited. SOOOO get your motors running!! See ya there!!

Date Event Location Name / Link

May 1 3J's Trackday Sonoma Raceway 3J's Trackday
May 1-5 AFM/AHRMA Sonoma Sears Point, CA Sonoma Raceway
May 4
The Ride!!
Sonoma Raceway Front gate
May 23-27 49ner Rally Mariposa Fairgrounds, CA BMWNORCAL
June 13-16 Chief Joesph Rally Grant County Fairgrounds, John Day Oregon BMW Riders of OR
BMW Riders of OR
July 18-21 BMWNATIONAL Salem,OR Fairgrounds BMWMOA
August 27-30 Curve Cowboy Reunion Bend, OR. Riverhouse Hotel Curve Cowboy Reunion
October 16- 20 AIMEXPO Orlando, FL, AIMEXPO

The Evolution of Technology / Evolution of expectations and how it’s grown even more
Goal Zero LED lights, Chargers.
CB / FRS with SR10
FRS charging on board, have a bunch of items to charge?
Adaptiv TPX water proof, visual alert free, stand up to ANY other unit head to head.
BMW Bluetooth module
iPhone 5 GPS etc etc

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We want ALL your friends and all their friends to visit www.rka-luggage.com. TANKS!
Hope you all enjoyed this month's newsletter has much as I did putting it together.
Ride Safe / Have Fun
See you next month

Richard & Kathy

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