September 2012
Issue 34


Another crazy month, thanks to your support the orders just keep coming in.

The orders for Tankbags, Liners and trunk bags for the K1600GTL is starting to slow just a little giving us a chance to take a breath.
BUT we are STILL back ordered on everything at least 3 weeks!

The unfortunate thing is Kathy and I are not wanting to even think about the orders we lost because of the wait.

People purchased a new moto and have places to go and people to see. We don’t like losing you but we understand. To all the folks out there Kathy and I hope we can continue to provide you with a high quality product at a reasonable price and get it to you quickly.

Thanks for hanging in there to the folks that waited and ARE waiting.

In this issue of the Newsletter I will discuss Garmin, Smartphones, Apps, our latest bicycle adventure, what’s up with “Facebook” and “You Tube”

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Think about ordering soon for the holidays since you already know we are backed up now. We suspect we will have a backorder problem for the holidays so don’t be one of them. ORDER NOW.

We also have a Gift Certificate page where you can just give them the certificate in an envelope and they can then purchase exactly what they want no guessing on your part.


So we would like to share our customers nice notes again .... I'll just say it again. When folks take the time to take photos write us a note and then send them to us, That's just peachy with Kathy and I.

From: Bobby Darin [mailto:r*******]
Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2012 2:31 PM
Subject: bags

Hi Richard,

Sorry I did not get back to you sooner life is good and very busy here. Two daughters in college and settled now. Were do I start, the bags are just great ,they fit and look prefect. I can pack all my things and still have plenty of room for more. They were simple to mount and simple to remove. I hope to send some pics soon but for now , thanks for a fabulous American made product.

Happy riding, Rob Darin

From: Tim Kearney [mailto:*******]
Sent: Monday, September 03, 2012 12:51 PM
To: 'Richard'
Subject: RE: Your RKA Order

Richard & Kathy - I had purchased a tank bag for a BMW R1200RT. You expedited it so I could have it in time for my trip. Just got back - about 7200 miles around the country. I wanted you to know the tank bag was exceptionally handy. It carried all my 'other' stuff - glasses, sunscreen, maps, spare sunglasses, phone, wallet: on & on.

So - just a quick note to let you guys know I appreciated the efforts to get me the bag and how well it worked for me.

Thank you!
Tim Kearney

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Iron Butt …. The Movie
What is it, and where is it new features

RKA Newsletter

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In with the NEW out with the OLD

My Zumo 665 is gone! I sold it a couple of weeks ago and now run my “Rebel with a cause” Samsung Galaxy NOTE on my RKA “Dashboard”. YES that IS a phone! Of course there are still issues as it is “just a Phone” ya know, but I am working around them. You just need to prepare, setup better before you start and with the “Farkle Fingers” it’s pretty easy to use the screen. Android & Apple apps need to be improved with “BIGGER” icons for use motorcyclist’s to tap. But all in all the “NOTE” is working out great. We’ll discuss the ups and downs in the next few newsletters has I work out the kinks but it’s totally usable and I continue to have the personal opinion that the GPS is out and the Smartphone is IN for us motorcyclists.

Last Saturday Kathy and I went on a 30 mile bicycle ride and that morning I decided to wash the bicycles. Well although it was running just fine all morning long Kathy’s Specialized Ruby sounded like it had a can of nuts and bolts in a can hanging from the back wheel. So at the end of the ride we took it to “Windsor Cycle Center”. While Howard the head mechanic was working on it I started nosing around looking at the new GIANT carbon fiber Ultegra powered race bikes. Should not have done that as I rode out on a brand new one!! BUT it wasn’t that bad as I traded in my TWO 11 year old OLD Specialized ALLEZ bicycles.

I will be posting some more photos and a video of our fun fun Monday the 3rd ride.

It was maybe the most fun day I have had on my bicycle! It was a perfect first ride on the new bike as I had to learn the compact double’s shifting 50/34 versus the Old race bike 53/39 Double and the Old training bikes 52/42/33 triple. Totally a different bird! But the deal was I got to go slow and figure it out over a 23 miles loop that started from our house looped around Eastside over the Russian River up Westside road and back down Old Redwood highway to home …. DAMN! We live here

So what was so special and fun? First Andy & Susan brought out the Tandem,
if you are not a bicycle person I cannot really explain what it’s like to follow and draft off a tandem they are monster fast machines. When on the flats they get cranked up they just HALL ASS!! The bike following just sets there and gets s free tow.

The our very dear friend Chad and Kelly came over with their 6 year old Daughter Chloe. Chad was on his 5500 Trek and Kelly was on her bicycle with a Burly “Stocker” rig attached to the back for Chloe. It had a shifter, gears and a big red flag on a mast!!

Remember she’s SIX years old and we are going 23 miles!! A photo is worth an thousand words …. Wait for the video! Sign up for our You Tube page and you will get a notice when it is posted. You will also get a notice every time we post a new instructional or just fun video.


Check out the Schedule on the "Events Page" I had left off the BEEMER BASH!!!! this upcoming event is a GREAT northern caloforina rally.
Richard will be doing his NEW IMPROVED talk on communications "Things are a changing"!
Also in October we have the "Horizons Unlimited " get together in Cambria.


Has you all know by now I like to share cool stuff that our friends send us or I happen to find interesting
So enjoy the cool art

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Hope you all enjoyed this month's newsletter has much as I did putting it together.

Ride Safe
Have Fun

See you next month
Richard & Kathy