November 2012
Issue 36


Hi RKA gang,

Well it appears winter is on the way with storms in the east and the west cooling and the leaves falling everywhere.
Kathy and I have been keeping pretty busy and here are a few of the fun things we have been up to the last few weeks.

October 21st we went on Lynne’s birthday ride over Sonoma Mountain, Trinity road and up the Napa valley on Hwy 29 for lunch. RKA produced a short video of Kathy and I riding home from Calistoga to Windsor after lunch, click on the photo or go here to view it “Floating through the wine country”.

Then on the Friday afternoon October 26th Andy, Susan and I took our last evening bicycle ride, as we climbed Canyon (click on the photo for a larger image) to the west the sun had already dropped over the crest and next week it will be darker still at that time. So much for Daylight Savings Time until next year.

BUT! There are more things to do that are important and we can have fun doing it.

For the 12th straight year RKA is joining forces with Sears Point Raceway for their annual food drive. The RKA ride to the track and some laps is Saturday November 17th. (Click on the image for a larger photo)

So what’s it all about? Giving, which has already begun. Bring food or money to the RKA shop between now and the 17th , and in the process of helping needy folks we get to meet new folks on motorcycles and have a great ride in the wine country, a few laps around Sears Point and if you want to join us, a great lunch and get together afterwards.

The schedule is to arrive at the RKA shop with a full tank of fuel and your food or donation if not already delivered at 7:30 AM for coffee and rolls. There will be a riders meeting at 8:15 AM and we will leave the RKA shop at 8:30am. The ride map and more information is posted on the RKA food drive webpage.

We will have a wonderful ride through the wine country and arrive at Sears point at 11:00 AM. The food collected will be delivered by Joe and Carolyn driving the RKA Sprinter. After unloading the food, photos, tire kicking and such we will form together in the pits around 11:30 to be lead around the track by a competent Sears Point car driver!! Sometimes we get two laps sometimes we get four or five depending on the day, the weather, and the time frame. Whatever it’s all great! Just remember these are not “HOT LAPS” but slow fun parade laps. If you have never been on a world class racetrack before …… “This is your chance!”. Knock on wood in 12 years we have NEVER been rained out, but rain will cnacel the laps around the track.

After returning to the pits the lunch group gets together for the ride to lunch, in the beautiful town of Sonoma.
We will return to the "Sonoma Meritage" Martini Oyster Bar & Grille" 165 West Napa St Sonoma CA. (707 938 9430). Carlo (The Owner) will forward us a special menu soon, Cost is usually under 20 bucks each and menu choices will be announced on the webpage soon.
Possible surprise guest and drawing for some bling!

What does it take to get in on this “Food Drive ride?

a) Bring at least 5 nonperishable food items to the shop (More is better). Anytime, preferably before the 17th we will have a large box at the shop. Our Sprinter will carry all the food.
b) Donate $10.00 or more (More is better)
c) Rules for the ride and the ride map will be posted on the RKA food drive webpage.
d) If you want to join us for lunch afterwards drop us a line BEFORE the 5th of November.


Note: Kathy and I love to share these letters …. This note is from Thailand.

Hi Richard,

Thank you very much for your consideration, I do really appreciate. Your reply really make my day and a very good news in years for me. After nervously and sleepless all night wondering what would your consideration be.

I started to understand your why 27 years of instant success and still go on.

It is that you do not just ship your products by the order but you try to know and understand each of your customers situation and need, taking care of every details and response to your customers.

I never thought to have such a kind of responses like this before, just ordering a tank bag by mail and half way round the world, you still care.

I have been overwhelmed by your responses and I think that my feeling will not get only tank bag but your heart in your product also.

Wishing you a prosperity business and have such a first class products for riders forever.

For me you and your products are in my heart already.

The thing that I regret was that I made a bit late decision on ordering to you, and make you in trouble with my rush needed. Please accept my apologize.

Thank you very much once again, looking forward to receiving RKA Tank Bag and ride to Vietnam together.

Best regards,
Ongart B.
Premium Steel
Processing Co.,Ltd.


On another note, are we ahead of the curve or what? RKA has been building Tankbags like this Cadillac’s technology dashboard advertisement for years now. Currently we are using our phones in place of a GPS for ALL our needs at the touch of the screen. ;-) Check out Cadillac’s new advertisement ….Click on the photo.

You got questions, we got answers …. 1-800-349-1-RKA


Holidays are upon us!! So remember Gift Certificates are still 10% off! Just click on this link to go to the
Gift Certificate page

There are and will be a lot of new sale items on the "On going sale page"!!!
One such deal is ALL J&M new and used (demo) parts in stock will be discounted


So I got an idea at 2:00 AM in the morning, and implemented it last week.

RKA fans and friends have been sharing their old photos from way back (whenever that may be)
with everyone on the RKA Facebook Page. So everyone out there like, share, join our Facebook page and share your old photos ….Come on …. Be brave …. I’ll show you mine if you’ll show us yours ;- )

Guess who this is.

It’s the truth it was 2:00 AM and I could not sleep so I start working on the Newsletter and a press release.

While looking for raw high resolution photos I find this photo totally miss filed in with some of the raw unedited tankbag photos. I have no idea how I miss-filed it but I have been looking for it for some time.

The photo was sent to me by my mother after a request for old photos of me and my motorcycles.

Richard the “Chick Magnet” on his 1981 Suzuki 1981!


You surely have figured out we also ride bicycles.

Well I have been training for some time to do the Grand Fondo ride and Andy I completed it along with 7500 other riders while Kathy volunteered to serve beer from the beer garden after the finish.

So I was really having fun honest! This top left photo is the top of Coleman Valley Roads
first climb which was 1.6 miles sea-level to 854 feet straight up!

With some 18% inclines. This other photo is what it looks like on a nice day.

And the other photo is huuuhhh ..... beer at the finish!


We had a busy weekend! After sleeping off the Grand Fondo we had to get up and make our way to the Race Track for the Santa Rosa mile!

We reserved a box with 8 seats and had a blast!! Food, Fast bikes fast women and beer what could be better?


But wait! There’s more! Kathy and I got together with Chad, Kelly, Chloe, Andy & Susan and rode the 50k (35mile) Tour de Asti It was a figure eight setup and Kelly and Chloe did the first part about 20 miles!! Check out the Tour de Asti Video, it’s a hoot!


Most of you in the know understand I am having issues with folks understanding that we actually MAKE these textile products right here in this building. You know like ..... MADE IN THE USA!

So I decided to add a page to the products area that is titled “WHO IS RKA?”. Take a minute and check it out and you may find out information you never knew.


For 2013 we will have the option for “Hydro Electric” Portal Seat & Rackbags.
These will be for an additional fee and of course a custom made wait period.

The consideration is to make this a regular feature as it is on our tankbags.
What do you think?

These photos show the power entering the bag on the left and on the right a few ideas for usage. I have installed Cigar lighter plugs and a USB Adapter to charge my phone or any device I please and to power my "Goal Zero" night light.

We are still taking PRE ORDERS for SENA SMH10R! Just call or drop us an email and get yours on order.

They still have not given a release date but HEY! get in line so you get one of the first batch!

Also the Liquid Image EGO camera at $179.99 with WiFi and some other cool features is a great entry level camera. Check out the Demo Video.

We will also have access to their “discontinued Camera Goggles”.
They are including WiFi in the new line up and these older goggles are a great value!

If interested give us a call and we will make you a deal you cannot refuse ;-)

Lastly remember Christmas is coming!!!

all of the following can be accessed from our "Products Page"

LIFEPROOF water proof cases ,
OTTER cases,
Interphone cases,
DRIFT cameras,
Liquid Image EGO cameras
Goal Zero solar products.

And of course our good old have to have :
Rammount ,
FRS radios.

AND thers's more .....
Adaptiv TPX radar
Vega Helmets.

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Hope you all enjoyed this month's newsletter has much as I did putting it together.

Ride Safe
Have Fun

See you next month
Richard & Kathy