July 2012
Issue 32


waiting for a container ship from CHINA!
7698 Bell Rd, Windsor, CA 95492.
This could be your
Different machines
do different
Sewing the RKA
label on
Hard workers
The cut table
each piece cut by
Quality control
checking in
Hard workers
One of these boxes
could be yours!!
Show room
Show room
What's this?
My bicycle with a OTTER DEFENDOR case that holdes my Samsung NOTE.
WHich is bluetoothed to my bicycle helmet via SENA headsets.
Quess what? We sell all this stuff ;-)
My work bench.
If you ordered a custom assembled IN-Charge tankbag this is where it is assembled for you.
Kathy's desk
Richard's desk
First on the newsletter agenda I want to thank all of you that have been hanging in there with us the last few months. We are still running
a 3 to 4 week lead time on everything we make.

Let me clarify this once more.

I just took an order this morning from a gentleman that thought we were waiting for a shipment to come in or someone else made theproduct and we were resellers!

ONE MORE TIME! We are NOT waiting for a container ship from CHINA!

Kathy and I design, cut, sew, and manufacture ALL the luggage you see on our website RIGHT HERE AT 7698 Bell Rd, Windsor, CA. Stop by and we’ll give you the five cent tour.

If you older customers think I am harping on this well, ..... I AM!
The way things are nowadays folks ASSUME everythihg thing is made cheap and overseas.

I will never get tired of taking photos like the ones on the right side of this page. This IS OUR SHOP and our life!

We have to say 30 days. BUT it all depends on how the products fall in the rotation of the system. We are manufacturing product in small groups like Liners, then, Seatbags, then Saddlebags, then Tankbags and repeat the process.

We truly hope you will enjoy the luggage you are waiting for, for many many years.

I have included a few letters from happy customers for your review.

This month’s newsletter revolves around my IRONBUTT Saddlesore 1000. It’s easy you just get on your motorcycle and ride 1000 miles in under 24 hours. No problem.

We decided to leave the “big van” at home and ship some display product (what little we had was mostly my stuff and on my motorcycle).

We shipped four large boxes of display and communications products to Avon and shipped them back when the rally was over.

I have been wanting to to a “Saddlesore 1000” for a few years. I have touched on it many times, in 2007 I rode 750 miles a day for three days to get to West Bend WI for the BMW National.

My friend Mike and I rode from Frisco, CO to Minden, NV. 967 miles a couple of years ago. Mike wanted to continue and do it, I wanted the motel room and his 15 year old scotch.

So this was a perfect storm, Avon is 1132 miles away and we have been there and through there many many times over the last 25 years. I knew all the fuel stops by heart. Since it was not a race we worked out the stops within my fuel range of just under 200 miles. Each stop was about 150 miles apart but the bottom line is we had to fuel at certain places to be able to make it to the next fuel stop. Nevada Hwy 50 is not a very forgiving place to be at 2:00 AM in the morning. There were eight stops in all.

My partner was Bobby Baker a friend for over 15 years, and a fireman, paramedic, with a GSA and a lot of fuel. Who better to come along?

Another fireman Chris D’Orazio left with us and turned off at Big Basin National Park in Nevada.

We have not seen his film yet. YES film! Bobby had 5 cameras on his motorcycle and I had three plus one on my helmet.

There are now four or five videos on our “You Tube” page.

One Bobby did in his spare time at Avon. I named it "The Trailer" since it’s only 54 seconds long but WOW what talent Bobby has.

Then I did "The MOVIE" documentary version this last weekend at home it runs almost 6 minutes.

The first minute of the MOVIE answers the question “How do you fuel with a tankbag on your tank?”

There is a few more shorts on prepping the motorcycle “Getting Ready” and on the return trip a short on “Can I see my dashboard” with all the stuff on the tankbag.

Finally the newest video is a short version showing "How I fuel with an RKA tankbag"

If you find these videos helpful or have questions please give me a call at 1-800-349-1-RKA or send me an e-mail at Richard@rka-luggage.com

The day before.
I wanna go to!
Ready for launch
WIndsor Shell 8:58 PM
Fernely, NV
Austin, NV 2:30 AM
Using my
interior lighting system
Wed June 27th morning somewhere in Nevada on the way home
The chart!

Click on the links above or just go to our "RKA You Tube Page"

Letters to the Editor

Last month we tooted our horn a little and I am going to do it again so you will see it's worth the wait. ;-)
The big deal to me is folks take the time to write thse notes and to send photos!!

To: info@rka-luggage.com
Subject: Thank you!

I picked up my tank bag from my USA post box last week, and finally got the opportunity to install it today. One word – AWESOME! Thank you very much. This is a top quality product, and fits perfectly…exactly as advertised. I cannot thank you enough for the great service, top quality product, and for taking the time to speak to me on the phone in regards to my initial order and questions. I say again…IF the rest of the people that work within the motorcycle industry were as helpful, and professional as you…this would be a much better industry.

Thanks again Richard & Kathy. If you’re ever up this way, “The Great White North”…let me know…I’d love to meet you both and thank you in person.


BMW K1600GTL – (Starship)
Surrey, BC.

To: Richard
Subject: Tank bag

Cottonwood pass, June 4th,
outside Taylor Colorado, 45 miles from Gunnison Co.

Great tank bag!

Really works well.

Thanks for doing such a nice job.


To: Richard
Subject: order fulfillment

Dear Richard,

Thanks for working a miracle and getting my tail-section bag to me yesterday.
I have figured out how to get everything mounted to my Duc 1000S without an
inordinate amount of head-scratching. This new bag provides the needed ability
to expand to accommodate the souvenir T-shirts I am expected to bring back from Utah.

In view of the great service, I guess I will seriously consider retiring my mid-1980's vintage tankbag
and replacing it with one of your more modern options this fall (birthday).

Ross S

To: Richard@rka-luggage.com
Subject: Re: Com Stuf
Richard & Kathy,

I received my tank bag today. THANK YOU!!!!!

I just have things set on for now, but it looks beautiful. Again, thank you so much for your help, and for expediting my order. I'll send pictures when I get everything mounted. Again, I am sorry you will not be attending the BMWMOA rally. I'd really like to meet you both, and give you a big hug Kathy (I'm sure Richard won't mind- it must happen all the time!).


To: info@rka-luggage.com
Subject: Phone converstaion yesterday

Richard, when we spoke yesterday morning you gave some useful help regarding sale of my older RKA tankbag. You also guided me to the CanAm Spyder photos on your photo gallery. That too was very useful, and I will be getting a Shiloh bag from Seaver’s soon.

I am curious about Bill Clements’ source of power. I was planning to simply run SAE and Gerbings pigtails directly from the battery, but perhaps you, or Bill, have a more elegant solution. If so, I would appreciate very much hearing about it.

Thank y

ou again
for your help and good service over the years.

Dave E

Hi Richard and Kathy,

Thanks for the newsletter!

LaCinda and I are off on our very first motorcycle touring vacation, leaving this Saturday from central Wisconsin for a week in the North Carolina hills and Smokey Mountains with our new RKA tank bag on the k12LT. We'll send you a ride report and some photos of with our new InCharge tank bag. So far, I've been very impressed with the bag and am REALLY impressed with the map carrying zip area. I am able to include maps of all the states we're riding through as well as plenty of site specific road detail maps - all neat and orderly (just the way I like it!)



Subject: Re: April RKA 2012 Newsletter

Richard and Kathy...

The tank bag which you repaired for me arrived today.
I actually can't tell it from brand new—and that's saying something for a bag that must be pushing ten years old.
Thank you for the excellent service.

Dennis B
Baraboo, Wisconsin

To: Richard
Subject: Re: RKA repair

Richard, I received the bag today and it looks GREAT! Thanks so much for fixing it and providing the strap and clip. I like the new bottom -- it should last a long time. I will be sure to tell all my M/C buddies about your great customer service.

Thanks again, Dave


Although everything is going well we are behind and do not have product to take so we need to hold our cards close to our chest this year ... so no MOA or RA.

On July 22nd we will take the rig down to "The Junction" and spend some time with our friends at "City Bike Magazine" and all the Bay area folks.

We are tring to gather a group to ride down and Kathy will lead the ride. It will need to leave the shop by 7:00 AM to get there in time for the event. If you are in the area and would like to go let us know ASAP.

We would like to go to has many events has possible in August, September, and October so stay tuned on the "Events Page"

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Hope you all enjoyed this month's newsletter has much as I did putting it together.

Ride Safe
Have Fun

See you next month
Richard & Kathy