January 2012
Issue 26


Happy New Year to ALL!
2011 what was it all about?.

Photos were taken January 1st 2012, during our group "New Years Day ride"
.. Friends .. The most important asset ..
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What a year 2011 was for RKA! We have had a hard time keeping up with production and fell behind to almost 6 weeks at one point. YIKES! Remember we are a LOW production, HIGH quality operation.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Well it's good and bad.

The bad is folks had to wait and a lot of them had plans. Kathy and I tried hard to juggle but sometimes we lost a sale, and that hurt.

The good was we had folks that were ordering from USA and even Europe, not only waiting but having to pay large shipping costs AND import duties. (Wish we could fix that issue).

So that has to say something about the quality and functionality of RKA's products. The word is getting out there after 27 years!

You know like the overnight sensation that worked in night clubs for 15 years.

The spin off to this is our "DEALER RESELLER BASE" has more than doubled!! It's all about word of mouth and good marketing from YOU folks. Thanks!

Our goal this year is double our dealer outlets AGAIN so you will be able to touch, see and evaluate better as to what you want.

The coming 2012 season

Don't procrastinate! If you or a friend is interested in luggage for your new or old moto call us ASAP and get in the loop.
Also now is the time to order premium colors to compliment your ride, this would be cool and look cool.



DO NOT wait until the last minute on these products and services. PLAN, ORDER, TEST, BEFORE your trip. Learn how to use the stuff, learn how to be comfortable with the stuff!! BE THE SMART RIDER. Check out our "Communications Page".

We only have ONE guy that assembles IN-Charge communications tankbags, we have only TWO people that can talk to you intelligently about communications so CALL NOW while there is time to talk and understand.

I personally travel on my moto whenever I can. It all depends on what I have to take. 10x20 tent, damn, going to have to take the Sprinter van. But when I can, I ride.

When I ride there is nothing cooler than listening to my tunes or an audiobook and then getting an incoming call from a customer.
The conversation goes on and I may have to pull over to write down an address or part number and the person on the other end says, "Pull over"? "Are you in your van"? And I say hell no I am on the moto. Coolest thing is when they say "NO WAY" and I say "WAY" ;-)

In other words on board communications is really cool, if you ride two up you can talk to each other, for Kathy and I it's cool to talk bike to bike. Whatever your need in communications it's all good. But learn how to use it before venturing out. So call NOW and plan ahead.

It's less complicated than the dash of your car but you just need to pay more attention to it on the moto.

What is going to happen in 2012?

It depends on who you talk to and what you read. Kathy and I believe that the worst is over and things are going to get better. SO RKA is planning on expansion and increased production.

Let's think positive thoughts as of today 8.5% unemployment best figure since 2009. 200,000 new jobs added last month.

Motorcycle.com says:

"Recession be damned, 2012 looks to be one of the most highly anticipated years in the motorcycle industry in recent memory. From the looks of things it would appear as though the bottom of the economic turmoil is behind us."

Reflecting on 2011.

One cool thing you can do is to go back over the 2011 Newsletters as I am doing right now. There is some pretty cool stuff about RKA and products and just plain cool information, like reviews on movies and places to go. So go back and check it out.

I asked for customers to send me stories and photos of their trips last year for the Newsletter. So I'll ask again. Also photos of your moto with RKA luggage attached. We'll have a story and photo of the month.

We will continue to report on new stuff about communications and new RKA products and services.

January 2011 issue was a review for 2010 as this is for 2011.

In February and March you get a treat of some of our older rigs and vehicles we have used over the last 27 years. There is also a short video of my AFM race days and the crazy people we hung with (Hung, what a play on words. see the video) You will also see some of the other things we do and a photo of Kathy and I taken 30 years ago. Yikes!!

April continues with a feature about us and who we are. Check that one out for some more OLD photos of the past.

May and June was done as one due to travel and lack of time the feature was about YOU and our friends and how we have brought folks together. Also the wild and crazy invasion of the K1600GTL!! WOW!! .... it went viral on us.

The July and August issues were on different sides of the universe! In June Kathy gets a new motorcycle after eleven years. Then came "Black" July, Richard hits a "BUCK" in Colorado at 50 mph! breaking some ribs and doing over $4,000.00 damage to his trusty R1200ST, and being 1000 miles from home. All this is on video cameras mounted on the motorcycle! CRAZY STUFF!

The bottom of the August issue ends with a very big upbeat video, the "Doggy Video" of the century! You will watch it more than once and you'll send a link to your friends!

September's issue has a ton of communications information. Whether you want wired, Bluetooth, driver passenger, bike to bike, cell phone, GPS or all of the above check it out! When you get done reviewing you'll want to call and ask MORE questions! Have fun on this issue of the September 2011 Newsletter.

Octobers issue has info about NEW APPS for your smartphone, and some movie reviews suggestions. Also you can view some of our instructional videos in this months issue and more are located on the "Instructions Page" on the website.

We lost some friends in September and I document it in the November issue, a sad time for motorcyclists.

On the upside I went to a new kind of rally in October really cool called "Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Travelers Meeting".

I also document one of my many dealer trips and explain how cool the GPS was getting me around an issue on Hwy 56 just out of Mojave, CA.

Also a little report on using .... or .... not using your iPad on a motorcycle.

Then in December on more of a high note RKA reports on our 11th annual food drive and the riders get to do laps around Infineon raceway!!!

December's communications article discusses the usage of devices for folks that do not want to put them on our tankbag but on the handlebars. Also some new really cool Bluetooth devices.

So check out the past Newsletters, they are always there and usually have some interesting and or fun information in them

from Richard & Kathy

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