December 2012
Issue 37


Hi Gang,

Happy Holidays to all of you out there! Hope you had a nice turkey day and have a great time the rest of the season.

This Newsletter is being released a little early so we can tell you about our "VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS WEEKEND SALE".
RKA would like to pass along some really KILLER deals for our loyal customers.
Below you will see some product that is being "given away" at rock bottom pricing!!!!
We are making you offers you cannot refuse JUST FOR THIS NEXT WEEK to Friday DECEMBER 7th, then it's back to normal!!
Details below

Also remember RKA gift certificates are on sale and we have our ongoing sale page … see below for details.

The letter to the editor is special this month. It’s from Allan Gold’s son in law and it brought back memories from 20 years ago.

Then I have posted a few photos of “Other” motorcycles with RKA luggage attached of course.
Kathy and I understand when folks think we are a BMW exclusive company but NOT TRUE at all. Our roots come from the sportbike and Kathy and I have owned everything from a GSXR, Ducati 900, to TWO Honda Transalp’s, and I road raced with our local club the AFM for years. Next month we will highlight our motos of the past.

In fact we have a couple of deals on OLD RKA motos this month and Kathy has a “Prototype” one off tankbag for sale.

Read about the 12th annual food drive which is in the books now. There is a section this month about our business friends and associates, a little ditty about radar detectors.

RKA is testing a new wired system from “MotoChello”. Be sure and check that out, it’s JUST been installed and only one trip from the office to home and back, now it’s raining cats and dogs but it’s pretty amazing so far.

Once again we have a TON of new folks added to the Newsletter list so for them a little nostalgia.
First make sure you check out the “Who is RKA? Page and then we’ll go back to the “Dumb Deer” adventure to update our newbies and remind everyone that past Newsletters are fun and interesting.
Last we’ll end with, what else .. business stuff.

Enjoy the December Newsletter and have a great Hoilday Season.


Richard & Kathy,

Just wanted to let you know that I received the tank bag a couple if weeks ago and I'm loving it. I'll attach some pictures I've taken with it so you can have a look and use on your website if you want (or show other new F700 owners). I'll also forward some pictures Allan
(Editors note: Allan Gold) sent me of a Sunday ride we took yesterday. It was a perfect November day for putting on some miles. You can see that Allan is still sporting his tank bag and I'm sure ill be enjoying mine for a long time too.

Btw, I was talking with my Dad (Ray), who lives up in Calgary and he had put on some RKA saddle bags on his VStrom 1000 a while back at Allan's recommendation and he's still enjoying their use.

Anyway, take care and safe rides (I follow your Facebook posts)

(Editors note: Jason is Allan Gold's Son in law)

Let me tell you a story about Allan Gold.

So it’s 1994 or 1995 I cannot remember but we are at the Daytona 200 and Allan Gold (A very famous foot doctor, hint, what famous person is from Arkansas that has feet?) who had been a RKA customer for many years already, purchased from us again at Daytona and asked where we were going after the races. We told him we were blasting to Oklahoma City, Cashion to be exact to visit the farm and Kathy’s Mom and brothers and sisters who live in the area.

So Allan says well you have to come right through Little Rock to get there don’t you? I want you to stop by and we’ll ride a little and have dinner with the family. Kathy and I looked at each other and wanted to jump at the chance to visit but we said no, we had to get going and on a mission to get back home after visiting Oklahoma. So Allan walked away and said good luck, see ya.

So the weekend is over and we pack up and pull out of Daytona and are in the middle of Georgia somewhere on I75 and our newfangled Motorola Shoebox cell phone rings! NOBODY has this number except my Mom who’s is running the office for us and it’s past closing time in California. WHO COULD IT BE?

Kathy answers and Allan Gold in his most innocent voice starts talking to Kathy. All we can think of is how did he get the number? Our orders were Mom was not to give it to God or the President much less anyone else!

Somehow he had sweet talked it out of her. So Allan says come on guys you got to stop and visit Little Rock, you have went through it a dozen times and never stopped.

So what could we do? He had gone to the trouble to sweet talk Mom out of the number than called and begged us to come.

We arrived in Little Rock in the afternoon and meet Allan down on one of the main roads and followed him up this narrow winding road and finely to an electric gate that opened and then up a winding drive way with our van and 22 foot trailer in tow. How in the hell are we gonna get out of here we said to each other.

We back the van and trailer on the side of a THREE DOOR garage across from the main house, a BIG main house.

Allan says ok let’s go riding! I say Allan we just backed the trailer up to a wall and cannot get the bikes out and on top of that it’s getting late.

All three of the garage doors open at the same time …. There are no cars …. It is FULL of motorcycles!!! Allan says pick one.

Kathy picks a brand new Ducati Monster and I go for the new Buell (Remember the BIG 1200 with flip up passenger seat?)

Allan …. Out of all the fancy bikes in the garage picks out a well-used 650 Honda Hawk GT twin!

From there I do not remember the ride to much as I could not come to terms with the big Buell and Kathy and Allen were pretty much gone down the road. At this time Kathy was the proud owner of a Ducati 900 Paso in the back of our trailer so the Monster seemed small to her 5”2’ frame ;- ).

I do remember a great dinner and evening with Allan and his family, it was worth the stop and from that point we re-evaluated things like this.

That was almost 20 years ago! We love you Allan!!!

Some folks seem to thing we only do BMW. Not true at all we do everything and anything.
Some folks say OH I have to buy the K-Zillon dollar hard saddlebags. Not true, most of these bike handle our saddlebags like they were made for them. got questions, we got answers …. 1-800-349-1-RKA

Triumph Tiger
Triumph Tiger
Triumph Tiger


Moto Guzzi
Moto Guzzi


Holidays are upon us!! So remember Gift Certificates are still 10% off! Just click on this link to go to the
Gift Certificate page

To give everyone a chance this sale will run to 5:00 PM Friday December 7th
This sale is for IN STOCK product only. There are only a few items so act fast!
FREE ground shipping.
CALL to order at 1-800-349-1-RKA (1752), Office 707-836-7659,

MSRP: $299.99
SALE: $199.99

MSRP is $150.00 to $400.00
These are all USED
and sold as is.
1080GPS with Contact view included
Contour PLUS

NEW J&M universal
Bluetooth headsets

MSRP: $299.99
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NEW J&M Dongle

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DEMO InterPhone F5 &
Handle bar controler

Interphone F5 Dual system MSRP $499.99
Interphone Remote control MSRP $129.99

TWO headsets & Controler

Nolan 102 helmet (Med, Burg)
with DEMO J&M integrated Bluetooth headsets

When this system was new
the helmet was over $350.00,
the J&M system retails for $439.99.

That is almost $800.00 value but it's old and used so give us $250.00
and the whole thing is yours.

NEW Vega Summit III
Modular helmets
with drop down screen
MSRP $169.99 to $189.95
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I personally wear this helmet!
and this company makes the BEST fog screen
MSRP $28.00 SALE $19.99

3.0, & 3.1 are Certified to stringent European ECE 22.05 Standard.
Meets or exceeds DOT standard.
Tinted, interior, drop-down sunshield

NEW Vega NT200
3/4 helmets
MSRP $79.99
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These are GREAT
Scooter Lids!!

Starcom Advance
SALE $200.00

Starcom Digital
SALE $300.00

All instock
Starcom accessories
50% off.

Also there are always sale items on the "On going sale page"!!!

Kathy has a deal

Her 9 liter (yes 9 liter) prototype tankbag is for sale. It was designed and used by Kathy a few times untill we decided to make the Control box uniform and raised the height of the 10 and 13 liter bags just a tad.
We usually destroy prototypes when they are not production spec, but this one is pretty cool and we though someone my enjoy it.

The tankbag is premium colors "Red/White/Blue" and is expandable so not a true communications tankbag but that may be a plus for you. It has the Dashboard mounted along with an Rammount X-Grip. This bag should retail for about $243.00. So we decided to let it go for an amazing
$122.50!!! Give us a call so we can find a good home for this one of a kind lost soul.

Now it's time for Richard to part with some great memories

Our 1983 Suzuki Katana 750 and our 1997 Suzuki TL1000S
There are way to many stories to tell when looking at these two babys.
I courted Kathy on the Katana, We used to ride two up over Hwy2 in LA.
I did many Tours & trackdays on the TL
I am not doing them justice, they are just taking up space and we need to part with them.
If you are interested in these two beautys give me a call and we can talk.

74,000 miles. I rode it 99.9/10 of those miles myself Hardly a soul put a foot on the riders foot pegs.
Has not been started in ten years
and has 3/4 of a tank of fuel
(don't start on me please)
Needs a LOT of love and care from someone that
understands the significance of the pickle.

43,000 miles or so.
I also rode this one 99.9/10 of the time.
It IS a runner with the stock tank. The Carbon fiber tank has a leak around the petcock somewhere and it appeared about the time we retired it so it has just not been looked at.
I am not sure just how much money is in this piece of rolling art but here is some of the specs.
1: ALL Carbin Fiber bodywork, from Austria.
2: Dual Remus Titinium Exhaust, from Austria
3: DyMag Magnisum wheels from England.
4: Bitubo Shock from Italy
5: Scott sterring dampner
6: Zero Gravity screen
7: Custom paint.
8: Custom Corbin Seat (See it in his catalog)
Most of the stock parts


Kathy and I want to thank EVERYONE who signed up for the food drive and brought food to the shop, whether you went on the ride or not. We are having computer problems (who doesn’t? ;-/) and I thought I had sent out a thank you to everyone but now I am thinking it bounced back so consider this your thank you note;-).

OHHHH The ride!

FIRST I want to say if Kathy and I were not the head of the herd on this one we would have pulled the covers over our heads and went back to sleep!

I was up at 3:30 AM listening to the rain coming down cats and dogs!!! What were we gonna do? So all of you that did not make it, it’s ok, we understand,

Well we left HOME at 7:00 AM with NO rain! The ride left the shop at 8:45 AM with eight motorcycles and the van with the food in it.

The roads were wet but oil was washed away and It was a GREAT ride all the way. The first rain we saw was the ride from the gate to the main offices at the track. So of course this meant no laps for the first time in 12 years!! Rained out!

RKA Headquarters
Calistoga GLider Port
Heavy conversation
Are we there yet?
Oakville crossover
Raw Dudes!!
More Raw Dudes!
One tuff lady
The "K" in the RKA

BUT we got the food there and Jennifer was waiting to have it unloaded into the lobby.
(She comes to the track on her own time for this delivery!)

Sonoma Raceway
Food Fairys
Food Fairys
Food Fairys
Food Fairys
The Gang
That's Jennifer in the yellow.
More Perfect

After the photos we remounted and rode to Sonoma for lunch at the “Martini Oyster Bar & Grille”. Rosemary was there ready for us (She already knew the number had dwindled from 29 to 8). She seated us and the service, food, and atmosphere was just the best, as usual!

Nice Folks under this sign
The few and the wet

After lunch four of us were headed in the same general direction so we left and headed west on Hwy 12 back toward home.

Kathy and I could not resist one more bit of fun and went up Calistoga Road to Mark West Station and back to Hwy 101 the long way! ;- ) That F800R is a real Hooligan machine!!



Things we do not sell but love them and the folks that do sell them.
Give them a shout and say hi for us

City Bike

Backroads Magazine

MaxMoto / Remus

Rick Mayer Seats

Pit Bull motorcycle stands


So in June I did an Iron Butt Saddlesore 1000 straight through from Windsor California to Avon Colorado in about 19 hours. We left Friday evening at 9:00 PM and arrived in Avon 1132 miles later at 5:15 Saturday afternoon in time for cocktail hour.

RKA Iron Butt the trailer
RKA Iron Butt the Movie

Bobby went with me all the way and Chris part of the way they are both fireman and paramedics, Bobby rides a GSA with lots of fuel, what better person to have be your wing man for an adventure like this!

Bobby is a Valentine fan a BIG fan and he was really upset after this ride was over because my Adaptiv TPX unit hit with the Valentine every single time! And they saved our buts more than once as we had agreed to let it fly on this trip. We did have extra fuel cells on board but we did not push the distances and had EIGHT fuel stops and even with the stops our rolling average was 69.9 mph.

A couple of years ago I did the same thing to an Escort 8500 riding from Taos to Avon, kicked that Escorts butt on that trip also.

So what's the problem here? If you want a WATERPROOF unit, that comes with a visual alert standard, kicks butt on everyother unit out there, and costs only $299.99. what are you waiting for CALL ME!!! 1-800-349-1-RKA (1752)
RKA Adaptiv TPX Page


Kathy and I meet John and his wife Sherry from "MotoChello Communications" this year in Quincy at the Beemer Bash.

He demonstrated his new “MotoChello” communications system and we were very impressed.

As of this writing I now have one of his systems in place and will start testing soon. SO far it’s been from the shop to the house and back. Here are some photos of the system installed in our IN-Charge tankbag. Of course as always if you do not want or like the IN-Charge system the MotoChello is designed to be attached to the handlebars and the controller under the seat or anywhere you may want to place it.

This is a wired system and retails for $1295.00, (They have a SPECIAL introductory DEAL on their site) not cheap but you get what you pay for. It is a very high end system; it comes with everything you need for two up riding and is ready for your devices.

This system has features never seen before on a motorcycle communications setup.
Here is a link to their MotoChello brochure and a link to the MotoChello website.

RKA is not a dealer yet so contact John if you have questions or want to consider one of these units. RKA will be setup soon to be a dealer.

If you are not a Bluetooth person and prefer a wired system stay tuned, there is more to come on this product next month.

The Control Box
My Samsung NOTE
Plugged in to AUX2
The Display/Control Panel
Zumo550 on AUX1
Radar on AUX3
FRS on FRS/CB input, and the Samsung NOTE is Bluetoothed to the Zumo550 for phone.
Everything is IN or ON the bag
Except the FRS or CB radio and the Radar detector
Finished and clean
Two cables attached to the bag, One for power and the other is the Radar audio going into the control box
Finished and clean
Two cables attached to the bag, One for power and the other is the Radar audio going into the control box
This is everything layed out and ready to start the install. By using the RKA IN-Charge tankbag no body work really needs to be removed.
The headsets are an easy installation


OK, for all you newbies to the RKA Newsletter here is a little story about Richard that July 29th 2011.

It can happen to anybody anytime is the moral of the story I guess.
Here is the links to the two videos.

Dumb Deer Front
Dumb Deer Rear

After that you may be interested in what the hell happened, where was I, and why were the cameras running in the first palce.
So go to the August 2011 Newsletter for the complete story.

I cannot figure out why the REAR video has hardly been viewed. Everybody asks “What happened to the deer?" (8 point Buck to be exact) and I always say “I don’t give a damn!” But if you watch the rear video you will see I punted him all the way across the road and into a fence.

Lastly there are many many videos on our “You Tube Page”. Mostly instructional, but lots of others for fun.

Kathy and I are avid motorcyclists and bicyclists so go there and have some fun with us, The Tandem Tantrum, The finger and the sheep, “Guy Richard” 250 production practice lap, Floating through the wine country, even our kitty begging for chicken. There are TWO pages so Enjoy.


Sorry to be repeative but it IS the holiday season and I do have to try and sell stuff once in a while ;-)

We are still taking PRE ORDERS for SENA SMH10R! Just call or drop us an email and get yours on order.

They have said FEBUARY for a tentive release date but HEY! get in line so you get one of the first batch!

This is a really cool new product but after looking over the features and the plus and minuses you may not really want this model. My SMH10 is just fine and the simplicity of it is overwhelming.
OH for sure I have one on order and will test it but if you are not sure give me a call and we can discuss it's tentative features

Also the Liquid Image EGO camera at $179.99 with WiFi and some other cool features is a great entry level camera. Check out the Demo Video.

We will also have access to their “discontinued Camera Goggles”.
They are including WiFi in the new line up and these older goggles are a great value!

If interested give us a call and we will make you a deal you cannot refuse ;-)


all of the following can be accessed from our "Products Page"

LIFEPROOF water proof cases ,
OTTER cases,
Interphone cases,
Liquid Image EGO cameras
Goal Zero solar products.

And of course our good old have to haves :

Rammount ,
FRS radios.

AND thers's more .....

Adaptiv TPX radar
Vega Helmets.

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This is a must read.
The Bible, Holy Grail,
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Hope you all enjoyed this month's newsletter has much as I did putting it together.

Ride Safe
Have Fun

See you next month
Richard & Kathy