April 2012
Issue 29

The Editor Speaks

This is gonna be a short newsletter, we have to many things in the fire this month
Doesn't look like much now but we'll get moved in quickly in the next couple of weeks.
back of the workshop
from the rollup toward the offices and show room.
These two photos almost look like the same but they are TWO offices that are going to be made into ONE big showroom! The left wall in the right photo is going to be removed.
Front doors.
7698 Bell Road
Windsor, CA 95492

and I have been busier than heck

Kathy and I are about as excited as we can get right now!!

We have just signed a lease for 7698 Bell Road in Windsor! That’s Windsor CALIFORNIA for you Canadians.

This location is only 2.2 miles from our home and although we are mostly a manufacturing company, we will now have a nice show room for customers to visit, Watch a video, have a cup of coffee, pick out their luggage or any of the many other additional related products we have.

Thinking about a Bluetooth headset? Come on over and try a set out right in the showroom or some units are setup for you to take them out for a spin! For the folks in our little area of the world you can … Touch, Feel, THEN purchase.

RKA has been hinting that we think things were getting better. We are taking a leap of faith here to some extent. Many of you that know us well know we step softly and try to make sure the ground is solid before moving forward. We think it is time to move forward.

For 2012 RKA has redesigned, upgraded our tankbag lineup, invested a small fortune getting set up with our new “Dashboard” and “Control Box” parts. The economy of our metal fabricator in Willits, CA. has been helped by us.

RKA has re-invested in print ads and online involvement. So hope you see our ads that are helping those worker bees, advertising sales reps, magazine editors, contributors, the printers.

Our dealer base is small but it has doubled this year! So go and see our product at your local dealer. If it’s not there tell them to start stocking RKA and we can help their economy also.

RKA has re-hired two employees in the last couple of months and with this move we are going to need more help. So in our small way we are trying to contribute to the rebounding economy.

So help make RKA and instant success after 27 years! Tell a friend, Tell a Forum, Tell your dealer,

Now it’s your move to make this economy come back to life.

What does it mean .....
when riders take the time to actually take a photograph of their motorcycle with their RKA luggage on it, .... and then take the time to send those photographs to us?
We're not sure either except to say we believe they like what they purchased enough to show it off and let us know how much they like it.
We must be doing something right wouldn't you think? I did not have the time to list everyones name and location but we think the photos say it all.
The really cool thing here is MOST of these photos are VERY current and new and repeat customers!
Every photo was taken by the owner or a friend. None by RKA. Have fun checking out ALL the different motorcycles and luggage!

Of course click on any image to enlarge and if you have any questions about any of them drop us a note and ask.
(If you have sent us photos and you do not see them in the photo Gallery or here please resend them and or let us know,
you took the time to take them, we should take the time to post them. If we missed you we're sorry.)

2011 inventory sale
Now that the new tankbag line has been launched we have a few tankbags from the 2011 style left.
You will need to call to purchase these sale items as there is no buy-me buttons on the website for them..
2011 9.0 liter 3 point
SuperSport Mini
MSRP $105.00
Sale Price: $89.25 TWO LEFT
2011 17.0 liter 3 point
MSRP $130.00
Sale Price: $110.50 ONE LEFT
2011 17.0 liter Magnetic
MSRP $145.00
Sale Price: $123.25 ONE LEFT
2011 22.50 liter three point
Shiloh Rd
MSRP $155.00
Sale Price: $131.75 ONE LEFT
2011 22.50 liter four point
Pine Flat
MSRP $155.00
Sale Price: $131.75 ONE LEFT.
2011 12.00 liter four point
Pine Flat
MSRP $120.00
Sale Price: $102.00 ONE LEFT.
2011 26.0 liter three point
MSRP $170.00
Sale Price: $144.50 TWO LEFT
2011 15.50 liter three point
IN-CHARGE Shiloh Road
MSRP $325.00
Sale Price: $276.25 ONE LEFT

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Hope you all enjoyed this month's newsletter has much as I did putting it together.

Ride Safe
Have Fun

See you next month
Richard & Kathy