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RKA is manufactuering Face Masks for YOU.

RKA is manufacturing masks the way they should be to protect you.
Click on the NPR logo or link below and listen to this podcast about “masks”:
How the widespread mask use could slow the Coronavirus Pandemic
White / White Tie
Over the head
Black / White latex free elastic
Over the head
Black, White, Red, Royal Blue, Gold
Black latex free elastic, Over the ear

Holiday designs in limited quantity
By clicking on the Novelty design Mask area below

For the optimist

The Christmas light design goes all they way across the top of the mask

Breaking news!
We now have child size masks

Call to order
707 836 7659

Professionally Manufactured
Sonoma County, California.
Your purchase is putting our
crew back to work!

RKA masks are designed around the Kaiser Permanente template for public usage.
They are made of the correct material and they are professionally made in our shop of 35 years.

Black, ... White, ... Red, ... Royal Blue, ...Gold

Cloth Ties: ... White or Black Overhead Tie.
Latex free Elastic: ... White or Black Overhead,
Latex free Elastic: ... White or Black Behind ear

Click on the "Buy_Me" buttons to start your order and
choice colors and attachment system

* Manufactured using Kaiser Permanente Template
* 7 ½ oz, 65% polyester, 35% cotton twill
* Machine washable
* Reusable
* Slot for additional filter
* Elastic version option
* Tie for more adjustment and comfort

If you, your company or agency have a need for these masks give us a call at
707 836 7659

We hope you are all well, safe and everyone gets back to work sooner than later

Richard & Kathy
Owners RKA

How long does a disposable mask last?

Report from May 2018
Replace them if they look cluttered or after about 8 hrs of wear. A fantastic guideline for replacing your disposable masks is always to change them outside when they are
soiled, damaged, or when breathing becomes difficult.

a disposable mask should be replaced at least twice or three times a day making usage of a mask 1 to 2 bucks a day

RKA mask is 10 bucks and reusable
In 6 to 12 days you have paid for it
Be on the safe side and order RKA masks, wash and rotate them

$10.00 3 $30.00
$10.00 5 $50.00
$10.00 10 $100.00
$8.50 50 $425.00
$8.00 100 $800.00
Novelty design Masks
Click on the "Buy_Me" buttons to choice colors, attachment system and
Novelty logo
$11.00 3 $33.00
$11.00 5 $55.00
$11.00 10 $110.00

PM2.5 FILTERS & extra nose bridges
.75 each 3 $2.25
  5 $3.75
  10 $7.50

1. First layer of spunbond cloth filters micron-level dust
2. Second layer filters industrial pollutants, automobile exhaust, second-hand smoke, and pollen allergens
3. Third layer of activated carbon cloth filters micron-level dust
4. Fourth layer offers filter density for smaller material
5. Fifth layer of spunbond cloth filters out all kinds of harmful substances

Filters should be changed out after 8 hours of use in high risk environments. Otherwise every 3-5 daysAll
Masks come with a included nose bridge
Extra nose bridge, 4.5 inches long
Specifically for RKA.

.50 each 3 $1.50
  5 $2.50

Black / Black Tie White / Black Tie
Red / Black Tie Royal / Black Tie
Gold / Black Tie  

There is a "slot" so you can add an additional filter

We also offer many novelty and statement, designs to choice from below
Check back for new ones has we add them





Kaiser Permanente's Guide to
How to wear your mask

Here is a article about what Sonoma County Businesses are doing

This is what we are doing.
Masks AND motorcycle luggage.