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RKA is manufactuering NON N95 compliant face masks for YOU.

White / White Tie
Black / White elastic

Avalible in
White or Black tie
Avalible in
White NON Latex Elastic
Black NON Latex Elastic
Professionally Manufactured
Sonoma County, California.
Your purchase is putting our crew back to work! 

* Manufactured using
Kaiser Permanente Template
* Black, White, Red, Gold, Royal Blue
* 7 ½ oz, 65% polyester, 35% cotton twill
* Machine washable
* Reusable (Not disposable and wasting resoruces)
* Slot for additional filter
* Elastic version option
* Tie for more adjustment and comfort
* Not N95 compliant,

Go to the bottom of this page to find out why a
RKA Non Surgical mask "investment"
is best for you

Sold in these packages
Click on the "Buy_Me" buttons to choice colors and tie types
Black, White, Red, Royal Blue, Gold Colors $12.00 3 $36.00
    5 $60.00
    10 $120.00
    50 $600.00
    100 $1,200.00
Novelty Designs each $13.00 3 39.00
    5 65.00
    10 130.00
For larger Novelty design orders please call 707 836 7659
Company Design orders 100 minimum order $14.00 Each   CALL
for large orders for your company or agency, Please call 707 836 7659
RKA applauds the people that are making these masks at home,
applauds the people that are at least wearing bandanas or scarves

RKA wants you to understand what exactly we are manufacturing.

These masks are not N95 compliant but designed around the Kaiser Permanente template for public usage.

They are made of the correct material and they are professionally made in our shop of 35 years. To understand why you need RKA designed masks ........

One 2015 study found that cloth masks only blocked 3% of particles, compared with medical masks (which stopped 56% of particles) and N95s (protective against 99.9% of particles, the study found). Healthcare workers wearing cloth masks were significantly more likely to be infected with flu-like illness, the study found. A 2013 study found that cloth masks made from cotton T-shirts, pillowcases, or tea towels should be used only as a last resort — they only filtered out a third of the aerosols blocked by a surgical mask — though it was found to be "better than no protection."

RKA is manufacturing their masks so they fall in that 56% group. NOT the 3% cloth masks (Scarves or plain cotton)

Who is RKA and why are they making masks?

RKA was started in 1985 and we have manufactured motorcycle luggage.
When this terrible situation started we had to lay off our employees and Kathy and I sheltered in place at our home and ran the business computers remotely and only went to the shop for shipping and receiving.

Once we became aware of the great need for these NON N95 compliant masks we repurposed the business to make them.

And we were able to get our crew “BACK TO WORK”!!
If you, your company or agency have a need for these masks give us a call at
707 836 7659

We hope you are all well, safe and everyone gets back to work sooner than later

Richard & Kathy
Owners RKA

Here is a article about what Sonoma County Businesses are doing

You can order these in any color with Black or White ties or Black or White Elastic
Ties shown here. You can add a novelty patch
Click on the images for a larger image

Black / Black Tie Black / White Tie White / Black Tie White / White Tie
Red / Black Tie Red / White Tie Royal / Black Tie Royal / White Tie
Gold / Black Tie Gold / White Tie All together All together

We have added a "slot" so you can add an additional filter, 100% Kitty Approved

We also offer many novelty designs to choice from
Check back for new ones added

You can .....
Choose Mask Color
Choose Tie Color
Choose Tie or Elastic
Choose a Novelty Design Logo

This is what we are doing NOW
There used to be motorcycle luggage here
We offer custom logos for your agency, Company, Business
For your employees and for resale to your customers
Give us a call at 707 836 7659 for more information

Our logos are heat pressed on and are machine washable and
will not come off

How long does a disposable mask last?

Report from May 2018
Replace them if they look cluttered or after about 8 hrs of wear. A fantastic guideline for replacing your disposable masks is always to change them outside when they are\
soiled, damaged, or when breathing becomes difficult.

Report from December 2010
You may be suprised to learn that changing the mask every 20 minutes in a wet environment and every 60 minutes in a non aerosol environment and between patirntd is recommended

From Amazon
29 bucks for 50
30 bucks for 50
35 bucks for 50
39 bucks for 50

Average is 33.25 for 50 = .66 each

No matter what you believe of the above information a disposable mask should be replaced at least twice or three times a day making usage of a mask 1 to 2 bucks a day
RKA mask is 12 bucks and reusable
In 6 to 12 days you have paid for it
Be on the safe side and order 3 RKA masks, wash and rotate them