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Commuting to work on your bicycle? Want to know how to set it up plus tips?
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At 58 years old I am going to attempt to do the
Sonoma County "Half-Vineman"!
A 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bicycle ride, 13.1 mile run.

Follow my training schedule here: The Odyssey of 2005

1.2 miles:
56 miles:
13.1 miles:
Total time
70.3 miles:
39:24 minutes
Transition: 05:36
2 hours, 52 minutes
Transition: 03:29
2 hours, 34 minutes
6 hours,15 minutes,
20 seconds
The swim was over 6 minutes faster than I thought I could do!
The bike was THE FASTEST I have ever ridden a bike for any distance 19.2 MPH for 56 miles!
The run was my WALL I was slowest here and fell apart, should have run 2:00 to 2:15 this would have given me a sub 6 hour event AND a top 10 finish in my age group.
I did finish 12th in my age group, and only 7 minutes from a top 10 finish!!
I may just do it again to try and break the sub six hour mark. :-)
The Scorpions
pictured below are now the
"Destination RKA"
bicycle team,
with the arrival of our new jerseys
shown is our limited edition long sleeve,
modeled by
Kathy the "K" of RKA.
Introducing the Scorpions
Richard and Kathy
Owners of Destination RKA
and Chad and Kelly our riding partners and team members.
These are photos from our second Century in Chico, CA.
Aprirl of 04, called the "Wildflower".
These are photos of Bill
(my friend and coach)
on the left, and Richard
on the right finsihing
my very first Century!
10-11-03, Called the
"People Powered Ride".
"March Magic"
My quest to ride 750 miles in one month!!