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NOTE: This little take on my commute information will be open to suggetstions and these pages will be updated with new information so:
1:check back
2: Feel free to contribute.
3: Feel free to comment.
We are setting our bicycles up for commuting this winter.
Kathy and I have only been riding bicycles since March of 2003, and October of 2003 respectively , but in that time we have learned a lot and made a lot of mistakes.
This is my take on how to set up a commuter.
I have the luxury of having a second road bike, “Old Blue” my first and trusty“Allez” Specialized triple.
In this first installment I am going to focus on bike set up.
In the next installments I well talk about apparel, things you need at work and general commuting issues with traffic choice of roads and such.
Since I only commuted a little in 2003 and 2004, this winter will be my first real push to PARK THE FOUR WHEELER.
Hope you enjoy this simple take on a new riders point of view
Information to follow:
1: Apparel, Proper riding gear. What to keep at the office etc.
2: Road choices, The best route.
3: Commuting bicycle care, tools, commuters need special care.

This is the almost finished commuter.
Still need fenders.

A good lighting system.
I mounted the "T" accessory and I will add a bell AND maybe an "AIR HORN"

water cage for battery

This is the only item I will "brand name". TOPEAK.
I hate that they are made in China but they have the best designs and the best products

The quick release attachment in the last photo is worth the price of admission. :-) But then you get the rack and bag and you'll be in heaven.

The quick release bag attachment is the BEST! The bag SLIDES onto the rack and locks with the latch.

The rack has removable sides if you do not want to use the saddlebags

Slide the bag on and lock latch it.

Great day bag as is.

Unzip the sidebags and lower BINGO! Saddlebags!!
A good mirror

Good winter tires and liners! The hell with the weight! :-)

A good work stand to me is a must.