If you have not read "The Pace" read it. If you have read "The Pace" read it again.

Be sure and also visit our "RKA goes Road Racing Page"

We have had some questions on the quality difference of the videos below. The helmetcamera works great, it's my ability to transfer them to online files that's questionable ;-)
I have figured out what format to use to get the best quality and file size balance for viewing online. The actual video that you would see on YOUR camera is all top notch quality.

Don't do this!!
The longest tankslapper you may have ever seen!
Buttonwillow 12-15-01 heading into "Lost Hills".
Figure it out. (Mpg file / 1.9 meg / 8 seconds) Why is Kathy raising her arm? LOOK at this small photo and figure it out. If you can not, .... run the video over and over until you can figure it out.

I did this video in a little bigger format so you can SEE better. It was done about 8:30 PM in dim light.

Soap box is out again folks. I am the camera bike and I did not know why Kathy's hand was up until it was TO LATE!!! Point is, ride safe, ride within your means, keep your eyes OPEN!!!
"The Pace" PLEASE.
Opps !! (Mpg file / 4.5 meg / 18 seconds) This is what you DO NOT want to see as you are pulling up to stop and talk with your buddies. :-(

The story is Kathy and I were just getting ready to START our little 22 mile round trip to the bridge and back when one of these CHP's pasted us as I was setting up the video camera. So we followed her all the way to the bridge, of course giving her a lot of space. ;-)

Anyway some of the out of towners have messed up our fun road by pissing of the locals and crashing. This is why I can not tell you where this road is ;-)

"The Pace" and ride safe. The group we ride with follow the pace. But I will bet some of us have not yet read it. How can we ride the pace without reading it or discussing it? IT'S MOSTLY COMMEN SINCE!! I have personally done this 22 mile ride ALL in 3rd gear and NO brakes, and never over 70 mph mostly 60 mph. Having a very good time with the gang.

Sorry soap box put away. ;-) We even sometimes cheat a little see next video ;-)
Can't Slow Down!! (Mpg file / 2.3 meg / 23 seconds clip) This clip shows some of the different angles you can shoot from with the pencil camera with a little imagination and some good mounting hardware (RamMount).
Once again please note that this video is twice as long as the slide, and almost the same file size. The quaility of this clip is not as good as the slide. Remember the video as been modified fo downloading.

The Slide!! (Mpg file / 2.8 meg / 11 seconds clip) There is no way to explain what it feels like to slide a 120 hp motorcycle at 75 mph while your knee is touching down!! It may not look like much to you folks, but it sure did pucker my butt. ;-) Remember, the camera bike is the slider, NOT the motorcycle in the foreground !! Watch it over and over a few times because it may not be apparent that the lens of the camera is starting to point to the left side of the track, rather than straight ahead. Things happen fast at 75 mph ;-)
This video was done at Laguna Seca, in the "Rainey Curve" (turn 9) 11-20-00 during a
Club Desmo Trackday. I was closing in on a slower rider (in the frame) and while apexing the turn I guess I got on the gas a little early, trying to get by him before turn 10. Well ... as it would be, I did not pass in 10 ;-) but I did get him, after by butt un-puckered! Now when you see one of those REAL roadracers save a big tankslapper or whatever you can really appreciate it ;-)

Attack of the X-men video clips.

Clip 1 (About 8.0 meg) What happens when you get a crazy old man on a 250 Ninja racebike with an on board camera, 2 street riding friends on a R1 and 748. Then add in two "never before on the track" riders with big yellow X's on their back on a 1200 Bandit and a VTR?
Well of course! Captain Ninja and the attack of the X-Men!! ;-)
Click on the video images to load them.
ideo Clip 1, 8.0, I wanted to show the closing speed of a small light motorcycle like the 250 Ninja, when entering a corner.
Clip 2 About 3.2 meg This is the Ninjette going around an R1.

Can a 250 Ninja out run a R1, 748, 1200 Bandit and a VTR1000? No, not really, So what's going on here?
Clip 3
about 1.7meg
Number one we are on a race track where the little Ninjette has at a GREAT advantage.

This is the X-Men passing the Ninjette into turn one, close to 100 mph ;-)
Clip 4 about 4.2 meg
Number two although very fast street riders the other riders have never raced before, or been on a track.

This is the Ninjette failing to pass them back into turn two.

Clip 5 about 4.0 meg
Number three The race track really equalizes.
All that horse power sometimes does not matter. ;-)

This is the Ninjette getting a little revenge on a Ducati 748 and an Honda RC51.

It's all about corner speed and knowing the track. During this particular session we completed 7 laps covering about 22 miles in about 17 minutes. When we came off the track the Ninjette was right there ;-) Nobody is saying they are
Kenny Roberts Jr ;-)
We just want to show you the good time we had.
The other riders where doing a GREAT job having never been on a racetrack before!!!, and I AM proud of my little Ninjette, It ROCKS!!

Pit exit (mpg file / 2.6 meg / 10 second clip. Go to the "FunPage" to see the setup).

This is a very good video to listen to if you want to hear the
Remus pipes emitting a WILD sound during the pit lane exit.
Warmup lap (mpg file / 6 meg / 22 second clip) entering turns 3, 4 and 5.

Kathy, Again shot from the back of the TL1000S and .. again making really neat sounds from the Remus pipes ;-)
The rise.(mpg file / 1.9 meg / 7 second clip)

Almost the only elevation on the whole track. Kathy, Again shot from the back of the TL1000S and .. again making really neat sounds from the Remus pipes ;-)
The S's North end of the track. (mpg file / 2.6 meg / 10 second clip)

Kathy, Again shot from the back of the TL1000S and .. again making really neat sounds from the
Remus pipes ;-)
 Rich Oliver: So you think you are a raw dude? Going around the track pretty fast with an AFM roadracer behind you with an on-board camera. Looking good, looking good, THEN AMA #7 Rich Oliver comes by warming up his tires like you are tied to a tree!!! ;-). BUT !!!! What a THRILL to be on the same track with this guy!!! This video was shot at Buttonwillow Trackday entering what is called the "Bus Stop", with the Club Demso folks.
The Bus Stop This video was not done with our equipment. It was produced by CycleVision.com. and is shown with permission. Terry Cheney my friend and racing buddy gave it is all for the camera during Buttonwillow in March of 2001. Kathy and I were at Daytona so I missed the whole thing. ;-)
The Dance This video was not done with our equipment. It was produced by CycleVision.com. and is shown with permission. This is NOT the way to start a race. ;-)
The Chimp ..... This was sent to me by a friend, just to darn funny not to share ;-) About 345k