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It's Saturday morning and the pit is set up. The "GROUP" as let me hang with them. From the top of the heap! James Randolph Jr, (top AMA racer and local regular guy ;-) ) Kelly (TL1000R) Fred Ginn (XRS600 Yamaha) Dave Ginn (RZ350, & Painter extraordinaire! )
This is the angel part!! Terry and Dave looked at each other and almost at the same time said …"Load the motorcycle and lets go and change out the motors!! Unbelievable!! We got back to the house at about seven PM set up the two Ninjettes side by side and they went to work!!
Terry Cheney (Ninja 250) and Dave Worthington (VTR 250) Pictured at left.Both of these guys are angels in leathers … read on.
This is the race bike with the motor and radiator removed and ready for the transplant!
I finally got to go out for free practice and ran about 4 laps. Then came into the hot pits to take a little break and see how my times were, Kathy and Terry were timing me (Transponders were off today) The Ninjette started to over heat!! And spew water all over the ground, and had a pretty load knocking sound ;-(

Terry drags the stock Ninjette motor over to the race bike

The catch tank was zip tied over the back wheel and the tire had broken it, so that's were the overflow was coming from but … Terry and Dave just jumped in and pulled the radiator the heads checked the valves. Dave said this motorcycle will not make it period. ;-( Where is your other 250? I said at home.
The poor street Ninjette lays stripped up against the wall sacrificing all for the race effort
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