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Race Day Three 09-24-00 Thunderhill
Click on any photo for a larger image

We came in Friday at 7:AM for a full day of open practice. This was my first time at Thunderhill. Pretty neat track. After I spend two full days trying to figure it out!! ;-)
Finally getting down into the 2:33's in practice (Top 10 250's are running in the 2:14's, Terry and Dave in the 2:22's) I was at least confident I could get around the 15 turn 3.1 mile course without getting in anybody's way to badly ;-)
After the 250 production race I was HIGH!! Richard moves up !!!! 25th from my 30th finish at Sears!!! Then in the 500 Twins race I nabbed 26th up from 33th at Sears !!!! Turning my fastest laps at 2:28 !!!!! But Racergirl still rocks!! 24th and 25th again beating the old fat guy ;-).
Racer Girl is a beautiful young blonde that has been whipping on me from the start!! I just cannot get around her, She is a very very good rider and she does not realize it yet but we have become racing partners …. dicing in every race so far ;-) In 250 production I actually had her beat and she got me on the second to last turn on the last lap ;-(. In the 500 twins race I chased her almost the whole race with a 500 novice in front of us that neither of us could get around until Racer Girl took him on the last lap beating me again.
What fun this is because no matter where you are in the realm of things you can always find someone to race with ;-). Her name is Jeraldeen Stewart, number 718 expert. She has her own website so even though she does not know I exist yet go visit and say hi at "racergirl.org" ;-).
Also a little note, there are at least 10 or 12 woman racing in 250 production!
In 250 Production this is how we finished:
Dave 14
Terry 17
(Jer 24th) ;-)
Richard 25
The in 500 twins a … NEWS FLASH !!! ….Terry bets Dave by a half a wheel!!!
Terry 15
Dave 16
(Jer 25th ) ;-)
Richard 26
Our local hero James Randolph wins Formula Pacific!!
The 250 production guy moved up to a TL1000R …. Wink finishes 2nd in open twins …. We are not worthy!!
This is TO MUCH FUN !!!! Stay tuned!! Last race Buttonwillow 10-22-00 !!!
Always problems of course ;-) Here is dave at the house, installing a fan switch because the bike was over heating and the fan was not coming on automatically. Terry did not come so Dave brought his son to help out ;-)

It wouldn't be any fun if it didn't rain, now would it? ;-)

Or it wouldn't be any fun if the wind wasn't blowing at 50 mph, now would it? ;-)

You should notice the FunMover is not to be found in these first photos. We had to have electric since we stayed at the track from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon. So we had to park were there was a plug ;-)

So we were actually in a nice spot to view the racetrack but not to pit .

This is Barbara in the center of this photo, she is the one that makes EVERYTHING happen for the AFM raceday.

How would you like to get your hands on this trailer ;-)

Dunlop always does a great job supporting the racers even at a small AFM event.

we had a open practice Friday, and Saturday morning. Then there was a FOUR HOUR endurance race!! This is the hot pits getting ready in the morning. This is the start of the FOUR HOUR, take a close look, there is a rider off the track and heading UP the hill. He went above the dirt road over half way up and did not fall!!!!
This is the CYCLONE!! May not look like much to you but you feel like you are launching off a pad but istead you do a SHARP left turn then back down and to the left again !!!

This is the CYCLONE in use!!

This is me exiting the CYCLONE. Woooooooooooooow what a ride!!

The S's with Terry leading the way with me and Dave in hot pursuit! ;-)

Dave showing real class and dragging his knee with his VTR 250 ripping along! in turn 15.

This is me in the same area, only I am not showing the style of Dave ;-(

This is the CYCLONE again. Showing George, the new guy on the block. He is one of the guys we ride with and he got the race bug like I did ;-) He was at Friday practice but will not be able to race until next year. Look out!! He is fast!! James Randolphs GSXR750, with Dave doing a little work on the body and numbers (Kinda get the idea Dave does a LOT of extra stuff for everyone?)

Dinner with friends Saturday evening. ;-)

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