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Race Day Two 08-20-00 Sears Point
Sorry no photos, my camera girl was off ;-)

Here is a short seven and a half second video of my best start to date. It may take a couple of viewings to pick me out, but I am center screen at the end Black leathers White motorcycle on the far inside of the track. At the start you will notice a rider entering the grid VERY late! I almost hit the back of him. This was not a good thing ;-) Richard's good start

Well I hate to say it, but race day two was pretty uneventful ;-)
Once again Terry and David helped me out with a few mechanical problems.
This is Terry and David conducting
A little pit Talk

Bottom line here is, I was a little disappointed with my performance.

In 250 Production I was again gridded last. The best part of the day was I got KILLER starts and really made up some positions quickly! ;-) I finished 30th out of 43 beating 13 riders. This is the same position I finished last time but this time I dropped a whole second off my lap times while wanting to gain three or four seconds ;-). I think maybe the crash at Buttonwillow did affect me a little because I was really off my game in the two slow right handers 7 and 11 being repassed after out braking into them ;-(.

In the 500 twins race I was gridded last and had another great start finishing 33rd out of 42 riders again doing poorly in the slow right handers ;-)

Well Thunderhill is next the only track I have never been to. So stay tuned and see if I can pickup the pace. ;-)

I may sound a little down because of self imposed goals but let me tell you .......
See ya all next time.

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