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Raceday, and the old fat man is ready as he can get ;-)

Apex of the turn looking to get up on the next bike another 250 Ninjette.
This is the start of the 250 production race, can you find me? There is another wave behind us waiting to start. Last row of the Ninjas in the middle … LAST … and the worst start ever!! GAS IT SOONER RICHARD was said many times after the race ;-)
Turn 11 next lap and looking at the rear of an Aprila 250!!
Turn 10. One of my most favorite photos of the day ;-) I was "looking, good looking good" dragging knee at about as fast as the little Ninjette will go!!! ;-)
Turn 11 last lap! I had that pesky Aprila in my sights but he out accelerated my little Ninjette to the chicane and beat me to the finish line.
Turn 11. 250 SuperBike race (Mistake!) It was a rush, but I think I will stay away from the Aprila 250's from now on ;-) That's me at the top of the photo, entering the turn and taking the inside line out braking !!
After all this exciting commentary were did I finish you say? In the 250 production there were 41 racers, I passed 11 riders and finished 30th! (I thought I won the race!! Pretty good!) 250 SuperBike I think I beat about three or four guys and got lapped by the leaders on the last lap. ;-( BUT WHAT A RUSH!! Stay tuned for more of RKA Racing.
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