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2002 Race Season
RKA Racing Team Page
Thunderhill Raceway 10-20-02

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Race photos by Gary Rather Photography
AFM Last round
End of season report

The 250P Group
Well, it's over! We made it through my second complete year of campaigning, and I mean campaigning. It's not has easy as it looks to make this commitment happen. There are so many variables. But I would not trade a second of the time and work Kathy and I have put in.

Left is the Cyclone at Sunrise. Right is the FunMover.

Kathy deserves any awards I could possibly get because of her devotion and ability to withstand all my many mood changes.

I missed only one race due to business travel. That was enough to make the outcome of the season interesting. I am old, fat, and out of shape, so winning a race is kinda out of my mind. The goal was to whip on some of the young whippier snappers and finish in the top 20 for the year.

Going into the last race I was in 21st position with 99 points. The 20th place rider had 100 points but spanked me pretty bad in the last race advancing to another level and speed. All he had to do from my calculations was show up and I was screwed.

Tom Dorsey AFM #9 only had to show up and take a practice lap or two too flame me. He opted to not race in this class. Other issues must have been more important.

Jack Walche had 95 points and could theoretically beat me out of the top 20.

The other racers that could beat me have crashed and or injured themselves.

Tom Dorsey had 109 points or so at this point, so it looked like a lock if I could beat David Crone and or Jack Walche.

Only Jack and I showed up of the four involved!

We BOTH had top 20 positions if we just keep it up on two wheels and raced our normal race!


The 250SB race was first. We all wished it were not because nobody wanted to screw up and do something stupid like crash out and loose a chance in the 250P race.

Andy Grayson who was set to be in the top fifteen and second in the 250P novice standings asked me if I wanted to start in the back of the 250SB grid and have some fun. I said sure maybe that way we can't get into any trouble.

I have been doing on board video for a few years now and decided to see if the AFM would tech my camera setup so I could actually video practice and races. THEY OK'ED IT! So these are video of the actual races!

250sbstart.mpg250SB Start

Well although I started in second gear DUH, and completely blow the start I had a great race and beat a few finishing twenty sixth out of thirty one. Jack JUST beat me to the line after I screwed up the last half of the race not paying attention to what I was doing.

Jack shows us what it's all about in this "after the finish line" video.........250sbfinish.mpg
How close do we race? Jacks best lap was 2:25.338, mine was 2:25.514. .200ths of a second, That's just about how far he whipped me.


This race was right after Formula Pacific and they have a bunch of presentations and interviews. We all stood around waiting for the call to the warm up lap and all of us at the north end of the track missed it!! I had never missed a warm up lap before.


Everything was on the line here a top twenty position was mine!! JUST KEEP IT ON TWO WHEELS! Robert Kennedy the class champ (racing only occasionally in this class this year) was girded RIGHT next to me in fifteenth spot! I got a really good start!
I actually got past Andy into one!! And if you look at the video clip you MAY see Kennedy STREAKING up on the inside passing at will!!!.

On the second lap Jack finally got by me out of turn six but I retake the spot going into turn eight!!

Going into two Jack flames me back again!! I totally lose my train of thought, blow the turn and Jack is gone!! That was that, I looked behind me on the front straight. No one there so I was content to stay up right and not challenge him again (I could not have caught him if I tried) and finish in 19th position and wrap up 18th position overall. Jack finished a great 17th and falling into 20th position overall!

So I did beat jack overall for the year!! What a great time we had!! Thanks for the dicing Jack!!

What's it like to come into the pits after a race? Well although Jack and Bud Brown (finished 18th today) were pitted a ways away from us, they where there at our pits to shake hands and congratulate everyone for a fun and challenging race and great year!! The end.mpg

My second complete year behind me! Now to figure out what to do. Should I quit? Should I come back and race a different class? Should I loose some weight, get in shape, and challenge for a top fifteen spot in 250P next year? We will see. So stay tuned!
What has our little but growing group done this last year?
We have become closer than ever!
We have beaten down diversity and come away with smiles (Thank GOD)!
We are truly a circle of friends, and "friend" is a word that can be used to loosely sometimes.
We have all become better human beings this year.
Everyone on this list is included but a few special notes about our race team.
In no particular order except Dave.
The Gang:
The center of the universe!! We cannot thank you enough for your help, time and support.
See you next year on the grid!!
One of the hooligans that got me started racing. Thanks
One of the other hooligans that got me started racing Thanks
The fasted guy in the group, Put him on a real motorcycle if you doubt.
I get SOOOO much inspiration from you by watching you ride.
Your ability to bounce back with such a great smile and attitude is also a great inspiration!!
Shown here :
The most improved rider in the group and a great guy to dice with :-)
Damn you! You and France come in and try and take the wind out of my sails CONGRADUALATIONS on a GREAT novice year!!
I have missed you at the last few events you are a natural and will do great next season.
Quit working so hard and get back with us next year.
You have worked SO hard all year and crashed and came back twice as hard!
Wish I had that confidence level! You get the double purple
heart from me.
What can I say? We never see enough of you. I really only got to know you talking on the two ways while heading to Buttonwillow.
Dave Moss:
The mighty one that travels far and wide to race with us.
Some of the girls Could not do it without your support. Kathy, Tina, Angela, Julie, and many others I cannot find photos of
The Facts:
Kelly 9th in FII
Dale 12th in 650 twins
Jon 14th in FI, 5th in FT Open, 15th in 750SB 5th on the top novice list
Three of us in the 250P top 20!!!
Terry 12th overall 250P
Andy 14th overall in 250P, 13th on the top novice list while only running one class!
Richard 18th overall 250P
I am so happy to be a part of this great group of folks, ALL OF YOU!!
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