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2002 Race Season
RKA Racing Team Page
Sears Point Raceway 09-21-02

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Photos by Gary Rather Photography

I get a terrible start! Coming in from the warm-up lap I grid and have the transmission in 2nd gear for some unknown reason! Going into turn one Jack is gone!! And Sue is right beside me on my right! I am not sure I think she's looking over at me like. What the hell are you doing here! Rob Leslie is also close by. They both have out dragged me to turn one!! Sue really has nowhere to go and I turn into two ahead of her with Rob right on my butt!! I actually chase down Jack and PASS him!! Then Jack and I do the dance again with Jack getting to the line ahead of me once again, Jack is 29th and I am 30th racing against the 250 SuperBikes. And again the times tell the story Jack 2:02.094 to my best lap of 2:02.475. It's THAT close! Problem is I'm just always on the losing end lately.


This time I get a great start! Turn 6, the carousal is my biggest problem Mike Norman goes by, but I hold off Jack until the next lap into the carousal and Jack goes around the outside of me like he's at the Bonneville flats!! But Jack is right there and we dice into turn 7, but he slices me off into the turn like a good BLT Sandwich! And as hard as I try he pulls away little by little. But during this race I click off a 2:00.938!!! I broke into the 2:00 club!!! Wanted the 1:59.999 but this will do! Again Jack clicks off a better time 2:00.024!! OOOH so close to 1:59!

Then the most AMAZING thing happens! We head for the start finish line with one lap to go, Jack is about three lengths in front as the white flag comes out. I am ready to settle for 17th position one of my best. But after crossing the finish line Jack SETS UP!! And starts waving to the corner workers!!! Christ!! He thinks the race is over!! I cannot beat him this way so I pull up next to him and wave my index finger at him shouting ONE MORE LAP JACK!!! over and over! He thinks I'm giving him the number one sign!! We cruise around to turn seven and I look behind me . It's Raghu with his head down at FULL TILT BOGGIE!! I look up at the corner worker in seven and he's NOT waving back, he's signaling GO GO GO!! So I say to my self I cannot let Raghu get by, I cannot let Jack go down this way!! What do I do? Of course I put my head down and say BY JACK!! Beating Raghu by a the thinnest of margins!! Jack never figures it out and goes into the pits getting a DNF!!!! NO POINTS at all!!!

Now I have a real shot at the top 20 for the year!!

My 250 Production finishes this year:

19th Race One Buttonwillow
27th Race Two Sears Point
DNF Missed Race Three Sears Point
26th Race Four ThunderHill
16th Race Five Buttonwillow
19th Race Six Sears Point (Infineon)
16th Race seven Sears Point (Infineon)

So you can see I am hanging around the top 20 really well!
Stay tuned!!

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