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2001 Race Season
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ThunderHill Raceway 05-13-01

Click on any photo for a bigger image
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Since there is so much interest in "The Pass" I thought I would get it up ASAP for the 250P group to review.

You be the judge ;-)

This is a photo of Terry and I in turn eleven at Sears Point last race date. It's Soooooooooooooooooo Cool I had to pop it in. ;-)
Race Report 5-13-01 Thunderhill.

Right from the get go I gotta say Jeri, Jeri, Jeri !!! She flamed on me in BOTH 250P and 250SB!! I was dead sure I had her on the back burner after Sears Point ;-) I went by her and did not look back.

Thunderhill was a different story, Racergirl did not just beat me she pulverized me!! In 250P she turned a 2:25:135 to my best of 2:26.865 finishing 20th ( TOP 20!!! GREAT FINISH GIRL!!) to my 28th . 250SB she was 32nd and the best I could do was 37th.

Well back to Saturday and my practice incident.

Practice was going well and I was trying to vi between my times and my style and approach to each section, when Gwyn (751) came by me and I got the male chauvinist attitude thing about a large group of women STILL making mince meat of me. (Sorry Gwyn this attitude had nothing to do with the cause or outcome of the incident) So I said no way man! I passed her back and then we came up on Matt Sheifield (One of my pit buddies and friend), I stayed on the outside and Gwyn went to the inside. Matt drifted out as he should and I got a late start into turn 11. Gwyn passed Matt on the inside and apexed the turn wide, I passed Matt on the outside and being late into the turn I apexed early getting a inside line on Gwyn. Sure that I could repass her in turn 12 I gassed it as hard as I could before my brake marker! Well as I was ready to hit the brake and dive into turn 12 ahead of Gwyn my throttle locked WIDE OPEN!! From this point forward I was looking down at the ground thinking a number of options that could happen:

1: I would fall and take out Gwyn, Matt, and maybe two or three other riders close by.
2: I would get "T" boned by Gwyn as she dived into turn 12 not thinking some idiot would be going straight at that time. Taking three or four of us out in the process.
3: I would luckily miss everybody and slide off the track and crash in the dirt of the outside of turn 12.

What happened was a small miracle ;-) Matt saw what was happening and backed off, Gwyn some how hit the binders and missed me. I got it together and proceeded on down the track with out falling OR taking anyone out, and exited the track to the pits. A small miracle for sure!!

We walked the track that night after dinner and you could SEE about 5 or 6 skid marks where my tire had bounced. Then looking at the bottom of my $700.00 boots I could see where I had slid on the ball of my foot. How did I save it? I have not got a clue. Thank you God for small favors.

Kathy stayed home and put down base boards to finish our nice new wood floor. She shopped for us and we had more snacks, lunch and dinner stuff than we could possibly eat. ;-) She's a great lady in my book, and everybody elses ;-) So we had plenty to eat and to top it off Dave grilled the BEST hamburgers! Perfect!

We stayed in the "FunMover", Dave and I slept in the front, Me in the over head and Dave on the fold down couch. Terry and his son slept in the garage on futons. real nice weather for this so they left the roll up open a little.

Sunrise at the FunMover.

Matt had his own rig, Kelly opted to sleep in his van (anti social I guess) ;-) And Raghu and Mark had a room at Willows.

Sunday 250P "The Group"

The pits Sunday morning and Coffee at Kelly's

Terry Cheney 18th GREAT!!!!
Jeri Stewart 20th GREAT !!!!!
Jim Race 23rd

I kinda thought I had Jim's number also but he also ran away in this race with a best lap of 2:25.693. He was girded ahead of me, and I never saw him, but once or twice off in the distance ;-)

Richard Battles RKA (Me) 28th
Jack Walshe 29th I beat Jack AGAIN!! Fair and square!! BUT I am not counting him out. Remember what happened when I counted Jeri out. Got flamed ;-)

NEW riders to our little group

Raghu 36th His second race, and a best time of 2:32.550

I Will try to get a better photo of Raghu next time. He was so fast I could not keep the camera on him ;-).

Mark 39th His first race I think, and a best time of 2:36.094
I will have to watch my back with these two ;-) They improved SO much during the weekend it was scary ;-)

What about Matt Sheifield and Dave Worthington?

Matt did something to his motor on lap one of the 250P race and pulled out after loosing power during the first lap.

Dave blow an oil line internally during practice and did not race. Special note: If it would have been me I would have rode until the bike blowup ?. Dave knew something was wrong and pulled in during a practice session maybe saving hundreds of dollars in repairs.

There where 48 riders in this class.

250SB Fun in the sun. ;-)

Here is another mention that will be noted as we go on with these reports.

619 Knut Wagoner (Alias MAX MOTO importer of Remus pipes and Carbo Tech carbon fiber and BEST of friends) After a bad start in road racing at Sears Point with mechanical problems Knut was girded in the second wave which was held back for over one minute (Very Bad). Knut diced his way up to a 35th place finish out of 58 bikes turning a 2:08.922 on a regular basics, If girded at the front he would have finished in the top 5 !!!! Watch this guy!!! He is FAST!! (GREAT FINISH KNUT!!!)

32nd Jeri (Beating Terry AND me )
34th Terry Cheney
35th Knut Wagoner (See above)
36th Jim Race, Beat me again BUT I WAS gunning him down until a red flag stopped the race ;-)
37th Richard Battles RKA (Me)
41st Jack Walshe, Beat him again !!
50th Mark our new guy
54th Raghu the other new guy

There where 58 riders in this class.

The Graduates:

Wink is in another class (in more ways than one. This cat flys!!!)
Formula Pacific 32nd 2:01.029
F1 35th 2:05.202
750SB 18th 2:02.387
Formula Twins 5th 1:59.113!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW

Dale Humphrey another new rider who decided to play with the big guys rather than fool around with the wimpy 250P folks ;-)

Riding an out of date 1993 Ducati 750SS Dale is FLAMING!!!
Yeah ..... I said right ....750!!!!

F1 51st 2:13.215
600SB 39th 2:12.187
650 Twins 7th 2:11.919 (All fairness there where only 10 in the class ;-) ) BUT the winner turned a 2:05.649 only 6 or so seconds faster! This guy is a CONTENDER!! ;-)

This guy is getting serious. Would like to see what he would do on a newer bike that had some new technology in it ;-)

A couple of closing thoughts:

Consider that the 250 Ninjette is capable of maybe 105mph on a good day. The old FAT MAN is averaging 72.50 MPH around this track I'm impressed with me ;-) !!!

In 250P the winner is turning 2:12 lap times to my 2:26 lap times 14 seconds difference on a 2:65 mile 14 turn course. That's one second per corner. I think I can be in the top ten or 15 if I commit.

Well that about wraps it up folks. See you at Sears on June 2nd and 3rd
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