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2001 Race Season
RKA Racing Team Page
Buttonwillow Raceway 10-21-01

Click on any photo for a bigger image
This is the last race of the season and this page will double as my 2001 race year photo gallery and video page.
250 SuperBike
This report is going to be the longest by far so I will cut the 250SB report to ...
I finished 25th !!!
Beating Dave in 26th And Lynn Werth 27th in that race !!!!
(This may be the first time you have heard about Lynn Werth, but you can bet it wouldn't be the last!)
250 Production
Got a great start but Dave Worthington and Mike Ritter got by me before turn one, tried to pass Jer on the outside of two but did not get the job done. Going down the straight to three, drag racing Jer there was a BIG dust cloud, which we later found out was Robert Kennedy. Jer and I went past Ritter on "Riverside Sweeper" and raced into "Lost Hills" head to tail.
I got by Jer and Dave somewhere and chased and settled in behind Lynn Werth 895 I could SEE Terry up ahead of him!! He was in 12th position at the time I found out later! In the process I turned a 2:16.092 Fastest lap EVER at Buttonwillow! Thanks Terry and Lynn!!

On lap two Terry seemed to be getting away and I tried to out brake Lynn into turn two, I did, but blew the turn and he powered on by me on the inside. I tried again just before the wheelie jump at turn four on the outside to get into the bus stop first, but he left no room for such shenanigans and I tucked back in behind him. I turned a 2:17.965 while being towed by Lynn, as we were head to tail for the rest of the lap back to turn four again!

I must admit I have not been noticing that Lynn has been on my ass all year! I have beaten Lynn most of times we have raced, but he just keeps improving one notch more than me! And today he was on a mission I could tell, and gave no ground what so ever, I am not sure, but I believe he knew I was there waiting for a chance or maybe a mistake. Going into the apex of four on lap three I was determined to pass him into the bus stop. Since he was making the racetrack as wide as he could I cut in early (full tilt boogie ;-) ) and applied the gas a micro second to early and the back end slid out BIG TIME. I stood the bike up and pointed it toward Paso Robles and off into the giggle weeds I went. I came to a stop somewhere close to Atascadero. I was still upright!!! looked back and decided I could get back on ... since I didn't crash. As I looked over my shoulder while bouncing onto the track at the entrance to the bus stop I saw Jer, Dave and Dale bearing down on me!! I tried to accelerate up to speed and blew the exit to the bus stop getting in the dirt, but I didn't let off the gas!! Got back on the track surface leaned it over at speed into Riverside, only to have Jer go by at light speed on the INSIDE! After what she had just seen ... What a trusting gal!

I turned a 2:33.866 that lap so I figure my off road trip cost me seventeen seconds at least!

My lead over Jer, Dave, Dale, and Jack was gone! As well as any chance of catching Terry or Lynn.

On the entrance to lost hills Dave came by, Jack came by, Dale came by!!! I do not know what the hell was with this!!! But somehow I had a drive over "Lost Hills" and ran the three of them down before turn nine, ... and was back after my nemesis "Racer Girl"!! I chased her around another lap and the tried to out brake her into nine, went in really great! Got up on the inside of her thinking that would get her to back down. Jer?

No way! We proceeded to go HEAD TO HEAD THROUGH THE S's!!!!! What a trip!!!

Jack, Dale, and Dave were witnesses to this impossible feat, as they were RIGHT on our asses!! These shenanigans must have slowed us both down because Dave came by and to be truthful I cannot remember exactly where. But I do remember chasing him head to tail for the rest of the last two laps trying to out brake him in eleven and drag racing him down the front straight to no avail. On the last lap I tried my best to out brake again in eleven once again not quite getting the job done. We drag raced to the checkered with me about two bike lengths back, Dave in an awesome 15th position and me in an INCREDABLE 16th !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terry wouldn't let us play with him anymore and ran off to a 12th place!!!! What a Dude!!!!!

I think this may be the best finish for all three of us. If not it was really a GREAT finish anyway 12th, 15th, 16th !! That darn Lynn guy spoiled the party with a 13th place and Joesph Pardo in 14th.

Who was behind me? All my racing buddies and helpers! I got'm today!

17th Jer her best ever finish (BTW Jer finished 19th Overall in the standings!!! TOP 20 GAL!!)
18th Dale our newfound friend
19th Danny O'Neal (Who as mentioned he is looking for us J )
20th Jack Walsh (Who taught me more than he knows, Thanks Jack!)
21st Jim Race (Who had a hell of a bad luck season, next year I have to really look out)
23rd Jon Bawden (YIKES He will be on my ass next year also!!
What some of the other guys did !
Terry Cheney
14th overall
Jer Stewart
19th overall
Kelly Winkelbauer
FT Open
5th overall, 750SB 20th overall
Dale Humphrey
6th overall, and Top Novice
Dave Moss
4th overall
Knut Wagner
14th overall
AND last but not least, our friend and THE fast guy:
James Randloph
Formual Pacific
1st over all and THE AFM number ONE plate for 2002!

I will have some video clips on this page and on the video page later of Friday's practice sessions of me by myself and Matty Sheffield and I running over big bore street riders! It was a hoot!
"What the hell was that, that just passed my R1? A 250 Ninja? Wooooooooooo."

All video was shot at open practice on Friday 10-19-01,
Click on the photo or text link to load the videos.
The last video
"Big Bore Fun & Games"
is a very large file, so there are two links a 320x240 and a lower res one 160x120.

Of Course RKA sells the stuff to make these videos. :-)

# 852 Guy Hutchinson
About 15 seconds, 4 meg, 320x240

# 586 Mike Norman
About 10 seconds, 3 meg, 320x240

# 665 Mike Ritter
About 8 seconds, 2 meg, 320x240

# 628 Lisa Mazurkiewicz
About 13 seconds, 3.1 meg, 320x240

# 786 Matt Sheffield
About 9 seconds, 2.4 meg, 320x240

# 116 Charles Statman
About 10.5 seconds, 2.5 meg, 320x240

# 829 Sean Case
About 10 seconds, 2.5 meg, 320x240

# 88 Jack Walshe
About 15 seconds, 3.6 meg, 320x240

# 785 Jeff Lim
About 10 seconds, 2.5 meg, 320x240

# 751 Gwyn Lewis (She-Devil)
About 6.5 seconds, 1.6 meg, 320x240

On Board #894 Richard Battles (Me)
Vintage Fun and Games
About 8.5 seconds, 2.0 meg, 320x240

On Board #894 Richard Battles (Me)
Big Bore Fun & Games
About 34 seconds, 8.2 meg, 320x240
Click below for a smaller version.
About 34 seconds, 3.4 meg, 160x120
LOOK, I was tryng like hell to see were
Sean Case went to.
I had no time to play with this GSXR :-)

I want to thank everyone I have come in contact with for their support and friendship.

At 54 years old this as got to be the most rewarding experience I have ever had.

I do have to single out Terry, Dave, and Kelly for all their help and inspiration.
Goals for 2002

I have decided to get a little serious and try to lose some weight; I have stopped alcohol and sodas and am trying to lose about 30 to 40 pounds.

The bike will be totally redone by Norman "Wink" Winckler who promises me I will be a contender next year.

Truth of the matter is I need to lose weight anyway and I have every intention of trying to actually win a race and be a contender.

This last weekend I have moved into another ZONE. I picked up seven full seconds over last years times at this track.

The scary part about this is I am SURE I can go faster and NOT hurt myself. I am still completely within myself at these new speeds and times. I now have a better understanding of what "Carrying Speed" means.

The following is a LARGE photo gallery of the people of 250P and some others. I did not take a lot of photos during the year so I tried to make up for it this weekend.
These photos are in no particular order.

Click on any image for a larger photo

Cow Bike
Can you find the rider of this bike?

Racer Girl

Charles Statman

Chip Roberson

Dave Moss

Dave Worthington

Graham Yates

Setting up THE photo

Jack Walshe
"Mr Smooth"

Jack Walshe
"Mr Smooth"

Jef Lim

Jer Stewart
"Racer Girl"

Jim Race

John Anner

John Rabasa

Matt Shefield & Jon Bawden

Kelly & Dale
Trouble you can tell :-)

Kelly giving Jon advise.

Knut & Molly
Our dear friends and riding partners

Lisa Mazurkiewicz

Matty, the bike will go faster if the pipe is bolted on :-)

MaxMoto Gang
250SB Badguys :-)

Micheal "cameraman" Lueider
& Raghu

Road her monster down from
SF by herself!!


Old Fat Man
Having To Much Fun

The Dicers :-)
Thank you both very MUCH !!!!

The Rig
Our pits are getting
bigger each time ;-)

Nuf said :-)


Gary carries a BIG gun! :-)

Don't EVER
use a trash can for a stand,
This is what happens in a
milli second :-)

True statement :-)

Huh? Green?
This is a Honda

This is Dave's old bike first time out :-(
The rider broke his leg and made Jon do a little dirt biking to stay clear of the carnage. :-(

Yoav Damti
Top 5 Fast Guy :-)
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