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This is a must read.
The Bible, Holy Grail,
The Zen of motorcycle articles
An article by
"Nick Ienatsch"
Writer, Racer, Announcer,
Welcome to the RKA BLOG Page
A learning place.
RKA started a Newsletter way way back and it is still a cool way for RKA to share photos, stories,
information about RKA products, and other items we offer and more. Check it out ... RKA Newsletter Main Page
This new BLOG is a place where we explain things in much more detail, As of January 2015 there are already a lot of stories in the oven.
The first series will be on SENA Bluetooth products, then a series on Textiles and then just more informational articles for your enjoyment.
If you have something you want information about drop us a line and it will be considered for sure.
Post Date Title
01-28-15 Communications Case Study ONE: A2DP & SENA Bluetooth Headset Functions
02-06-15 Textiles Subject One: What is Textile?
02-16-15 Communications Case Study TWO: Zumo 665 / Smartphone / SENA Headsets.
03-10-15 An Email exchange between RKA and "Paul", "The Questions and Answers you are looking for"
11-08-15 An Email from a customer started this story idea, How RKA Product is Born