July 2018
Volume 52 / Issue 102
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From the desk of the Editor

Editorial to the editorial,

It is July 4th! Happy July 4th.

The Newsletter was mostly done when I got back from John Day Sunday the 1st Thought I would finish it up, post it and bingo on down the road. BUT sometimes things do not go has planned. Saturday morning Kathy’s F800R barely started when heading to the Fairgrounds.
Monday, I unloaded, but left the F800R in the van answered messages and calls.
Tuesday, I delivered the Sprinter to the Mercedes dealer as I had some issues. 800 started went back to the shop.
Tuesday, I delivered the 800 to “Euro Cycle of Sonoma” for a new battery,
Tuesday, Rode the RT over and traded bikes as the RT needs a whole new right side! (Read on)
Wednesday, So now it’s the 4th and I have a few more things to add.

1: Do'n the booth solo ... John Day, more next month
2: RKA will be adding the SENA Bluetooth Cavalry ½ helmet and 3/4 Savage, to our lineup. Stay tuned for more information in the August Newsletter and current forum posts.
For the 4th Kathy and I are going for a little "pushbike" ride. YUP that's a set of RKA 33 liter motorcycle saddlebags on my comuter bike
with the fat tires, Fat tires are your training buddy. ;-)


June has been an interesting month to say the least.

I rode to Wisconsin. My moto got “Blown Over”!

I rode to Wisconsin with a new friend that will only wear a helmet when he must (On the way back the clip broke) and does not wear one when he does not have to.

He wears a leather vest and chaps and only will put on a protective jacket when the weather says he as to.
He uses a “cargo net” (Bungee cords) They broke and snapped him twice!
He will not use a communications system ….. Can you believe that?! …. The Geek of communications covering 4200 miles with no body to talk to.

Before I go on I want you all to understand my thought on helmets. I do not think anyone including the government should tell you what you can and cannot do as far as helmets go. There should not be a helmet law. BUT Personally, I will always wear a helmet and a full cover helmet. Having been off my race bike at better than 100 mph and being run over by a 8 point buck I am a believer in helmets.

About the communications part …. There were several times communications would have been really nice to have,
like when he turned off on I84 WEST back to Ogden, UT and we were going I80 EAST to Evanston, WY. (He was low on fuel and had to find a station) The next time when he DID signal me it was to late, we had JUST passed the exit for fuel, he was running low on fuel “AGAIN” and we wound up in the middle of cow country at a fuel stop with 87 only octane gas or diesel.

I have tried to embrace his way of doing things and trying to see the forest for the trees.
I can understand his defiant independence and I respect it, but I am in my BMW protective gear, heated handlebars and seat and electric liner with my SENA Momentum INC helmet listening to ZZ Top at 85mph and watching him freeze.

I cannot even remember when we used to just use hand signals …. Communications IS very important, and of course a little ZZ Top for good measure.

So then on day two my service light comes on showing the “Shock” in yellow on the dash!!! Remember mine is a 2014 that had the suspension issues!! If you started the bike and turned it of started it again the light would go ff … sometimes … What do we do? Abandon? Of course not, I call Kathy to try and find a BMW dealer so I can take it in get it looked at and continue on.

Do you know there are NO BMW dealers within 500 miles of where we where other than Sturgis??
The service manager at Sturgis BMW told Kathy it was just a stupid maintenance light and get it fixed next time I bring the bike in for service …. LOVE HIS THOUGHT … So we did just that and it eventually fixed itself.

I have to mention coming home in Wyoming the wind and dust was SO BAD Greg had to purchase a pair of goggles and his eyes were a mess for some time, I had the FF helmet and I had issues also, it WAS dusty and windy!

WHAT was that you said earlier?
My moto got “Blown Over”!??

We had stopped for the evening in Oacoma, SD and had dinner at the famous “Al’s Oasis






There was a BIG system coming in and we could see it coming in on our weather app, and has I walk back from dinner. We are the blue dot at the Missouri River. So, we parked the motos under the canopy of the Quality Inn. Look at the first weather image, There is green, Yellow, red, AND PURPLE!! That's what got the big guy!!
We were parked between the two pillars and felt they were as safe as they could be. This last photo was taken the next day after we had moved them to the other side.

So I thought maybe $1500.00 to $2500.00 tops …. It will be $3800.00 for a tip over!!!!

Oacoma, SD was the third and last night until Lacrosse, the bike was totally fine, just scratches So on we went. The last day was short 400 some miles with a little rain from the front that had passed us, yes! We caught and passed the devil that blow my moto over! We got to the Radisson about 12:30 PM and we landed in Lacrosse,

So we got unloaded and Greg was going to have to sleep on a rollaway since I reserved a king before getting my riding buddy, and trying to upgrade to queens seemed impossible. BUT The sales manager was working with me on this and at the last minute we got two queens and right next to the indoor pool!!! What a deal!

After unloading I got the RT located right in front of the entrance and the front conference room for my display thanks to the Radissons sales manager. The front passed over us again only it as just a drizzle at this point.

While there we tried out the local pubs and pizza parlor, did not get a photo of the GREAT Pizza but here is the pub food.

I received TWO awards!! I had not even had this on my radar but got the “Long Distance” rider award! 2047 miles, I had Greg beat by 10 miles as I had to ride to pick him up In Rohnert Park.

Then they gave me a “Special Friends of MSTA” award! Kathy and I have been associated with this club for almost 30 years …. And they all wanted to see Kathy rather than me 😉 Maybe next year when the MOA and MSTA are both in Tennessee and with in a few days of each other. The rally was over Wednesday evening and we slept in for the free breakfast that started at 7:00 AM and then headed off for one of the longest days of the trip 640 miles to Rapid City.

We had dinner at the “Mongolian Grill” across the street from our room. REALLY, 😉 and it was fabulous

On to Evanston, WY and the Red Neck bar and restaurant, again across the street form our rooms.

Actually, it was called the “Lincoln Highway Tavern” AND it was fabulous. With this “MeTwo” thing going on I have really backed off on my openness and talking to ANY strange women, but these gal’s where a treat and changing shifts as we arrived. They came right up to us and started talking …. So you know me …. That started the whole evening off with a bang, my double bourbon seven turned into a triple and the food again was great as where the waiters and chef “Tigger”. I also found out that Greg does not like his photo taken

Then on to Fernley, NV the last place you would think to have great Mexican food! Fabulous again and the waiter a sophisticated older man was more than likely the owner. The Carnitas was the best I have had in many a moon.

Then Sunday morning it was a milk run home 275 miles with one fuel stop.

I think my kitty missed me

Enjoy the Newsletter.

Richard's Video of the Month
This is a new section. Hope you all enjoy it.
I may have more than one each Month.
This month I we have two

Fire Followers

A Glimpse into Yosemite's Chinese History
YouTube video comments

Pablo Lama
hello, I need your help; I have the navigator VI, 2 BT BMW, and the k1600 motorcycle. I wich order I have to connect the BT?...tghanks very much.

Richard: There is NO "ORDER"

But now you have a $800 Navi system doing nothing? Seems they spun off the wrong direction a little. Would love to have garmin and sena used but with zoom, voice command address destination etc. besides all those apps burn up data unless you are unlimited. Maybe most are these days.

Richard: The Bluetooth headsets are designed to work best when connecting directly to your phone. Using them with an on board system and a GPS just complicates everything

Fernando M C
do you know if the SC1 advance could make a call without touching any button? I have the 20s Evo and with only say “Hello Sena” I can access to different voice command options. Regards.

Richard: Voice commands do not work with "Hey SIRI" you need to activate SIRI by pushing the button. Then you can ask SIRI for directions to home or gas or food.

Great video showcasing the 30k. I can't wait till I get mine in a week.

Richard: BUT who did he purchase it from? ;-)

Pedro Fabio López Pascua
Hi there, great instructive video, 30K seems magic!!! At 2:38 you say to Siri... : ‘Open UFA’ (I can’t hear it well enough because of the music), and you iPhone starts a Garmin app, would you please say which app is it?

Richard: It is the Garmin USA app

Charles Tindall
Excellent video with simple to use advice. Got my 10C set up in about 5 Mins. Thank you.

Richard: THANK YOU!

Rob Hyndman
I have an iPhone 8 and with my sena 20s I still have to press the rear button to activate siri. “Hey Siri” doesn’t work for me.

Richard: I did not mean to say this, Voice commands do not work with "Hey SIRI" you need to activate SIRI by pushing the button. Then you can ask SIRI for directions to home or gas or food.

Thank you for this. Following the manufacturer instructions simply would not pair my phone. Your instructions worked great.

Richard: THANK YOU!

Point of View

Myths / Non-Truths / Fantasies / Fairytales / Mis-Information

When Bluetooth was new
Customers walked by and said, “Bluetooth is not here yet”.
Customers now say “Bluetooth is to complicated”.

RKA has found that a lot of customers do not even know what model headset they have,
They do not know there is an APP
They do not know there is a very well written “Users Guide”

When you purchase SENA products from RKA we SUPPORT YOU.
RKA would like our customers to understand how to use their SENA products easily

RKA will be producing specific “SHORT” videos on all the SENA products
The videos will be on :

Myths / Non-Truths / Fantasies / Fairytales / Mis-Information

Here are some of the production ideas and titles, with the short answer….

You cannot install a clamp on a C3P Schuberth NOT TRUE We have a video for that!

Conflict! How do you get it? How to you not?            Connecting two devices to one profile

How to use the App and NOT have conflict.              Forget this device

You have to start your devices in a certain order NOT TRUE it does not matter how you start devices

The 10S, 10R, 10U, 10C, 20, 30K have different and/or better connection profiles from each other.
NOT TRUE ......There are 5 usable profiles: Phone Profile / Second mobile phone profile / GPS profile
Phone Selective Pairing (HFP) / Media Selective Pairing (A2DP)

Buttons, what are they?  What is the PHONE & JOG buttons? What is the Ambient Button? What is the Mesh button?

HOW to: Intercom                                                    Connecting 2 headsets to each other. Connecting 3 or more … Last in First out, Group Intercom … Simplify life
Why is "Universal Intercom", not so cool

30K in Bluetooth mode ... is a 10S no Audio Multitasking in Bluetooth mode.

30K works best ... with THREE to sixteen riders, WHY?

30K Public Mesh Mode … connected to the world.

30K Private Mode … connected to ONLY who you want to be connected to

30K / Momentum ... Hands free voice commands

SENA Momentum INC Intelligent Noise Control

SENA Momuntion INC helmet review
WOW! What a nice helmet!
I just got back from Lacrosse, WI. and after riding 4200 miles with this helmet,
I want to do the review justice so it will appear in the August issue ..... Stand by.

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