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Men's "T" with Multi Voltage Kit

Product Description

We have been working on this for a few years. There are many people that need to stay warm off the bike but with a limited power supply, we had to design the Heated Layer to work with a 7.4 volt battery. We had to balance heat and time and weight. The greater the voltage, the greater the weight of the battery for the amps you need because as you increase voltage you increase the need for more amps. More amps, again, more weight. Then to get good heat with a battery that you can carry, you need to focus the heat. But then if you try to use more voltage, such as a car or motorcycle or a power supply off the main power, you get too much heat. We have solved that problem with our new Heated Layer Heat-troller. With this new controller, you can run the Heated Layer from 6.8 volts to 18 volts.

Choice 1: If the Heated Layer is only for use at this time with a 12Volt to 18Volt power source, just select the Heated Layer Size and that is it. This Heated Layer comes with the Multi-Voltage Kit including the New Heated Layer Heat-troller designed for Multi-Voltage, the 12Volt battery harness and the 12Volt Adapter Cable. SKU 27660121

Choice 2: If you want you can also use this Heated Layer with our 7.4Volt battery. Below

The Heated Layer has 4 areas of heat. The chest, upper back and lower back.

With our new Heated Layer Heat-troller, it can take power from our 7.4volt battery or a 12volt source, from 6.8 volts to 18 volts with only a designed increase in watts.



You will need a protable battery when off the moto, There are other options a little less money
but we think this one with the build in controler is the best choice.

7.4V 7800mAh Li-Ion Battery with built in 4 level controller, Digital Display &  temperature control, for use with the 7.4V Base Layer, Socks, Glove Liners or Gloves.

Make sure you select a belt pouch if you need it.You will
Battery Belt Pouch for 7.4V 7.8A Battery




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