This pages text has been updated on January 2014, the photos area little out dated as far as motorcycles and our luggage goes,
now all black with silver piping, but the process is the same.
Down load our Tankbag instructions in printable PDF format.

These instructions apply to ALL our standard applications 3.0, 10.0, 13.0, 19.5, 24.5, 26 liter bags,
check the online intructions page for variations about different applications,
Like the "F" front and bikes like the K1600GTL

9.0 Liter Tankbag Expanded

17 Liter Tankbag Closed

26 Liter Tankbag Expanded
Before using your luggage it's best to protect them with 303 Fabric Guard.
Which is one of the only products on the market that has UV protection which will slow the fading process.

This instruction booklet is designed for 90% of all motorcycles and these instructions cover all of our three point systems.
Check the instructions page link above for more specific applications

Fig 1
Our attachment system is designed to attach in three separate points, to go off on each side of the tank in the front, creating a
configuration when finished.
If you follow our instructions the tankbag will NOT move on the tank.

Do not wrap the webbing around the steering head!
If you do the bag will slide all over the place!!

Fig 2

Fig 3
The tankbag parts consist of
three attachment straps and side release buckles.
Also an optional crossover strap
to string the two front webbings through so when you remove the bag for fueling the front straps will not fall away.
(Only needed for motorcycles with no bodywork most of the time, e.g. R1100R or Cruisers.)
See (figure 13).

Fig 4

Fig 5
We have designed the attachment system so that each point secures individually.
To attach the front straps remove the buckles from the webbing.
Then loop the webbing around a convenient place and secure,
as shown in the sequence of photos from (figure 1 to figure 6).
On some motorcycles you may need to remove some panels.
You can attach the front straps anywhere, from the frame to a fairing support tube or bolt.

Fig 6

Fig 7
Under the seat, string the webbing through any convenient area, or attach to the seat itself, or burn a hole in the webbing and attach to the gas tank bolt. (figures 8 through 12) for some examples.
Remember visit our Online INstructions Page for many applications online.
With the webbing attached replace buckles,
snap on tankbag and snug down.
When getting fuel release tension on one buckle before reattaching,
Then snug down.
With tankbags that come with removable sidebags make sure you hear the snap when you attach them.
They are heavy-duty snaps and require a little extra pressure to snap.
Also press the hook & loop together for extra security.

Fig 8

Fig 9
Use common sense when attaching the bag.
Notice when you set the bag on the tank,
the two front buckles are sewn on at an angle.
This is the optimum direction we want you to go with the webbing.

RKA has researched most all the motorcycles
and have ideas on attachment points.

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Fig 10

Fig 11

Fig 12

Fig 13