Honda ST1100 tankbag installation instructions
Teaching an old dog new tricks.

Some other aftermarket bags SAY they have a three point attachment system. One under the seat and two in front around the steering head, NOT! That is two points in my book, the steering head is ONE point not two! The bag slips and slides all over the place! Ours will not. Read on.

We will go over the attachment system for the ST1100. Most customers who call assume a tankbag will not fit on an ST1100, but we can do it. The process takes about 15 to 20 minutes and it's a one time deal.

 Photo at left is the finished installation.

Tools needed are a 5 mm allen, 10 mm box wrench, and a Phillips screw driver.

Remove tank cowling. As in photo at left.

You'll see where the straps are attached, around the bracket that secures the glove boxes to the frame.

Attach straps and make sure the "D" rings slid under the bridge of the bracket, even more so than the photo.

Reinstall tank cowling.

the looped strap for the rear slides over the shaft that the seat slides onto.

Reinstall seat.

Attach tankbag, adjust to your personal fit. and snug down. The bag will not move from side to side because you have a true three point attachment!

When not using the bag, slide the back strap under the seat. The front straps will lay into the glove boxes, close the door and all you see is one inch of webbing coming out of the glove box and disappearing under the tank cowling.

This three point system is what we use on all motorcycles.
Any further questions or suggestions drop us a note.

Rich & Kathy Owners RKA