26-52 liter, and 33 Liter SuperSport Saddlebags Application
This instruction page has a lot of graphics and will take a while load. This instructionas also apply to our 26 to 52 liter expandable saddlebags.

Check for all the parts :

  1. Two saddlebags
  2. Two cam buckles attached to the front straps
  3. Two webbing straps with cam buckles attached

The very first thing you can do to improve the longevity of you luggage is invest in a can of our "303 Fabric Guard" to protect your investment.

 These saddlebags attach differently from our standard saddlebags. The standard saddlebags use the passenger seat as an anchor point. So the bags cannot shift from side to side. These new bags compromise this setup in order to accommodate solo seats and high pipes. Although this bags will fit almost ALL motorcycles.

If you read and follow these suggestions your new RKA SuperSport saddlebags will fit well and serve you well for years to come.

The following is just a couple of ways to complete this attachment task. If these suggestions do not work for your motorcycle, This will at least give you some ideas of how to do it.

(fig 1.)

 (fig 2.)

 We recommend loading your saddlebags AFTER they are on the motorcycle.

1: Standing on the left side of your motorcycle lay the right side bag over the seat/cowling and position it where you want it to ride (fig 1.)& (fig 2.). Make sure it's high enough to clear your exhaust system if you have high pipes.

2: Holding the right saddlebag in place, position the left saddlebag where you want it keeping the hook & loop apart until satisfied with the positioning (fig 3.) below left.

 Now lay the hook and loop together nice and smooth and press them together (fig 4.)
 (fig 3.)

 (fig 4.)

 3: Attach the webbing strap on the lower front right of the saddlebags to the "V" area of the passenger foot peg (fig 5), or a place in that area. Loop the webbing through the "V" support and then back through the cam buckle. Snug down and close the cam buckle (fig 6.) right.
 (fig 5.)


(fig 6.)

 This action will "pull" the bags to the right. Repeat on the left side pulling the saddlebags back to "center" snugging the webbing and closing the cam buckle.

4: At the rear of the saddlebags is a plastic keeper. You will use the straps of webbing, cam buckle and this keeper to secure the bags at the rear of your motorcycle.

There are a number of ways you can do this depending on the model of motorcycle you have or if you have modified the turn signals etc.

The standard way is to take the webbing, loop it through the keeper on the right saddlebag and then through the cam buckle, (fig 7). Run it over to the other saddlebag, UNDER the licence plate and OVER the fender (fig 8.) loop the webbing through the keeper on the other saddlebag, pulling the saddlebags tight and snug against the side of the motorcycle. Close the cam buckle.


(fig 7.)


(fig 8.)


(fig 9.)


(fig 10.)

 6: What do you do with all the left over webbing? Get everything set up the way you want. Then cut and burn the webbing as shown in (fig 9 & fig 10.). Make sure the webbing does not continue to burn!

Make sure you do not get flames to close to gas!! Make sure you do not cut the webbing to short. Keep in mind you may what to use the saddlebags on another motorcycle some time.

7: These saddlebags are machine washable. Remove the ABS "Plastic" insert and using a mild detergent like "Woolite", machine wash on COLD cycle, DRIP dry by hanging in the garage or someplace where they can "drip".

DO NOT EVER EVER put in the dryer!!!!

When the bags are about 75% dry replace the insert and stuff with waded up newspaper. Set them out in the sun and let the dry the rest of the way and they will "iron" themselves from the inside out and look as good as new.

It is possible to attach these saddlebags UNDER the seat. We have not tested all motorcycles but here are some pointers to take into consideration when thinking of this way to attach your SuperSport Saddlebags.

Under the seat Instructions:

1: Make sure when the seat is reinstalled that the hook and loop straps are not going to get "CUT". Make sure the saddlebags do not touch the exhaust pipes or sag into the tire.


(Fig 1.)

 When attaching the saddlebags under the seat, remove the seat (fig 1.) and attach the saddlebags in the same manner as above instructions but remember some seats may cause the bags to "choke up" when you close the seat down shown in (fig 2.). So make sure there is a little slake if this is the case.
 Attach the front and rear straps the same as in the above instructions.

Use common sense when installing the saddlebags this way.

When your finished the bags should be even on both sides, and set level. (fig 3.)


(Fig 2.)


(Fig 3.)

 "look cool"!!


"have fun"!!!