Ducati Mulitistrada Tankbag Instructions
SuperSport Mini eXpandable shown in the closed position.
11 liter & 19 liter Shilohs fit on this motorcycle also.
The installation of the tankbag straps is a really easy. Basically we are just looping the webbing around the two front studs/bolts that hold the seat down without removing anything.
After doing this photo session I removed the strap and reinstalled it as if I was doing it for the first time. It took about 3 minutes to complete the back strap installation.
 Fig 1. Click photo for larger image

Start by removing the buckle from one of the straps and sliding it under the seat THROUGH to the other side starting WAY back in the middle of the seat as shown.
 Fig 2. Click photo for larger image
 In this photo you can see the webbing is easily positioned under the seat for the next step.
Fig 3. Click photo for larger image  
This is the hardest step, but we are just pulling the webbing forward toward the two front Studs/Bolts, which should be a piece of cake. The problem is the bottom of the seat has some molding with edges and you have to fiddle around and get the webbing through this area IT IS VERY DOABLE!
Fig 4. Click photo for larger image
 Fig 5. Click photo for larger image
Now you need to PULL the edge of the front part of the seat away from the tank so you can grasp and pull the webbing up to the center of the seat on both sides.
Photo shows this step completed.
 Fig 6. Click photo for larger image
 Loop the webbing as shown and pull to tighten.  
 Fig 7. Click photo for larger image
Then hide the looped part between the tank and the seat and install the buckle for a clean look as in this photo.
 Fig 8. Click photos for larger image


The front straps are very easy but please put them where we show you.
NOT on the FRAME TUBES but on the fairing support tubes.
WHY? For a better "Y" configuration
so the bag will not move around on the tank when tightened down.
You will notice the buckles are even sewn on at an angle NOT Straight away as the other guys do.

Loop the webbing around the tube as shown on the right side tighten down as shown in the last of these three photos. Install the buckle.

 Fig 9. Click photo for larger image

On the left there are some wiring and tubing that are partially in the way. So to make looping easier to do I have installed a zip tie through the end of the webbing and then bent it into a circular shape so the zip tie is strung around the tube with out a hitch.
Fig 10. Click photo for larger image

Once installed remove the zip tie, tighten down the webbing as shown, then install the buckle.

BINGO click on and adjust your SuperSportMiniX and you are ready to travel!.
Fig 11. Click photo for larger image

What do you do with the straps when the tankbag is not on the motorcycle?

The two front straps can be looped together with a rubber band as shown,
or you can spend $5.00 on a RKA accessory strap.
Click here
for more info on this item.

Fig 12A / 12B / 12C / 12D. Click photos for larger image

The back strap can be tucked under the seat and out of the way easily as shown in this last sequence of photos.

Enjoy your RKA tankbag and feel free to call out shop with any questions you may have.