RKA "HE" (HydroElectric) Series
Dashboard installation instructions

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Parts: Base Plate with studs, Dashboard Holder, Dashboard, 2 screws & washers, 2 10/32 acorn nuts (Top Left)

Tools: Soldering gun, Chalk, #4 Allen, 3/8 Socket, flathead screwdriver .

Start with getting your soldering gun heated up, then use the template included.

Smaller template is for the 9 and 12 liter bags, Larger one is for the 17,22.5,26 liter bags.

Lay it over the front of your tankbag and “mark” the spots for the holes to be made with chalk (Top Right).

Insert your hand into the bag and separate the webbing of the organizer from the lining so you do not burn a hole in it. Now CAREFULLY take the soldering iron and make the holes for the studs to come through being careful not to burn your hand. (Above Left)

(Be careful, but if you do burn the organizer webbing it is not the end of the world, but if you burn your fingers that means you did not follow instructions)
Insert the plate, studs facing up into the bag pushing it ALL the way to the front and press the studs through the newly made holes (Above Right second)

 Use a flat head screwdriver to “pull” the back of the organizer over the plate
(Above Right Third and Fourth)

Place the Dashboard holder over the studs tighten down the 10/32 cap nuts (Above Left Third Photo),

Then attach the Dashboard to the holder using a #4 Allen (Right Bottom Photo).

Insert your mapcase by pulling back on the Dashboard slightly, sliding it in place and securing the hook & loop at the rear has you normally would. (Left Bottom)

Ride Safe, Have Fun.

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