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Waist Packs

Small Waist Pack

Medium Waist Pack

Large Waist Pack

Compression Straps / Slip-Not Tubes

Tankbag accessory strap

Compression Straps

"Slip-Not" Tubes
Attachment Systems
Note: Attachment systems are included when you purchase your luggage.
This area is for those who have lost these items, or for some reason need to replace them.
If you have two motorcycles you may want to order an extra set of attachments for the second motorcycle

Tankbag Attachment System

Rain Covers
Note: Raincovers are NOT included when you purchase your luggage.

Tankbag Raincovers
10.0 liter SuperSport MiniX

Tankbag Raincovers
13 liter
Shiloh Road & Pine Flat

Tankbag Raincovers
19.5 liter SuperSport

Tankbag Raincovers
24.5 liter
Shiloh Road & Pine Flat

Tankbag Raincover
26 liter Sonoman

Rear Seat Raincovers
14 liter STARR I

Rear Seat Bag Raincovers
18 liter STARR II

Rear Seat or Rackbag Bag Raincovers
21 liter STARR IV

Rear Seat Raincovers
33 liter STARR III

36 Liter Rackbag & Sissy Bar bags

Saddlebags Raincovers
33 liter

Saddlebag Raincovers
50 liter

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