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S1000XR Liner Bags

Perfect fit!
Liner Bags

A Note on shape and sizing;

This liners are the same size for these four models.
NEW R1200RSW, R1200RW, S1000XR, and the F800GT
Because of an inquiry early on we went over to A&S in Roseville CA. 120 miles away.
Our contact there brought out EVERY set of saddlebags for the R1200RS, R1200R, S1000XR, and F800GTL
The bags are all identical BUT here's the deal. The RS and R are actually interchangeable
The XR and GTL have different body work different attachment points and are not interchangeable with ANY other model. And they have different part numbers understandably.
The usable space inside the hardbags are the same.

S1000XR Saddlebag Liners Black with Silver piping

PERSONALIZE YOUR LUGGAGE, Design your own custom colors,
Custom orders take up to 30 days, Click on the color bar for more info.

S1000XR Liner Bags
Lifetime-limited warranty

These saddlebag liners are sold has a set ---TWO bags for this pricing.

Also these bags are designed to fit perfectly in your hardbags.

Adjustable shoulder strap, double YKK zippers

Perfect fit.

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