If you do not want to use our INC-Tankbag
Shown below are suggestions for installing an iPhone, Smartphone, GPS or CB
On your handlebars


We have some of the best communications solutions out there, the IN-Charge Series and HydroElectric series communications tankbags are a must have for the

customer that wants to be connected.

Even though RKA's main mission is luggage solutions we also have communications solutions without our tankbag.

Purchase a set of our J&M Bluetooth headsets (BEST) a set of the Cardo G4's or SENA, you can Bluetooth to your smartphone and connect to your phone calls, music, AND navigation.

So lets talk about something we do not make or sell that may help you out a little.

Personally I have been testing MotionX in the van comparing it right next to our Zumo 665. Of course this is an iPhone app since we own iPhones, but I am sure there are other apps on other smartphones that will work just has well. This excerse is to enlighten.

I have mounted this system to my R1200ST and tested it without the IN-Charge or HE tankbags. If you do not want communications associated with a tankbag this is a perfect solution for PHONE, MUSIC, & NAVIGATION.

This section and thses photos are just suggestions to give you ideas so USE RKA RESOURCES to find out what's the best solution for you, whether it's motorcycle luggage or communications scenarios. The RKA website is a wealth of information with comprehensive information, photos, and videos to help you. Call RKA at 1-800-349-1-RKA or pop us a message via e-mail at info@rka-luggage.com.

We are here to help and RKA is working everyday on our website adding instructional videos, photos and such.

Bluetooth headset,Smart phone
A few Rammount parts, Bingo!
Communications System on your ride.
Smart phone mounted on the right,
Adaptiv TPX radar on the left
with visual alert on top of the speedo.
map screen 2D

Iphone music interface.
Map choices
Menu page

Position screen.
Compass screen.
Rammount Parts
U clamp, Arm, Diamond back base
Universal Smart phone Cradle.

Universal Smart phone Cradle
Power up with simple car charger and Powerlet cigar lighter plug.


Again we also have communications solutions without our tankbag. Here is photos for ideas on attaching a J&M CB and or a GPS to your motorcycles handlebars

This is a finished handlebar mount using
a J&M CB and a Garmin Zumo 665
We use the parts included with the Zumo 665
to mount the cradle bracket to the handlebar.
Without the tankbags control box to hide all these cables you'll have to find a place to store and run them to where you want, depending on the device.

This rear view photo of the J&M CB shows how we used a RAM-B-231ZU "U" bolt to attach a J&M bracket too.
All body work and applications are going to be different
but here is an example of sliding cables and wires between bodywork without removing it completely.
Another finished handlebar mount photo
from the pilots view