Here is a fine example of what can be done

RKA operating demo 10.5 liter tankbags
"IN-Charge","FULL BLOWN","Totally Bluetooth";

Driver, Passenger FULL DUPLEX intercom. GPS, Phone, Bike to bike FRS Motorola Radio. XM radio,
MP3 player, Audio Books, Radar, Navagation.
Click, Click, Click, one power lead and the bag if off or on the moto!
This tankbag also has the premium colors options.

Click on the images for a more detailed photo

GPS, FRS radio fits prefectly on the
RKA manufactured "Dashboard".
The "Dashboard" can rotate 60 degrees.
You can see we have added a heated
Liner controler to the system.
In this photo you can see the cables
entering directly from the devices into the front
side portal.
The large Dashboard has 29 pre-drilled holes and the smaller one for the 5 and 8 liter bags has 24.

This is the top organizer compartment
As you can see this compartment has very
usable space.

RKA has left the expansion off these
IN-Charge tankbags for obvious reasons.
One of which are the cable lengths would have to be adjusted every time the bag was expanded.
Secondly when closed, the extra material of the expansion would cause the devices to "Float".
This is the lower main compartment.
The control box sets across the front of the bag
giving even more support to the "Dashboard" and
devices on top of the bag.
We have a NEW polished aluminum
Control Box on the way.
We will replace this shoot ASAP.
The main compartment is completely lined and
finished inside and there is still a lot of storage room.
What you see here is on the right an additional audio
cable for a secondary music source, on the left is
a cigar lighter plug AND a USB adapter so Richard
can charge
almost anything he wants.
The bottom left is J&M's FANTASTIC Bluetooth
controller. This is the pairing control and could be
put somewhere out of the way but I like it there
to show folks. And the blinking blue lights look cool with the green light on the USB adapter. ;-)
First thought on your mind right now is
"WOW" what the hell are all those cables and wires!
Think about it. There are many cables for power,
music audio, mike and audio for the FRS radio,
Bluetooth system.
It's all designed to run all over the place ON your motorcycle.
All those cables, wires and such have to be zip tied together
and down sized to fit in the RKA controol box.
This is the NEW 2012 RKA designed Control box.
It is exactly the same diminsions
has the old hand made one.

It has a snap off lid and a portal on the right side for additional cable you may want to route into the main compartment like cigar lighter, USB, or audio cables has shown in this photo.
This is the NEW 2012 RKA designed Control box.
It is exactly the same diminsions
has the old hand made one.

Shown here with the lid removed.